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  1. K Lo

    Hillsborough memorial

    I agree. This was the first time, when I was 16/17, that I realise that the authorities can be corrupt. What the families of those that died that day went through must be beyond torture. To lose a close loved one is one tragedy to contend with but to then be told that it was their fault when you knew it wasn't was mental torture.
  2. K Lo

    Hillsborough memorial

    I was rather hoping that this post was going to be about that horrifically sobering day 30 years ago that a good few of us on here, I'm sure, witnessed unfolding whilst at Villa Park. I was 16 back then, with my friend and our respective fathers. No mobile phones or anything like that back then, just a few around us in the Holte End with pocket radios and that big display screen in the opposite corner of Villa Park that merely stated "Match delayed at Hillsborough". I didn't think much of it at the time. Just thought they'd maybe delayed kick off to allow the crowds to get in. It was only later into the first half that those around us with pocket radios were telling us that people had died. I'm not sure how far it was into the match but from then on, few of us were watching the Norwich match and were eager to learn more about what horror was unfolding at Sheffield. Even then, when I was 15, I vividly remember thinking "This is another football disaster, happening right now, then will never be forgotten in my life time". That thought alone was very chilling and here I am, aged 46 seeing that it's still in the news and many families' lives were utterly destroyed. If any people wish to level blame at the Liverpool fans, then just have a search for the 1981 FA Cup Semi Final at Hillsborough for Spurs Vs Wolves. It was virtually the same scene then, with fans climbing over barriers and fences to avoid being crushed. It's the utter inability of the authorities to have acted on the warning signs that were there at least 8 years earlier that is so frustrating. [Edited post to say I was 16 back then, not 15]
  3. Yes, I've noticed that. Don't know exactly but it seems a lot !
  4. K Lo

    Our run in not looking as good

    Haha, I was ridiculing Leeds fans, not criticising you.
  5. K Lo

    Our run in not looking as good

    There's a fan's forum to be had there somewhere. How about: WAWWOFACSS (We are winners. Winners of FA Cup Seventy-Six)
  6. K Lo

    Leeds v Sheffield Wed

    I'd suggest 8 points as Sheff U's GD is only 4 worse than ours and they could be plenty past Ipswich.
  7. K Lo

    Relegation countdown thread

    ...and they're down !!!
  8. K Lo

    Relegation countdown thread

    Yes, I'm listening to R Suffolk too. It's broadcast on Freeview for those in the Norfolk/Suffolk area. Can sometimes get it on FM too.
  9. K Lo

    Relegation countdown thread

    Anything other than an Ipswich win and they're down, assuming that not all 3 of Millwall, Reading or Wigan win. If the worst of those 3 results is a draw, then there is a GD of 18 to 22 to over turn.
  10. K Lo

    Who replaces Buendia?

    Norwich beat Wigan 29th Sept. 2018 1-0. Buendia was subbed off when it was still 0-0. The winner came from an 86th penalty taken by Vrancic, 11 minutes after Buendia was off. Norwich also beat QPR away, with the winning goal coming *after* Buendia had been subbed off. Norwich HAVE won (at least) 2 games with Norwich the goals coming from when Buendia wasn't on the pitch. Correlation doesn't not means causation.
  11. K Lo

    Hmm, what are Derby up to?

    Maybe Morris will give Derby County the stadium back then buy it off them again in another 5 years or so.
  12. K Lo

    Relegation Date

    I hope we get them in the FA or League Cup next season and I hope Farke would put out a full-strength squad.
  13. K Lo

    Relegation Date

    I can see 10+ yellow shirts in the stands there, bottom right. What's that all about ?
  14. Ipswich of course. I think it could be 2 weeks' time. Currently 13 points and a massive goal difference to over turn. As it stands, they'll be officially down with 4 games to go, which means final whistle of their 5th-from-last game... 16:45 Saturday 13th April at home to Birmingham. Call it Epicaricacy or Schadenfreude if you will but 10 years ago it was us getting relegated.