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  1. Lambert is a classic mercenary. He binned off Colchester for us then binned off us for Villa. When project fame and fortune went down the pan he tried his luck at other clubs and then didn''t make a scratch on what he did for us. Ipswich will be no different, if he does succeed against all the odds then as soon as a bigger club come sniffing he will be off following the pay check again. Also as a footnote, Lambert got all of his continental possession and attacking coaching ideas when playing in Germany, or more specifically Dortmund.
  2. You guys really think Webber would have allowed Gill to leave if he really was anygood? Plus I assume the binners have paid us to buy out Gill''s contract. So that will be the last of their funds. Next we get Hurst in for our U23, it will be a higher calibre player than he is used to though so he might not be able to handle the jump in quality.
  3. I always said that I would not progress past 17 due to the inclusion of Lowestoft town. Feel sucker punched by 18 a little as cosmetically it looked awesome but it felt very half finished. What ive seen of 19 it looks really good. We will have to see though.
  4. The inevitable "Wonderkids 19" list has Jamal Lewis on it though. Which is a start. I think its always hard as a fan to see players under / over achieving. Realistically we have a really good set of youth players coming through atm. Was surprised that Madders is not on the list though to be fair. That all said I am a strict lower league manager so will be playing as Dulwich Hamlet this game.
  5. [quote user="Hairy Canary"]So you read 5 words of a well considered and interesting post and decided it was drivel Nexis?[/quote] Anything pro Brexit is drivel to be fair. Its all in a name. Nexus = "A connection or series of connections linking two or more things."
  6. Sometimes I wish I had a lower IQ, that way I could be ignorant and want an isolationist society. In a world where between the internet and the media we can not escape the world, ignorant little xenophobes want to crawl into their holes and read the Daily Mail. Hilarious if their pig headed stupidity didn''t effect me.
  7. I feel quite similar to badger. In unity lies strength and we should remain.. but... we voted and that is the wonder and horror of democracy. However that said, I feel we should overturn or have another vote. Simply because I want to see all of the deluded prats like the Tim Martin, Bojo & Farage kicking up a hissy fit. That and I have zero respect for the idiots who dub people remoaners or brexiters. The whole concept of Brexit has divided our nation its about time we saw sense.
  8. [quote user="......and Smith must score."] At the end of the day if those it''s going to affect can''t be bothered to get their a*ses down to the voting booth then they must live with the consequences. It''s been known for years that older people tend to vote, young people don''t. If the Remain campaigners forgot to remind people of that then it''s tough luck.Lesson learned.[/quote] Yes you are right, lesson learned for the 18 year olds who were not old enough to vote.
  9. Really happy Delia got involved with this. The quicker we can turn "Brexit" into a footnote of stupidity the better. Misinformed idiotic vote in the first place, I somewhat agree with the "democracy is democracy" we voted idea from Brexit but that is over cast by the fact that half the public didn''t really know what they voted for and the swinging 1% has died to be replaced by a 2-3% remain. At the end of the day this is people voting for something which will only effect them when they are dead. Utterly forgetting the cluster fcuk they leave for the next generation. That''s why it needs to be reversed and we at least need a second vote.
  10. There must be a few fans playing the latest FM game. Anyone noticed any hiccups on the game so far? A friend of mine saw Farke fired by October for a poor start. Bit of a confusion with a couple of our players and for some reason Pilkington is a club favoured players? Funnier though is the Ipswich town data thread on the FM forums where one Binner has moaned about the youth team in particular having crap stats, worth a read especially when the games dev''s basically say "Its because they are crap" https://community.sigames.com/topic/448170-england-ipswich-town-data-issues/
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