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  1. Norwich are the joint second-highest scorers in the league. Only behind... Ipswich. However, Norwich are also the joint-highest conceders in the league. Going on that, you could expect a high-scoring loss for Norwich, something like 5-3. Hopefully, our defence will get its act together.
  2. I said much the same in another post and got lambasted with 12 replies telling me I was wrong.
  3. I don't think that getting rid of Wagner would suddenly make our players better.
  4. Only Ipswich have scored more goals than Norwich. Only Rotherham have let more in.
  5. IK wonder if wearing a kit that's the same colour as the pitch helps or hinders play, if at all. 2nd kit should be white with green IMO
  6. Barnsley got kicked out of the Cup for fielding an ineligible player. I wonder how much they charge for a cup of tea on match days.
  7. I'm not watching it. I'm listening to it on Radio Suffolk, chiefly for the novelty of getting R Suffolk on FreeView TV when I can only rarely get it on regular FM. Mick Mills sounds a bit dreary. The main commentator (Brenner Woolley ? ) is sort of OK. Never as good as Radio Norfolk commentary. *Just heard him say "I still have a bit of fear over the derby."
  8. Oh no, it's 2-0 to WBA now. That's a shame.
  9. So because Barnsley may play Ipswich if they won their next game, that makes a post about Ipswich's ground relevant. Maybe I should have posted about Spurs' catering facilities or Wolve's changing room decor, being equally relevant.
  10. What relevance does that have to Barnsley being thrown out of the cup ?
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