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  1. Ah a rounders player. Shocking how the Americans put so much stock into a primary school game
  2. One of those games when fasnscht came off I genuinely had forgotten he was on thr pitch
  3. Well the hope is Ipswich go up and become the first team in league history to score nil points. That would make this year.all worth it
  4. I'd bite your hand off right now for a draw regardless of the score line
  5. Should have side footed the ball outside the post.
  6. What's more embarrassing is the green street posse banging a drum and singing the same song for 90 mins.
  7. Good riddance to that stupid drum. Only a matter of time before something like this happened. Shame the club indulged d1ck head culture to allow it in the first place
  8. This is probably the start of the "found out"period where they start to leech points. Made things better
  9. He is very lightweight, probably still adjusting to having English players bounce him around
  10. Too many roids and not enough brains = the problem with many doormen. Put it down to a bad experience and dont go there again, Ive heard Epic studios can be a bit ropey.
  11. The take down on the run was sublime, glad he finished it because I think we only had 1 or 2 more shots.
  12. Yup we were crap, if QPR could finish it would have been 3-1. Basically an inspired take down and cool finish from Hwang was the only thing we really even did. Embarrassing when people say "a win is a win" No.... No I wasn't. On a par with that turgid pig sh1te that was Dean Smith's calling card.
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