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  1. Australia's kit this world cup is pretty good. When it showed their fans celebrating it was pretty fun as well.
  2. USA reminded me of us, **** defensive passing with no outlet. Is Dean Smith managing them?
  3. Some of the posts trying to defend this year's dross with our high xG this year have been amusing But it's gone to far now with xG becoming this seasons meme.
  4. Yeh it's a pretty decent league, I started with a really strong midfield and got a fantastic set of wingers, I have destroyed the league with a mediocre defence and bad striker
  5. He's going no where or they would have pulled the trigger already. A shame I would like our new manager to be able to have the world cup to get prepared rather than be thrown into it. It's inevitable that Smith will be fired now I think. Just how long will the board stall. A shame but I think many of us knew he was not the man for the job before the end of the last season. Bad leadership from the board unfortunately.
  6. Only really farke isn't it. Lambo burnt his bridges becoming a binner everyone else not good enough or over the hill
  7. Already a thread about this the other day I think. Short answer , team not as fit under Smith as under Farke.
  8. My last boss was one of these prodigy managers. Like had all the answers and was hugely respected. He retired then 5 years later accepts a job at my business to revamp it and work his magic. Two years later he's put on gardening leave for taking the business backwards. My point, you are only as good as you are right now. You can hold every certificate and trophy you want but It means crap all when you can't pull it off.
  9. First two posts have it bang to rights unfortunately
  10. I only know because we wanted to give howson a bit of a cheer and were not given the opportunity. Again poor from the club considering he was quite a servant for us
  11. Lambo had his trackies Chrissy his suit and jumper Farke his stinky old coat Deano his mug Scottie has nice cardigans Sign him up
  12. Not that I cared but they also didn't read out the Boro team. Someone wasn't looking at their watch yesterday that's for sure
  13. So long as they don't let him have a single bean I. January and he doesn't green light any sales I'm happy so long as he's gone in time for the new guy to have a pre season. This is perfect timing though everyone can see it apart from the board.
  14. Webber would have said it's a Norfolk tradition where when we boo it actually means we are happy
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