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  1. K Lo


    Call me conservative or whatever but I'm against betting outfits sponsoring anything, so the sooner they get off our shirts backs (see what I did there ?) the better. That said, the bloody ground is covered in money-wasting promotional banners.
  2. "L1pswich" made me laugh. I was going to go with "Ipswich (R)"
  3. K Lo

    Maddison to Spurs....

    That wasn't Coventry's fault, you can't blame them for trying to win every game. It was the football league's fault for allowing games to be staggered towards the end of the season and carry on after the season should have finished.
  4. K Lo

    Wilder Leaving Sheff U ?

    Yeah, I just corrected it when the notice of your reply came up.
  5. K Lo

    Wilder Leaving Sheff U ?

    What did Wilder do that Farke didn't to get the Champ Manager of the Season?
  6. K Lo

    Another gem from Paul Lambert

    Portsmouth have to be 2nd favourites with, hopefully, Donny making the 3rd spot.
  7. K Lo

    Alan Brazil

    I was always under the impression that Norwich missed out on a number of European campaigns but, according to Wiki, Norwich only missed out on 1, for the League Cup win in '85: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1984–85_Football_League#Final_league_tables_and_results They didn't qualify in '87, missing out by 1 place: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1986–87_Football_League#Final_league_tables_and_results They also didn't qualify in '89, again missing out by 1 place: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1988–89_Football_League#Final_table
  8. K Lo

    Alan Brazil

    Yes, Ipswich's Cup win in Europe was the second-tier competition, the UEFA Cup, not the proper competition, the European Cup, therefore, Europe's best were already in the competition above that in which Ipswich competed. Also to put fatty Brazil correct, Norwich won the League Cup twice. Furthermore, no one, including bouncing-Brazil, has defined "big" with regards to football clubs. Until a definition is given and agreed upon, talk about biggest clubs is merely subjective.
  9. K Lo

    What price Webber?

    Surely Webber could do better than Man U.
  10. K Lo

    Home, hosed and promoted with six games to go.

    But we didn't know that at the time and Norwich's points over and above 84 may have been part of Leed's change in mindset/performance.
  11. Half way though the season, things were looking quite rosey for Leeds !
  12. Liverpool earnt more than Man C, even though they were 1 place below them. Newcastle earnt £6m more than the two clubs immediately above them. Go figure !
  13. We MUST get a piano wheeled out before kick-off and at half-time !!
  14. K Lo

    Congratulations Kings Lynn

    They have now: https://www.twtd.co.uk/forum/458674/culverhouse-just-got-kings-lynn-promoted-to-the-nation-league-north-yesterday./#22
  15. K Lo

    Championship Table

    Haha. I started this thread because I noticed that I was still wanting to look at the Championship table and see Norwich at the top of it ! Hope we're still there end of this month.