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  1. I didn't think that BBC's fake news extended to football headlines !
  2. Maybe a 5-10 minute sin-bin for a yellow would help redress the issue.
  3. Too little too late. It's as-you-were in terms of points gaps for the top 4... with 1 game fewer left to play, so it's still a gain for Norwich, albeit a slight one.
  4. Brentford look home & dry at 3-0 up. Swansea & Watford could both succumb to late equalisers though.
  5. 8 point gap between 4th & 5th now. Don't think any club 5th or below is worth worrying about now, being 16 points or more behind Norwich.
  6. Yes, TWTD have also noticed MM's performances with Cardiff. This will be 6 straight wins for them if they can hold out this evening, knocking Bournemouth out of the play-offs at the same time.
  7. Blackburn pulled one back against Watford. Here's hoping for a Cov. equaliser/winner !
  8. Buendia was back the game before Blackburn, which was a 2-2 away draw at Stoke, who were 16th at the time. With hindsight, Norwich could have just got away with losing every game after that 4-0 win at QPR as Leeds did a Leeds.
  9. I did say "Yes, I know the flaw in that logic" and that was it. Even then though, this "1 in 3" loss without and "1 in 9" loss with assumes that the opponents are equally difficult to play against or thereabouts and equally difficult throughout the season.
  10. It's not rare at all. We've lost 3 with him and 2 without him. You could argue that when he plays, we're more likely to lose ! (Yes, I know the flaw in that logic)
  11. It depends how you want to view it. Norwich have lost 5 league games all season, Buendia played in 3 of them: Bournemouth 1-0 Norwich [ 27th Sep '20 ] Norwich 0-1 Derby [ 3rd Oct '20 ] (Buendia) Luton 3-1 Norwich [ 2nd Dec '20 ] (Buendia) Swansea 2-0 Norwich [ 5th Feb '20 ] Watford 1-0 Norwich [ 26th Dec '20 ] (Buendia) Correlation does not mean causation.
  12. Off-topic... This 'targeted advertising' and 'artificial intelligence' that people seem to be wary of is not quite there yet. At the top of this page, I have an advert for "Resto-mod air-cooled 911 parts". I've never owned a Porsche of any sorts or even been a much of a fan of 911s, so what that's doing there, I don't know !!
  13. But what about the play offs though ?
  14. Cov have had 3 shots on target, Brentford 0 after 20 mins !! A Cov win would be great. Draw would be fine though.
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