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  1. Yes, ideally he needs to get Ipswich about 8th with two games in hand towards the end of the season but then lose those two. Lambert held on well and even got a few wins in towards the end but had already blown his cover by then.
  2. I wasn't trolling at all. I was just presenting the fixture-for-fixture results across the two seasons and leaving the reader to decide what to make of it ! It does feel like Norwich are a better team this season than last time in the Premier league. Then, we had far too many duff results against teams in the bottom 6 or so.
  3. Norwich City 0 - 3 Liverpool - (This season) Norwich City 0 - 1 Liverpool - (2019/20 season) Manchester City 5 - 0 Norwich City - (This season) Manchester City 5 - 0 Norwich City - (2019/20 season) Norwich City 1 - 2 Leicester City - (This season) Norwich City 1 - 0 Leicester City - (2019/20 season) Arsenal 1 - 0 Norwich City - (This season) Arsenal 4 - 0 Norwich City - (2019/20 season) Yes, like-for-like, we are 3 points worse off than against the same teams in the Prem last time, so far.
  4. Would a VPN get round that ? You could just set your location to UK.
  5. Did you read all of my post ? "Most" isn't "All" Leicester finished 5th last year. Spurs 7th. They finished 6th & 4th the two previous years.
  6. It'd be interesting to see which other teams Liverpool & Man City beat convincingly this season. I'd suggest most of them outside the top 6.
  7. Sorry, I meant 3 goal margin of defeat. i.e. 4-1 loss in 2019, 3-0 loss last week.
  8. I'm wondering if we're any better than we were 2 years ago. 4-goal margin of defeat against Liverpool. Now 4-0 away at Man C. Will we get out of the bottom 3 this season ?
  9. I was working in Coventry some years ago and so was disappointed that I wasn't able to get to many norwich games. However, in 2011, Norwich had won promotion to the Prem. and their last game of the season was at home to Cov. I had found out that tickets for the Norwich game had sold out quickly but when I drive past the Ricoh Arena, as I did most weekdays, I thought, why not get away tickets for that match. So I parked up, tried to hide my Norfolk accent and asked for two 'away' tickets for the game. Bonus, I even got a discount for my dad as he was old enough for a concession. Turns out at the end of that match about 50% of the supporters in the Cov. section were Norwich fans ! http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/eng_div_1/13247128.stm
  10. Agent Cook had better not blow his cover too soon. Ideal scenario is to drop out of the play-offs last game of the season due to a dubious penalty.
  11. Doesn't look as though we're getting 3 points today. Still, there's always next Saturday.
  12. FT: Burton 2 - 1 Ipswich BBC Radio Suffolk saying that there were a lot of positives. Hmm.
  13. Didn't realise that there was a dedicated Binners thread ! Burton 2 - 1 Ipswich.
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