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  1. Todd has had a difficult month. All he needs to do is train consistently and he will be back in the mix. There are 8 months of the season left and loads of time for him to get in contention. Tzolis, Todd and Rashica are all going to get plenty of game time this season.
  2. We spend the majority of PL tv cash on the wage bill. So how can we be reasonably seen not to be making an effort?
  3. Not saying it's the font of knowledge but TransferMarket has our squad valued at about £180m and that seems more accurate to me. Cantwell, Aarons and Omobamidele are going to worth in the region of £50m combined. All the new signings worth around £50-£60m conservatively speaking. Various squad players including Krul, Hanley, McLean, Rupp, Pukki, Sorensen, Idah and numerous players out on loan making up the rest.
  4. Gibson will surely start against Burnley. Especially when we play a 3 man defence I think Farke will want to use Gibson so that the LCB is a natural left footer. I think with Hanley and Kabak. Aarons and Williams wing backs for me for this game. Williams needs to play because we need someone decent aerially against Burnley. Normann, Mclean and PLM. Sargent and Pukki. Not a chance I'm leaving out Sargent who has looked one of our best players so far this season.
  5. GJL - the above is exactly what I think too so I won't bother to reply.
  6. I certainly think we should fight tooth and nail. I just take the view that sacking the manager is more likely to be counter-productive. I would prefer to give DF time to work with the new players and improve us. I still think the sample size and toughness of fixtures makes it far too early to draw the conclusion that DF can't succeed at this level. The other issue is that getting someone 'better' than DF would be very difficult. They would have to have more premier league experience presumably, be willing to work under a DoF model, be willing to accept that they have to play academy products, work within a self-financed model and play an attractive brand of football as stated by Webber. Good luck with that search. I think we have the right man for the job here already.
  7. Because I don't believe that sacking managers is a path to long term success. Certainly not for us under this model. If we aren't good enough I'll be disappointed. But I won't turn against Farke and Webber. They've presided over a considerable improvement in the club's fortunes over the last 5 years.When they came in, just being in the Premier League was a pipe dream.
  8. Admittedly that is true. However I've seen little evidence yet to suggest that the stadium is ready to turn on the manager en masse. I agree with you that it is going to be a little ugly if we lose to Brighton and go 0 from 8. Lose to Leeds and go 0 from 10 and I can see there being some negative chanting etc. I'm just unconvinced that Webber will really be swayed by all that. It is going to take a sustained run of really horrendous results and performances for them to even consider it, in my opinion. And personally, I'm pleased about that.
  9. Yep I think it would take something absolutely ridiculous like 0pts from 15 games for them to contemplate it.
  10. I have to say that I don't think Farke is anywhere near the sack. I don't even think it will have crossed Webber's mind because Webber sees them as a team with joint accountability. I'd go so far as to say that it will take a decision from above them for Farke to go. And if that decision came, Webber would resign.
  11. Yes. We should give them at least TWO games before casting the first stone...
  12. Iwan, Vrancic, among many others all had poor starts before improving. Let's not be so fast to rush to judgment.
  13. You compete as best you can with the resources you have available. To be honest there are probably at least 25 clubs in the UK with more resources than us - there are many owners bankrolling clubs even outside the top flight whereas we self-fund. Being in the top flight is a decent effort for NCFC. Our task is to be competitive at this level. That will be difficult for us but not impossible. And there's a long way to go this season.
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