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  1. Long ball game Wycombe are playing Is dangerous.We have to up our game
  2. Perhaps we are the new Manchester City otbc
  3. The Icon at paderbourn scored two goals last night let’s resign him
  4. Brilliant all round player RIP John
  5. Have we all forget at wessy how tall was he ( and still going strong at Cambridge)
  6. Hope they they do this every game if they going to lose
  7. One of Norwich’s all time greats . Well deserved Wes otbc
  8. Cambridge Canary if you so worried about Ipswich players go on their fans forum
  9. Pitch/ referee no. We lost the game for giving ball away
  10. Good old fashion centre back, get stuck in like somebody else I can think of Duncan Forbes
  11. didn’t say we should buy him. If you read my thread properly I said he scored the winner against Bournemouth. Hanks shootsSkyler
  12. Got the winner for Sheffield Wednesday away at Bournemouth
  13. The word legend is used far to much. But Sir Tom was a true LEGEND.RIP Captain SIR TOM
  14. Deeney is the new Micky Quinn(who ate all the pies) ha ha
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