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  1. I use the android phone connected to my TV via a usb-c to HDMI lead as suggested by Dylanisabaddog and it works fine except, every game, when the broadcast switches from from pre-match to the actual game the service drops or buffers out and it takes me 10mins to get reconnected again. In the last 2 games I've missed the opening goals... that was 2 goals this week. No problem after the half time break though.
  2. Absolute legend of a keeper, many happy returns. I'm just looking at those studs
  3. eh? I'd understand if your comment was aimed at the OP but cambridgeshires comment was in context.
  4. I can understand peoples concerns from a Covid point of view but how is the club allowing people into the lounge areas etc any different to going into a pub lounge? I assume the club will be subject to the same G'ment imposed restrictions imposed on pubs (such as table service etc.) plus the club has better control on limiting numbers entering than a pub does so I don't see the issue. Probably just me though!
  5. Yep, just what they told me too. Cancel the DD and my ticket would be cancelled and seats would be put on general sale. I even had an official from the club ring me at home to verify. There was a window to pause the DD but that passed and DDs were to be restarted.
  6. I think you're right Dylan, I spent most of yesterdays game trying to cast from my phone to my TV with no luck (I fried the GPU in my laptop and lost the HDMI port so have to use the windows driver which doesn't have HDMI support). A lengthy Google suggests that iFollow does indded block casting, as Sky have done for a while now. Another interesting observation was when I got the game up on my laptop then put iFollow on my phone, the signal was cut to my laptop. So iFollow stop multiple logins even on the same IP address. That may sound obvious to some but it's not that simple, SkyGo for example can't/doesn't block it on the same IP. So thank you for the link, unlike some it seems, I am grateful as it saves me hours of trial-and-error
  7. DOH! Cheers Dylan. I've been rushing around like a mad thing lately and I've lost track. I guess that's my excuse for not going to the paint suppliers blown now then
  8. Have any of the ST holders received their email links to the free match pass yet? It's 12:20pm Sat and I would have thought we'd have received something by now.
  9. Most worryingly, I fear this performance may help Krul make his mind up to move on.
  10. That's a good point. Every few years Prem clubs seem to underestimate one club and they do remarkably well. Those prem. clubs normally realise their underestimation for the return game though and put things right. Occassionally though, like this year with Shef Utd, it takes longer for the penny to drop. But it does drop eventually but the promoted club have enough points by then to stay up. The next year is completely different for thouhgh. With Leeds though (and I'm no fan trust me) I think they may just have the backing to be one of the few that makes it more permanent. They'll find the funds to make signings, they have the worldwide fanbase and the media like them so plenty of TV time and more revenue. It's hard for me to type that because they truly are a cheating team of ****bags with despicable, glory hunting fans. I'll be glad to see them out of our league, I just would prefer it was down rather than up.
  11. This has crossed my mind too. Can anybody confirm what date was the last payment taken for the 2019/20 season was taken (so anyhing after was for the 2020/21 season)?
  12. Gandmas Hands for me, fantastic song with real emotion. Pity grandma isn't about today to sort some of this current 'entitled' generation out Blimey, I've turned into my dad ...
  13. That's a valid point. Would the same not apply to at least some of the clubs other income streams too then (e.g. advertising)? Similarly, would the players also not have other sources of income? So it's not like they'll be bereft of all income as it seems to be being suggested. This point cuts both ways I guess. If the clubs profit from some of our players names then maybe the players are due part of that. It's all getting too complicated, I'm going down the pub ... oh no ...
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