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  1. Good maybe they fire him and we can bring him home
  2. Oh no thats not me, thats the guy who i thought might be an Ipswich fan only because he looks clueless when everyone is celebrating. I will stand up and yell "HARRY" next home match in the build up 😄
  3. 14.15 confused gentleman with glasses in hand?
  4. Ha you actually have me on the video numerous times, like to keep anon as I am a wind up merchant on here though 😄
  5. If its true about the ticket allocation and fans not getting the tickets I genuinely feel sorry for them. That is not a way to treat your fan base, however I will add (having worked in Suffolk for the past 20 years) I have known around 10 Binner fans, this year I know about 15... .so like cockroaches they have come out of the wood work to pretend they have always been true blue.
  6. I can say with a lot of confidence that he says "fukcing ridiculous"
  7. Barnes really impressed me yesterday. If you watch him off the ball he's a pain in the ****. For example, on all the free kicks he would stand staring at the goal keeper unflinching just staring. Then when we scored while everyone was celebrating he slow walked in their half. Both teams ready to kick off and he was still mooching about in Ipswich half of the centre, total pro holding up play stopping the scum getting the game going again, juet highly intelligent play.
  8. Ipswich fans were really flat which surprised me. If it's true about the ticketing going to ginger eds mates etc genuinely feel for the scum. Biggest match of the season for them and they can't even pack the away end and it's not even their fault, actually really pretty criminal. If be furious and think they have a right to be.
  9. A couple of people giving nescafe gestures at us on our walk down but I genuinely think they had some learning issues so we just laughed at them and told them to enjoy the game which confused the hell out of them considering we were all in colours.
  10. I never thought I would see someone who actually looked like a badly drawn caricature Then I saw Alex Griffin Someone might want to point out that a bum fluff chin strap that doesn't match a fade really doesn't do a man a favour.
  11. Agreed with Stacey he was really up for it today
  12. If you pop over to TWTD, there is actually a lot of humility with people saying we got the tactics bang on.
  13. When you really think about that statement its actually quite remarkable.
  14. Leeds have to go down as the biggest bottle jobs in English football. "Leeds doing a Leeds" is somewhat iconic speech now.
  15. Nope. Controversially has to be Kenny or even Sarge.
  16. Let's hope he does **** with Leeds and they fire him then we can hoof wago out and bring farke home
  17. Why not make one based around the hokey Cokey
  18. Ah forgot it was an away game. Yeh I kinda figure actually away games chanting expected. If you were chanting obscene stuff or saying words like cnut etc then yeh there is your answer. But I get your point
  19. Depends where your sat really. No one wants noisy yoot bellends chanting around them unless they sit in the obvious areas. To point the finger at the older fan base is also not fair, some of the louder fans have frequently been older. Don't sit in areas of the jarold or library and expect people to want to join in. Go sit with the drum w@nkers for corporate fun
  20. Always thought the binners missed an actual trick not singing that during the game, would have been hilarious.
  21. Farkin idiots they must Farkin be off there heads, what the actual Farke?! The firing of Daniel Farke
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