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  1. K Lo

    Match thread v Man Utd.

    I think the lessons have been learnt. Farke was and is well aware of Norwich's slim chances of staying up. If there isn't the money to buy expensive players, you don't get expensive players.
  2. K Lo

    Bad News

    Well, we can't compete against the big boys.
  3. Without a doubt, I want Norwich to be in and stay in the Premier League. It's the league that give the club and the city a higher profile and more income. It will also be the best way to secure Norwich financial viability and invest further in the academy and infrastructure etc. VAR just needs a good looking at and re-assessment of how it is used.
  4. K Lo

    Wycombe Ipswich

    1 - 1 Ipswich without a win in 11 games (according to Radio Suffolk).
  5. K Lo

    Wycombe Ipswich

    As it stands, Ipswich are 2nd in the table having got 4 points from a possible 18 of the last 6 games. Wycombe, who'd still be top, also would have 4 from a possible 18. Quite sure the pack will close in.
  6. You seem to be confusing short-term risk for mid-long term sustainability. Villa have spent £134m (AFAIK) and are still in the drop zone. If Norwich had begged, borrowed and stole £134m and were still in the drop zone, they'd be outrage that we were putting the viability of the club very much at risk. There's no magic net that's stopping us from being the next Bury FC/Bolton W other than not spending what we do not have.
  7. "Wolverhampton Wanderers, Crystal Palace, Norwich City, Brighton and Hove Albion and Sheffield United all found themselves on the end of VAR decisions" - None of the big teams then. That's rather suspicious.
  8. I'm listening on Radio Suffolk. I've never supported Lincoln so much before !
  9. K Lo

    Meanwhile, not far away....

    If I were an Ipswich, other than being eternally embarrassed, I'd be fairly satisfied with the current status. Looks at where Cov, Portsmouth, Sunderland & Bolton are.
  10. K Lo

    Could be worse ......

    They still have 1 game in hand over 3 of the 4 clubs directly below them, with Bristol R being on same no. games but with 2 points fewer. It's still theirs to lose. For the first time since ever, I actually want Coventry to get their finances & ground sorted before they go the same way as Bury FC.
  11. K Lo

    Leicester fan in peace

    It's not so unfair for Leicester fans to think they'd get all 3 points against Norwich. I'd've thought the same if we were in 2nd spot playing Watford, Southampton etc. TBH, I was expecting a home win for Norwich against Watford... but this is Norwich.
  12. K Lo

    Arsenal v Brighton

    We lost to Brighton and drew with Arsenal. That's consistent with Brighton beating Arsenal.
  13. K Lo

    Shouldn't be surprised I suppose....

    It's the basic appeal to the masses. If Brazil lost to Estonia (for example) I doubt we'd be seeing much about how good Estonia were.
  14. K Lo


    The warning signs were clear at Hillsborough; It was a potentially (more) dangerous ground. This is Wolves v Tottenham Hotspur at Hillsborough... in 1981.
  15. IMO, it's a sliding scale of gambling success against the threat of becoming the next Bury FC. That might sound quite alarmist but it wasn't that long ago that Portsmouth, Coventry, Bolton & Wigan were regulars in the Premier League. One or two false moves and they're fighting or have fought for their very survival. D&M probably are deciding what is right for the club but if Webber hadn't or doesn't buy into it, I guessed he'd be off. I'm inclined to trust Webber with Norwich more than any other previous directors that we've had.