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  1. K Lo

    Paul lambert’s Blue and White army

    I'm not sure what to make of Lambert. I don't even know if he's a good manager or not. It certainly went right for him at Norwich and was going fairly right for him at Colchester, I guess beforehand but his record at Stoke, Blackburn & Wolves (did I miss anyone out?) is mediocre at best. He couldn't rescue the sinking ship of Ipswich last season, even though he had quite a long time to do so.
  2. K Lo


    "This content is not available in your location." (UK)
  3. What a clueless c*** Lawrenson is.
  4. K Lo


    I think that a good percentage of Championship winners survive in the Premiership, for 1 season, at least. TBH, I feel more confident with Webber & Farke than I did with McNally & Lambert although at the time, I thought that those two were as good as we could really hope for; at the time, they were excellent but talk to any Villa, Blackburn, Wolves or Stoke fan and I don't that they have the same regard for what Lambert did with their respective clubs.
  5. The car parks are not supervised. By your logic, ASDA, Tesco etc. should also charge their customers for using their car parks, which "need to be maintained and supervised etc". The idea is that you entice people into buying your products and services, not put the price up so that alternatives are even more viable.
  6. So, you're OK with £3 being charged where it never had been before? Would you be equally as blasé if the £4.20 rail fare had gone up £3 ?
  7. That is a very valid point but this is an NCFC board, so I kept it relevant to those that go on match day.
  8. This wasn't meant to be a post about who can or can't afford £3 to leave their car at the station, it's was trying to highlight people before our first home game, so that they can, if they wish, chose an alternative. I also wanted to highlight the underhandedness of it. People only really talk about the price of the ticket and rarely include the car park cost as well. You can park at Rose Lane for £6 if you can return before 6pm and it's only £8.20 all day, which compares well with £7.20 for 1 person leaving their car at Brundall and travelling by train. At a time when we're meant to be encouraged to travel less in our cars on more on public transport, hiking up rail fares and charging additionally seems to go against that.
  9. That's merely your opinion. There'd be uproar if train fares increased by 71% but that's what's happened through the back door. It's now cheaper to park at Rose Lane.
  10. What's your point ? Norwich getting relegated to League One was a First World problem too, however, this board is specifically Norwich City FC-related discussion, therefore, inherently, nearly all First World problems.
  11. A good few people, including me, often use the free parking at the smaller local stations to get to the Norwich match for a relatively hassle-free way to get in and out of the city. Greater Anglia Railways have are now charging £3 a day to park at places such as Acle, Brundall, Haddiscoe, Hoveton & Wroxham, Newmarket, North Walsham, Reedham, which were previously free. Their pathetic excuse was to "bring these car parks in line with others on our network". Is that even an excuse ? Couldn't they operate with some car parks being free ? https://www.edp24.co.uk/business/greater-anglia-commuters-face-new-parking-charges-1-6139315
  12. The article states: "I'm thinking 30kish" So, all that expense for another 3k supporters ? Hardly worth it. The Watling stand could be rebuilt to a larger one and the South stand was built with a view to adding a 2nd tier.
  13. K Lo


    Call me conservative or whatever but I'm against betting outfits sponsoring anything, so the sooner they get off our shirts backs (see what I did there ?) the better. That said, the bloody ground is covered in money-wasting promotional banners.
  14. "L1pswich" made me laugh. I was going to go with "Ipswich (R)"
  15. K Lo

    Maddison to Spurs....

    That wasn't Coventry's fault, you can't blame them for trying to win every game. It was the football league's fault for allowing games to be staggered towards the end of the season and carry on after the season should have finished.