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  1. Are you dreaming Luton have been amazing the last two seasons as for Norwich I tell you now Ipswich will finish above Norwich!! and so well Coventry Norwich are dreadful they have no team just a bunch of players that can’t fight and need mummy to hold their hands I have followed Norwich as a second team since my mighty Luton town got relegated 31 years ago. And the last two seasons I can’t even watch Norwich play anymore they are so dreadful so please don’t put the mighty Luton town down we are a team and have more fight and heart and will give it a better go at staying in the premier league than Norwich have the last two times they went up. Norwich play with no balls and no fight and no heart… this Norwich team is dreadful they is not one Norwich player that I would want to play for Luton not one. And I follow both clubs. And I would never think I would say that at the start of last season when Norwich went up to the premier league
  2. He is dreadful I don’t even listen to the games now the team has no heart no fight and no leadership they have a soft underbelly that wants to be more political than what their job should be football. The along come Norwich….
  3. The bloke is a joke. One trick pony it’s so blatant the players don’t want to play for him all the work the club has done is finished get potter or Jones in now. Dreadful team dreadful david Wagner if the people in charge of the club can’t see he is dreadful then enjoy league one football.
  4. All because we was to tight to spend that extra money on the players we wanted!!
  5. Yes they are some good players in league one and two. Players that want to fight. With the money we wasted on players this season. You know we could have got more for our shopping in the football league!!!
  6. Seeing how Luton get on in the premier league I would love us to go up and replace Norwich. This season has been brilliant for Luton and for Norwich I just give up at the start of the season sold EMI buendia and got rid of good team players then we was to tight to spend the extra money to get our real targets. So ended up getting pound land players for m&s prices!!!
  7. Hope we don’t go helping Aston Villa and bring in their players. We need to shop in league one and two. No more crap loan singings
  8. Luton the team that beat Norwich as a non league team. And twice last season. And if Luton don’t go up they will finish above Norwich next season
  9. We are gutless at 433 it’s more like 4231 both utter rubbish pukki was isolated all night. If you was watching the game you would think we was winning and sitting back. That was so boring bending over for Southampton
  10. Being a two club banker like me I’m a Luton fan but Norwich are my second team. I would love to see him on lona at Luton it would be great for both teams.
  11. After our great win last night I watched the Luton game and we are missing a striker. We would have taken points of Brentford last night and other teams this season this is a win win for both clubs as it will talk points from other teams. In Sato he would get game time in the championship, as for dermic it would Put him in the shop window. Who know it could push Luton into the playoffs. And into the premier league now that would be one relegation place taken next season.
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