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  1. Under Farke, we'd be a goal behind towards the end of the game and genuinely believe we'd go on and win. (I can only think of the odd Derby game with the floodlight failure where we were leading and threw it away) Now we can be a goal ahead towards the end of the game and genuinely believe we'd go on and lose.
  2. This should have been a straightforward 3 points for Norwich. 3-0 or 3-1.
  3. For the first time ever, I'm not bothered about this World Cup. I may be when it gets going but it's hosted by a country that I have little time for and isn't really that interested in football. When it's hosted in a footballing nation, it really seems to add to the excitement.
  4. Watford's score is the only one that hasn't gone for us really. QPR, Sheff U, Swansea all dropping points. We really should have beaten Sheff U the other week and got the draw against Burnley; 3 points dropped for Norwich there.
  5. Interesting to compare considering how much Forest spent before the season: Forest: 10 pts after 14 games. Norwich ('19-'20 season) 11pts after 14 games. Norwich ('21-'22 season) 10pts after 14 games. Oh, go on then: Norwich ('92-'93 season) 27pts after 14 games.
  6. 9 points off 1st too. Burnley looked as though they were heading for defeat in the 90th.
  7. Yes, having Emi in the Champ the last two seasons got Pukki the service he needs.
  8. Good grief, our last-5 form looks like a team rooted to the bottom of the league. Only team in the entire league to have no wins in the last 5. Bottom of the recent-form table.
  9. Three points thrown away in the last two games.
  10. Norwich are 6 points behind were they were after 16 games in Norwich's last Champ season and 5 points behind 2 season before that.
  11. Under Farke, we'd never worry if we were behind with 5 minutes to go. We knew we'd likely go on and equalise or win. Under Smith, seems as though if we're 1 goal ahead we're wondering if we can hold on.
  12. This is a classic scenario for "along came Norwich". No win in 5 for Sheff U. 2 points from 15. This has got 3-0 to Sheff U written all over it, with Sheff U thinking that they're back on track, only to lose away to West Brom 2-0 next Saturday. Hope I'm wrong.
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