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  1. If you want to know where NCFC spends their income it's really easy. Just read the accounts.
  2. Lower King, but my point is that whether it is £7m or £27m makes very little difference at PL level. What is far more important than any headline transfer fee is getting the scouting right and, for us, getting our youth development right.
  3. We've spent far more than most people realise. Various signings have been on an undisclosed basis and no information on loan fees for players like Fahrmann, Amadou and Roberts have been disclosed. That is why a number of supporters have bandied around the figure that we 'only spent' £750,000 in the summer. It's probably closer to £10m with all of the signing on fees and loan fees. The point is that if it just comes down to pure finances we will never be a sustainable Premier League club. We have to find a competitive advantage in other ways. Youth development - improving the players we have - is a massive area for us. We've created £100m of talent just by developing, and then playing, Aarons, Cantwell, Lewis and Godfrey. Shrewd recruitment is another massive area - we have £25m players in Buendia and Pukki, we just didn't have to spend £25m to get them. That's the way for us.
  4. just giving this a bump as ticket is still available. Cheers
  5. Afternoon all. One ticket free for Arsenal home game 1st Dec. First come first served, contact me on 07789 793865. Lower Barclay, Block C. Cheers Lee
  6. Not at all. Anyone can express an opinion. It's just a little humility and a basic recognition that managers understand the nuances of the game more than the vast majority of casual viewers/posters wouldn't go amiss.
  7. There is an almost breathtaking arrogance of some on here to presume that they have greater tactical knowledge and awareness than Farke. Or indeed Guardiola!
  8. The trouble is that you see games like WHU (a) and Burnley (a) and some supporters will class those as winnable games, when the reality is that they are incredibly difficult games away from home against sides far more established and with far greater resources than us at the moment. A draw in either game would have been a fine result. We have so many injuries at the moment than some of the 'plan b' options simply aren't available as compared to last season when we would go to a wing back system and use Onel and Max as wing backs and stick Rhodes on with Pukki. We have so few defensive options that Amadou is playing in a position where he is less experienced and Godfrey is carrying an injury. Byram is just learning his way. With the problems we have at the moment, and undoubtedly the hardest first six fixtures of any side in the league, to have 6 points at this stage is a fine achievement. Cut the manager some slack maybe.
  9. They are best forgotten and not really worth starting threads for on this forum. They are going to win more often than not this season in what is a pretty dreadful league but just content yourselves that they are a world away from what we have become - a Premier League club with a brilliant, progressive manager playing incredible football, a squad full of young, talented and high value players, owning our own stadium and selling out our ground every week. Whatever they do this season, there is now a chasm between the quality of the two clubs both on and off the pitch. Getting out of league one won't change that. It could be a decade before we play them again.
  10. There's no getting away from the fact that this season is going to be unbelievably difficult. There's every chance that we will get tonked tonight and I have little doubt that we will be on the receiving end of several heavy defeats during the course of the season, and periods of 3 or 4 defeats in a row. If fans aren't realistic about that then the expectations will be too high and that is always a dangerous thing. But we've given ourselves the best chance to be successful by rewarding and retaining the players who got us up last year and adding bits and pieces of quality. What the pundits don't recognise is that we were streets ahead of Aston Villa last season and ahead of Sheffield Utd too. Villa have had to spend a fortune to try to catch up. We already had the quality in the door - we have £130m in talent in Buendia, Aarons, Godfrey, Lewis and Pukki but we were clever enough to sign them or develop them cheaply. Whatever happens this season, the club is now in good hands and has built a basis to be a top championship club and/or established PL club in the years to come.
  11. The PL is an incredibly difficult, unforgiving league. We will need to keep our top players (Pukki, Aarons, Lewis, Godfrey, Buendia) fit for most of the season and need things to go our way to have a chance of staying up. What I would say is that I firmly believe we have done all of the right things to give us the best chance to survive. I've come to the view that for us, trying to sign 'proven' players isn't the optimum method for success. When we do that, we generally are signing players who are taking a step down to join us and that is never a great place psychologically for the player to be. We should use our financial resources to invest in our young players and create a conveyor belt of talent, as we've already started to do now. What I do know is that, if we do go down, I firmly believe that we have built the conditions for us to be a club firmly planted at the top end of the Championship and in the coming years we will establish ourselves in the PL, even if we have to go down and come back to do it.
  12. Hi all, My ticket is available for the Chelsea home game, lower Barclay block C. If you'd like it then text me on 07789 793865. First come first served. Cheers Beefy.
  13. Since there's a similar video of Farke himself singing, I would say he isn't that fussed!
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