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  1. yellow 63

    Train for West Ham

    Still a few young pups about mid 50s
  2. yellow 63

    Jacob Murphy

    Was talking to a Cardiff chap on holiday and Josh seems to be at the same level as when he left us in relation to his tracking back and decision making,so with him also sold at the right time
  3. yellow 63

    EFL Trophy

    Even if we did come across Ipswich later in the competition couldn't see us getting no more than the normal league allocation tickets,as no way would old bill want or allow 5,000 odd Norwich to attend
  4. yellow 63

    Jordan’s coming home!

    I would say the gigs were 1983
  5. yellow 63

    Club eBay flash sale

    £3 postage for the season dvd review yet the newly released one £5
  6. yellow 63

    Jordan’s coming home!

    Still got my copy
  7. yellow 63

    Accessing this Forum via the Pink Un Page

    Still occuring
  8. yellow 63

    Gateway is back

    The ginx page appeared yesterday still on me laptop,but obviously ok on me phone,messaged Pinkun on Facebook but no reply
  9. yellow 63

    Season DVD

    Same with programmes,£1.50 to £2.00 would cover it i would have thought ?
  10. Leeds caught us early and done us ,Sheffield came later in the season and matched us and looked strong and organised,so congratulations from me and hopefully we both stay up
  11. yellow 63

    Sky Sports News

    Who cares ? been like this with the media since iv'e been following the club (1971) we have done it,in style and we are happy,job done,lets enjoy today as i am with a few Stella,s
  12. yellow 63

    Matchball sponsor experience

    Good insight,agree with the shirt and shoes bit
  13. No surprise really,been plenty of incidents in the City over the years with both Sheffield clubs,not as bad as Leeds but still the pair of them bring some mouth pieces down each season
  14. yellow 63

    Sebastien Haller

    Dean Windass was the one