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  1. Most worryingly, I fear this performance may help Krul make his mind up to move on.
  2. That's a good point. Every few years Prem clubs seem to underestimate one club and they do remarkably well. Those prem. clubs normally realise their underestimation for the return game though and put things right. Occassionally though, like this year with Shef Utd, it takes longer for the penny to drop. But it does drop eventually but the promoted club have enough points by then to stay up. The next year is completely different for thouhgh. With Leeds though (and I'm no fan trust me) I think they may just have the backing to be one of the few that makes it more permanent. They'll find the funds to make signings, they have the worldwide fanbase and the media like them so plenty of TV time and more revenue. It's hard for me to type that because they truly are a cheating team of ****bags with despicable, glory hunting fans. I'll be glad to see them out of our league, I just would prefer it was down rather than up.
  3. This has crossed my mind too. Can anybody confirm what date was the last payment taken for the 2019/20 season was taken (so anyhing after was for the 2020/21 season)?
  4. Gandmas Hands for me, fantastic song with real emotion. Pity grandma isn't about today to sort some of this current 'entitled' generation out Blimey, I've turned into my dad ...
  5. That's a valid point. Would the same not apply to at least some of the clubs other income streams too then (e.g. advertising)? Similarly, would the players also not have other sources of income? So it's not like they'll be bereft of all income as it seems to be being suggested. This point cuts both ways I guess. If the clubs profit from some of our players names then maybe the players are due part of that. It's all getting too complicated, I'm going down the pub ... oh no ...
  6. I agree. It doesn't sit well at all and that's not just directed at Norwich. The money used to fund this will have to be repaid and it's unlikely that this will come solely from Higher Rate tax payers, I'd imagine it will be across the board going by the terminology used. That effectively means that these very well paid, HR tax payers will continue to take their large, and arguably not vital salaries, and then LR tax payers will be subsidising them in refunding the G'ment. That isn't fair or ethical. IMO of course.
  7. Firstly, injury time may be deemed 'at the refs discretion' but it shouldn't be. It should be accurate so that a full 90 minutes is played and time wasting is neither rewarded nor advantageous. But what really gripes me is that refs seem to be oblivious to the word "minimum" in the extra time rule and announcement. Grammar! The word has been put in there for a reason. It's a MINIMUM of (e.g.) 3 minutes, not a maximum. How many times do we see teams deliberately waste time and then the ref blows up on exactly 3 minutes, if not slightly before? This reason alone demonstrates the need for proper time-keeping. It was (IMO) probably a more important issue than goal-line technology simply because of how regularly errors occur and how often abuse gets rewarded. One error happens every week, t'other occurs a couple of times a season, if that. If we're going to embrace technology in the game then start with the simple things first. An official timekeeper, off the pitch, would sort the problem and protect the officials from any abuse.
  8. Has somebody been in my house??? This has been in my attic for 24 years and I got it down last week ...
  9. Big up the Bury massive ... Do they still say that? I’m so old Not on FB any more either so I’m also excluded, can we fax each other? I have a fax machine somewhere ...
  10. It was a huge punch (figuratively) at a crucial time and a perfect example of how his experience has benefited us us this season. He came off his line and took control at a very precarious time. Something that takes huge courage to do as a keeper at a time in the game that a mistake could cost you the win and maybe even lead to a loss, it happens. Very courageous keeping which gets little recognition.
  11. Blimey [:O] ..... some ridiculous guff on that site!I don''t normally look at it but had to have a squizz today and I am utterly ... seriously, amazed at their perception of what their club is and and what position they are in financially.I just can''t believe that anyone, even those tw@ts, can seriously believe that they they are in a better financial position than us. They own nothing and owe plenty. It''s common knowledge that they teeter on the brink of financial ruin, how the **** do they think they are secure???Sorry ... rant over, just can''t believe what I just read [8-)]
  12. Sorry, should read "If the donation wasn''t in there at all"
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