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  1. Hucks6

    John Ruddy to return?

    His Mrs and kids still live at East Carlton(near Mulbarton)
  2. We keep hearing they are going to give their all. Please tell me today apart from Tim Krul he seems the only one trying
  3. Hucks6

    Srbeny off?

    I would have loved him to stay especially if we go down, gave his all never moaned not a super star but a 100 per cent committed otbc
  4. Hucks6

    Webber interview

    Raggett has not proved it at city but he has been given chance at Portsmouth and taken it with both hands.Their fans and players are raving about him,So let us get him back at Norwich when Godfrey leaves he will be ok in championship
  5. Hucks6

    One team makes tactical subs

    Yes they gave their all but subs come on to late AGAIN
  6. Hucks6

    One team makes tactical subs

    All we will hear now is we played well, getting fed up hearing it why oh why yet again subs 9 minutes from end
  7. Hucks6

    Philip Schofield

    Spot on BroadstairsR.Dont gives flying monkey lets all feel sorry for him NOT otbc
  8. Hucks6

    Philip Schofield

    Philip who. otbc
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  10. Hucks6


    EFL show is worse than motd ( not that I like motd) how boring is Dean Ashton can’t wait to hear his comments about his former club
  11. Hucks6

    Geographical Nonsense

    As I work at airport they fly to all the away games . So there is no long coach journeys (like the fans do) If they want to fly home to Europe where they come from Stansted is not that far.So they are payed a good wage and do something they like doing.So Norfolk for them is easy
  12. Hucks6

    Moritz Leitner

    Nothing special
  13. We had all the play should have scored more than one.I will bring subs on very very late same old crap
  14. Hucks6

    He's not the Messiah.......

    One of the all time greats rip Terry
  15. Hucks6

    Oliviera to Wolves

    Good player but his head all over place
  16. Don’t forget Jordan Roades incoming otbc
  17. Hucks6

    Lukas Rupp

    What another midfielder (what next parking bus)otbc
  18. Hucks6

    Duda signed

    Half a season to late
  19. Hucks6

    Bounce straight back up?

    With most of our best players gone what devine right have we to go back straight back up
  20. Hucks6


    point being does he want to go back to Germany and have more than £750.000 to spend
  21. When we sell half of our players next year.Thanks Mr Webber why wait for two years to leave go now and run how you did at Huddersfield
  22. Hucks6

    One point closer to 17th position

    When people say on here we won’t sign any players,To be truthful that is right but also what players want to sign for a team that is possibly going down.
  23. Here we go again mr motermouth saying we must hurry up because they haven’t go much time no caller after 5 minutes because we have to listen to this idiot rob butler
  24. Who wants to come to a team who’s going to be relegated