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  1. Probably a standard bar scarf,followed by these
  2. I attended the game and can't remember how many pens of the Barclay QPR had and if they were given the South Stand corner, going by the TV highlights as previously quoted 4,000 max, recall the year after when Man United wrecked the Barclay the estimate of there turnout was 6,000 and in the end they had 3 pens of the Barclay
  3. The name Tony Swallow probably means nothing to most of this board,but some of us know of him from past matches
  4. Hopefully him and some of the other youngsters will get some decent time on the pitch in the cup game
  5. Probably still got the hump about this game,last bit of clip
  6. I doubt it, political arguements put to one side no one could be bothered to protest when we dropped to League 1 a decade ago,lets see.Our fans are very placid
  7. True,but over the years Norwich have been just a guilty,way of life in some quarters,just some posters on here would have never seenthe slightest inkling of crowd trouble,and yes there were some incidents over the years
  8. This is the point,i leave this thread,not a racist herberts who deface war memorials derserve a kicking,away fans back in day also,times moved on and knee up
  9. Not into all this politics lark but a link i have been sent
  10. Because as other posters have quoted,its become an empty gesture now.
  11. I for one when i return hopefully this season,won't be booing but a shout''of get up'' will be shouted,and 100% not a racist gene in my body
  12. Easy to lay into Millwall over this,if you look back into there hooligan past one of there main chaps was Tiny so racist no,sick of it probably yes
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