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  1. If Sheff U's goal against Villa had been correctly given, Bournemouth with be outside the bottom 3 with GD +1 better than Villa.
  2. I would have been at that rescheduled match at Walsall. I was working away at the time near Nuneaton, so headed off after work up the M6 to the Bescot. Rolling up to the parking area, this very srtong-Brummie accented woman asked "Home or away supporter ?" I replied "Away". She said "OK, follow that road round and park up against the wall" "OK" I replied. "You _did_ understand me, did yeow ?" she said, noting the massive difference in accents. On paying the £3 for parking (home supporters only paid £2 !!) I realised that that 'wall' I parked up against was the back of one of the stands ! Got into the ground with the other Norwich fans... it was sooo cold. Still had snow round the pitch perimeter. We went 1-0 down fairly early on and at half time I was so cold I was thinking about heading off already. However, I stuck it out and saw Norwich get 2 goals in the last 10 minutes or so. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/eng_div_2/8478527.stm
  3. 2 more points. They still got 1 point for the draw.
  4. Maybe Derby can sell their turnstiles back to their owner for a few £million.
  5. Weren't Bolton as well ? Maybe even Charlton.
  6. Imagine if we had spent £144.5m and finished second from bottom.
  7. Ville have conceded more goals than us at the moment too, we we're not bottom at everything just yet !
  8. I know our club isn't doing too well but 2 positives: 1 - We're not Villa. 2 - We're not Ipswich. Being relegated having spent hardly anything is far less embarrassing than being relegated having spent £144.5m !!
  9. I think our defence is very much like Brazil's... when they lost 7-1 to Germany.
  10. He was also BBC's MotM too https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53015159
  11. BBC have Krul as MotM. 2 minutes away from a penalty shoot-out and then I think Norwich would have had a good chance.
  12. If 'we' had been good enough to manage wins against Southampton and Everton, we probably wouldn't be near the bottom anyway. On the plus side, we're not Ipswich or even in the same league as them.
  13. It wouldn't because (thankfully) it would nullify Norwich's current poor position in relation to the other clubs. Brighton are best placed for survival currently, all they have to do is match the results of at just 3 clubs below them, Norwich, however have to put in a run of form they've never shown this season !
  14. I've often thought the same but the main media seemed to be suggesting that testing would be some kind of cure; of course it wouldn't. However, if you know you have it, regardless of symptoms, if any at all, you'll know to self isolate until you're over it.
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