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  1. It didn't. It took me about 2 minutes. I only just saw the reply.
  2. Millwall. Are you unable to use Google ? I found that out in about 50 seconds.
  3. K Lo

    Alternate reality.....

    Even a draw would have kept us top.
  4. K Lo

    Alternate reality.....

    Not scoring 5 out of 6 penalties should be ringing alarm bells !!! ... especially with a German coach !
  5. Yeah, Pukki missed a penalty this season.
  6. How many would-be first 11 players have we got out injured ?
  7. K Lo

    points neeed

    This is hilarious. By that reasoning, as Norwich are top with the most points, no club will get to the automatic promotion places. As later pointed out, Norwich only need 1 point more than 22 other clubs. You're totally failing to consider the points distribution or points dropped due to draws.
  8. K Lo

    Points needed for automatic promotion

    You're falsely assuming that it's a fixed number of points needed to get auto promotion, not 1st or 2nd spot. As Norwich are top, they have the best chance of any club of auto promotion, regardless of what Norwich's point tally is currently. The number of points Norwich need for auto promotion is 1 more than 3rd spot... or same points & better GD. There's no magic cut off, just a statistical probability against each final point tally.
  9. K Lo

    Twtd forum

    Yes, that's what I thought. I spent a short while on Wiki trying to figure out what the European competitions were back in the early '80s but it's not immediately cleat.
  10. K Lo

    Twtd forum

    I thought their midfield had it over ours but they did it by being physical, a bit too physical to do that all season. They'd be picking up yellows and reds week-in and week-out. Couldn't tell that well but it did seem that they could have had 2 reds.
  11. K Lo

    Something to celebrate

    "Blue Army" could be anyone !! Birmingham are known as the blues, so I think she's a Brummie really.
  12. Gap change since Lambert took over 20 to 39 points.
  13. His first game, Ipswich 1 - 1 Preston, 3rd Nov 2018. Bottom of the league, 5 points from safety. Norwich were... Top of the league, 3 points ahead of Leeds, 1 point ahead of Sheff U, 2 points ahead of Derby & Middlesbrough. 14 games later... Only Leeds have gained points on Norwich since then. A win against Ipswich will make that gain 1 point. Ipswich have lost ground from safety by 4 point since Lambert took over.
  14. K Lo

    Boro v Leeds.

    Looking less and less unlikely as time progresses !
  15. K Lo

    Boro v Leeds.

    That's Left-Wing BBC bias for you !!!