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  1. Obviously for one thing he's injured. When he has played I would say that he looks 'talented but raw'. Secondly, Farke isn't exactly reluctant to select the youff. I'm going to say that he knows better than the learned folk of this message board on these matters.
  2. I suppose all it means is that the staff get paid on time and the club still exists. That is, after all, better than some clubs. Who knows whether these new owners will safeguard ITFC's ongoing future. Paul Cook may get them out of League One this season, although the playoffs will still be a huge lottery with the likes of Sunderland/Pompey/Charlton/Doncaster likely to be involved, but even if they do go up they have about 20 players out of contract and an enormous task to produce a squad capable of surviving at Championship level. The overall standard of the Championship may not have been as high as usual this year but when you see the squads of sides like Derby, Forest etc struggling that tells you how far Ipswich will need to improve their squad.
  3. In his interview after the game he said 'I'm certainly not going to have (NCFC) staff enter our technical area. If you look back at the replay though, it's only ITFC staff entering our technical area. Spoiling for a fight they were.
  4. You have to believe that we can finish above Brentford/Swansea/Watford and then, as you say, one other. Who knows what sort of basket case Newcastle might be next season, if they stay up. Then as you say there's Brighton and Burnley. It will be difficult, it always is. What I do firmly believe is that the current management structure is improving us year by year and that's all you can really ask for. I definitely agree that of the 5 or 6 signings we will undoubtedly need in the summer, we need to recruit, especially in midfield, some players who have ability and athleticism. That's what is going to cost the big bucks. If Max and/or Emi goes I would expect the finance will be there to fund a few big signings. We need that Doucoure mould CDM and a bit more physicality in the back four wouldn't go amiss.
  5. I don't necessarily agree. We've changed quite dramatically how we use the two defensive midfielders and our goals for and against columns are dramatically different from two years. We have more clean sheets with 13 games remaining than we did in the whole season two years ago. We are going to need to recruit well, 5 or 6 players including at centre-half, right back, defensive midfield, no.10 and striker. There will be an opportunity to do that with significant finance available should Max and/or Emi leave. From then on it's still an uphill battle but we do have some very good players capable of stepping up. It is possible for us to make a much better fist of it.
  6. Sounds more likely to be The Turners to me. For it to be 'really awful' suggests they got embroiled into a bad situation. With Cullum, nothing much really ever happened. With The Turners there were clearly disagreements and NCFC ended up having to pay off their investment, which I'm sure was a big problem at that time.
  7. Some things run in cycles, some don't. Ipswich may come back to rival us one day, since there is infinite time to do so then at some stage you may be proved correct, much like the 'predictions' of Nostradamus. On the other hand, they may not. Clubs go out of business, they fade into non-league. The swing of the pendulum back in their favour is by no means guaranteed.
  8. Well that's true but at the same time you have no idea who our targets are. If our top targets don't come in then we may look at a more experienced option. But that would very much be the fall back position. Our primary position will be to go for players like Giannoulis - 25 years old, Europa/Champions League experience, scope to improve but with some top level experience already.
  9. The fact is that it doesn't fit with NCFC's ethos to sign over 30's players for good money. Their value is only going to decline. NCFC's policy is to develop the best young players who are likely to improve and increase in value. As for whether the board will 'spend the money needed', we will spend everything that we can - the club doesn't have a massive wedge of cash sitting in a bank account. You only have to look at the club's annual accounts to know that we spend what income we get. It's just that most of it goes on wages which a lot of people seem to ignore. With all 'sins of the past' now paid up, we can expect to have much more scope this summer for wages and transfer fees. Some £14m already committed on Gibson and Giannoulis is evidence of that.
  10. Not really in our remit to sign over 30's players who are undoubtedly on big wages. I would imagine that the scouting team is looking further afield for young, hungry types with scope to improve.
  11. I wouldn't expect any changes except GIbson returning if fit. Early kick off Sunday makes a big difference, players getting home early Sunday evening and then a full 3 days before a home game. Very different to say a Weds night game before a Saturday fixture when you may not be home until the wee hours Thursday and then only have a proper training programme Friday before the game.
  12. Was just looking at the highlights from that game and Muscat comes right over the top of the ball, not even booked but a straight red these days. The NCFC team that day had Darren Eadie, Craig Bellamy, Iwan Roberts, Chris Llewellyn, Darren Kenton. A really good side for Division One at that time.
  13. No he got injured by Muscat at Molineux, around December. I was there and it broke our season because we would surely have made the top 6 but for that. He came back around the following August then left after a few games for Coventry.
  14. He's been out for so long now that this season will be a total write off. I can only imagine that the hope will be to get him fit for a proper pre-season in July which would be huge for getting him back to somewhere near where he'd need to be. If he isn't fit by then, I suspect we won't see him again, which would be a huge shame.
  15. Don't say things like that. Lambo will say that you're being unreasonably negative...
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