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  1. Indeed. Playing what was a L1 team last season. Defence would have been unpicked had there been any hint of EPL quality such as the boy Sarr or the boy Danjuma from previous seasons.
  2. Great to know Delia is on an official govt watchlist.
  3. Shan't be seen dead in there.
  4. Town House, Yarmouth Road. All the binnie winnies are in there now, 11.20am. Six fuzzes on the front entrance. They are now waiting for Delia's limmo to lead the escort down to the ground. They are also wondering if the limmo is still adorned with the beer can from its last runout. Fuzzes on horseback just arrived.....
  5. All of this touches on what Enoch Powell prophesied decades ago.
  6. Webber is the good guy. Look at all the good work he did at Colney and setting up in South America. Delia is the bad girl. Look at all the players she sold over the top of his head.
  7. They treated poor Connor as if he was a victim of his age. In other words: 'we were here before you were born, so what would you know'.
  8. Clubs have no loyalty to players and vice-versa. Both will break ties when money is involved so what is all the fuss about?
  9. Webber signed Sargent, Sara and Sainz not to forget Rowe coming through the ranks. So why all this vitriol aimed at him? Are fans saying they would rather have none of these players if only the club could have been rid of Webber earlier? Verdict: Fans are numpties.
  10. Since when is relaying what Webber has just said in an interview telling lies?
  11. At last, someone who is playing the post instead of the poster.
  12. Easy. Delia and Wynnie support the Labour Party. And Labour want to stop the rich being rich. But, like all socialists, it doesn't stop them taking money when it suits. Tony Blair being a good example. There's a saying in politics that Conservatives get caught with their trousers down and Labourites get caught with their snouts in the trough.
  13. How far is it from Stowmarket to Ipswich?
  14. You mean exposing the truth is rather inconvenient or uncomfortable or both.
  15. How many players has Delia sold in 28 years?
  16. At Norwich it goes well beyond economic reality. It is done on an industrial scale quite purposely. That is what Colney is there for.
  17. Well, the current Conservatives are hopelessly socialist so replacing them with Labour can't be less socialist.
  18. Yes, they are lifelong Labour, the pair of them. Wynnie used to work for The Mirror for pete sake.
  19. But certainly not with Norwich because as sure as night follows day, Delia will sell. In fact, Delia is desperate to be in the Championship again next season because it gives her the green light to rake in £95 million from selling Rowe, Sargent, Sara and Sainz.
  20. You poor fool. You have fallen straight into the trap Delia set for you.
  21. Players only want to leave when they find out the club wants to sell them.
  22. Very revealing in Webber's departing interview that he stated Buendia had to be sold by the club whereas at the time it was spun as the player wanting to leave and there was nothing the club could do about it. Just goes to underscore once again the deceitful way in which Delia runs the club. Webber also points out what anyone with insight knew at the time, but which was denied by the club, that is, Webber was working with both hands tied behind his back by the Socialists. I mean, how could you possibly successfully stay up with having spent 750K on the boy Byrum as the only signing and then next time round having to sell Buendia to fund the likes of Sargent, Tzolis, Rashica, PLM, who were never going to be up to EPL standard anyway. Webber now says Mr Norfolk is super-ambitious. Well, let's start seeing the colour of his money then because any successful tilt at EPL survival is now reckoned at £300 million in season 1.
  23. Giant Heystacks was disqualified for having his foot on Jan Wilkens neck.
  24. Balls also led to Webber and that didn't go down too well with the natives, did it?
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