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  1. There's more chance of me walking on the moon than seeing you at Swansea.
  2. Two wins in ten, in the Championship with this squad, unacceptable needs to go tonight, don't care if we are 4th.
  3. Using edge, i have to click on the padlock on the address bar and clear 3 lots of cookies everytime......pain.
  4. Home games used to be lively as well,mention to Forest,Portsmouth,Luton,QPR,Spurs,Leeds ,
  5. When i tried to purchase the pass the first time via paypal that page came up think it was for a pound,started again and used me debit card .
  6. Take a small loss , shift him,loan could go totally pearshaped,and we're stuck with the lad.
  7. Wonder why that kit was worn ? Plymouth's home shirt was mainly green,so no obvious clash.
  8. Photo i think is from the 1967-68 season,only two clubs i would have thought a change strip needed were Hull and Blackpool,but doesn't look like eithers ground.
  9. But a normal programme was produced that season.
  10. Just enjoying the sun and a few cans of San Miguel,sad its come to that,but the club is an absolute mess.
  11. I can visualize the photo shoot now,Webber in his climbing gear,Delia in tow,glass of wine on the go,''Win or lose this club climbs to new heights''
  12. Support the team,but if things go pear shaped early doors going to be a feisty afternoon.
  13. Didn't when i tried by phone,but submitted by laptop and received e-mail fairly quickly.
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