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  1. It should be 10/1 Them players are not good enough Ipswich are going to be premier league team next season with Norwich scraping the bottom of the championship but 80% are happy clapping. What has happened to all that money we never spent it on players to give the team a chance of staying up we sold our best players.
  2. That was very disappointing last Saturday we don’t give it a go until the game was over we did lose our two cbs as Tommy l went down at half time. Also the premier league is dreadful for away fans only 3k fans max it’s so hard to get tickets.
  3. I have seen more fight from Luton this season than I have ever seen from Norwich. Let’s be honest the last two seasons in the premier league have been dreadful for Norwich that’s why I know it was going to be very hard to stay up I was happy to take the money and beat derby points. But after that and the fight we have in the team I am actually so proud of Luton. If Norwich had half the heart of Luton they would have given themselves a chance to stay up. The most disappointing part of following Norwich is they don’t have anything I don’t even bother watching anymore because it has been so dreadful since they sacked Daniel f.
  4. No it doesn’t because we fight we don’t spend waste money on lazy players we fight and the fans get behind the team. I’m so proud to be a Luton fan going toe to toe with arsenal liverpool Tottenham we deserve our place. Luton are a shining example of how to run a football club after now we have real fans running the club.
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