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  1. 21 pages here if any one interested https://www.a-love-supreme.com/
  2. Got a tenner for Forest last season,when i see the game is sold out and i have released my ticket for resale,i email the club to confirm or deny if they have sold it as one game i was told my seat was taken but didn't receive anything
  3. Was talking to a Cardiff chap on holiday and Josh seems to be at the same level as when he left us in relation to his tracking back and decision making,so with him also sold at the right time
  4. Even if we did come across Ipswich later in the competition couldn't see us getting no more than the normal league allocation tickets,as no way would old bill want or allow 5,000 odd Norwich to attend
  5. £3 postage for the season dvd review yet the newly released one £5
  6. The ginx page appeared yesterday still on me laptop,but obviously ok on me phone,messaged Pinkun on Facebook but no reply
  7. Same with programmes,£1.50 to £2.00 would cover it i would have thought ?
  8. Leeds caught us early and done us ,Sheffield came later in the season and matched us and looked strong and organised,so congratulations from me and hopefully we both stay up
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