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  1. Remember watching a couple of our FA Cup failure's from the enclosure Bradford 76 and Orient 78 both games played on the Monday night.
  2. No need to panic, takeover complete in 3 years, what League will we be in that's the question.
  3. There was an enclosure at the front, couple of steps was about it.
  4. This reminds of season 1970)71 what I can remember mid table at best,have we a Ron Saunders in waiting?
  5. I was on that train ,going through the backstreets and all the Hilda Ogdens having a pop.
  6. Norwich v Ipswich 3pm kick off round 3, that is all.
  7. Make sure you chin a couple ,think they might be a bit rabid
  8. Remember Sky ****ing up fixtures 1992-93 season, Blackburn home 4pm kick off on a Sunday,freezing day with plenty of snow in the end, kicked out of the pub just after 2pm as no all day drinking then, mooching around for a couple of hours frozen solid and a bore draw. .
  9. ''Yikes'' indeed if this all goes **** up.
  10. We somehow managed to get seats in the East Stand among the Chelsea chaps that night, needless to say we kept a low one.
  11. Agreed, but the whole scenario of the club is a shambles , Webber/Knapper, Delia the Yank, doesn't matter who manages the playing side in this climate, must filter down to the players.
  12. Could be be very ugly next Sunday.
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