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  1. Hucks6


    Farke has for the last2/3 games to put Hanley in defence and Amadou in defence midfield has he done it NO
  2. Hucks6


    Are we all watching Man City v Dino Zagreb tonight if he plays will be good to see how he’s getting on otbc
  3. Hucks6

    Jamal Lewis

    There was a picture of Jamal coming out of n/n hospital with no plaster on wrist on Twitter yesterday fingers crossed
  4. Hucks6

    Sheffield Utd v Liverpool

    Hope the blunts lose Chris wilder and his team are thugs
  5. Hucks6


    Along come Norwich otbc
  6. Hucks6

    Webber to sign new contract

    To think I wanted Farke/Webber out year ago. Egg on face for me know lol
  7. On sky sports news saying Man City were poor and blamed their European games. Tin pot reporter
  8. Hucks6

    How many will man city get

    Going to watch game with hands over my eyes looking through my fingers otbc
  9. Hucks6

    Van Wolfswinkel Surgery

    Hope every thing goes well for him
  10. Hucks6


    Unless I am mistaken a football is round in England the same as in France put him in
  11. Hucks6

    Villa v Everton

    I hate fcking villa
  12. Hucks6

    Lawrenson and Nicholas

    They are both out of date and should keep their big mouths shut
  13. Would love him in the team now under Farke
  14. Hucks6


    As least they won’t face us and lose YET again
  15. Hucks6

    Currently 16th In The Table.

    Would love Frank Lampard to fail
  16. Scott Sinclair don’t want him anywhere near Norwich
  17. Hucks6

    C'mon you binnerss

    Soon be playing Kings Lynn
  18. I know it’s only friendly but I think Tim Krull will be no 1, tin hat on
  19. Hucks6

    Pre-season friendlies

    Mine to
  20. Would have jansson here any day
  21. Hucks6

    Women’s World Cup

    Agree Millie bright was useless gave the ball away far to much
  22. Hucks6

    Frank Lampard

    Hope he fails
  23. Hucks6

    Jordan’s coming home!

    What about Mississippi showboat can you remember that one
  24. Sunday Sun are saying he could go back to Blackburn on loan. I would say no. Thoughts