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  1. Anything less than 22 points would be a disaster!
  2. [quote user="Big Vince"]So Didier Drogba didn''t have a work permit right? Odion Ighalo? Ahmed Musa? Iwobi? Etobo?[/quote] Apart from Iwobi as others have already said. Drogba grew up in France and played his football there before moving to Chelsea. Ighalo played in Europe for 7 years before movingly to Watford. Musa played in Europe 6 years before coming over. Etobo played in Europe 2 years before coming. All of the above players were full internationals before playing in England so hardly a representative selection of players unless by scouting West Africa you actually mean just picking a player out of a national squad which you really wouldn''t need a scouting network for.
  3. On the official site that County Hall car park will now be open
  4. [quote user="Crabbycanary3"]I was actually in New Zealand then, and bounced out of bed, when I turned my phone on, and saw the score.[/quote] Me too Crabby. I was in New Plymouth at the time just about to head up to the Coromandel for Christmas. Whereabouts were you?
  5. Never noticed this before but walking from Morrisons towards CR today I happened to look up to see a sign saying ''CORAL PROUD SPONSORS OF THE BARCLAY STAND'' When did the Barclay End become the Barclay Stand?
  6. [quote user="Crabbycanary3"]Are you thinking of Carrow Road, Rusty?[/quote] Yes, I completely missed the first line of the post!
  7. [quote user="dhickl"]Am I the only one that scrolled to the bottom looking for the tl;dr summary?[/quote] No you weren''t
  8. Just a reminder for anyone going to the game tomorrow. Also major upgrade works are due to start at London Bridge tomorrow so expect it to be busier than usual.
  9. [quote user="kick it off"]Entire back 4 need dropping. Not one of them were remotely acceptable today. Martin was best of them but the bar was incredibly low. Reed was terrible, vrancic similar. Cam anonymous. Only players to emerge with any credit were josh and angus (and the subs). Stiepermann was good when central but shocking out wide. I can take losing but this was shambolic.[/quote] The problem is, who do we drop them for? We''re not exactly well stocked in that department.
  10. [quote user="TIL 1010"]Next Tuesday 22nd KO 7.45pm according to an e-mail sent out by the club at 6.30pm this evening. Apparently tickets went on sale to season ticket holders at 9am this morning despite no info on the news section on the club site and nothing in EEN or EDP !General sale at 9am Wednesday. £10 for adults and and £5 for coffin dodgers like me.[/quote] They do seem a bit slow announcing tickets so far this season. The Millwall game seemed to be on sale for a couple of days before the club even bothered telling anyone.
  11. [quote user="TIL 1010"]Accrington Stanley or Newport away as two of the 8 current 92 League grounds i have not seen City play on.[/quote] Have we played Barnet since they moved?
  12. Just a heads up for anyone that travels into Euston for London games that due to the upgrade work for HS2 there will be no trains into Euston Station August bank holiday weekend so will have to look into alternative routes if you''re planning on going to Millwall.
  13. McGovern really doesn''t inspire confidence
  14. Looks like all subs bar Husband on for 2nd half. Jones, Murphy, Wes & Nelson off
  15. Having a look at the online store and noticed as well as the new home shirt the new GK shirt is also on sale. I''m not surprised they slipped that one in without any fanfare, I''ve seen better shirts in Sunday league!
  16. [quote user="norfolkbroadslim"] Can anyone name every face in that photo?[/quote] As I first looked at it, I thought - ''That''s Hucks! That''s Drury! That''s Forrest Whittaker?!?'' I''ll be honest, I''m not a fan of this one. The sponsor ruins it for me. Ignoring any morality issue, the logo is aesthetically hideous.
  17. It does seem strange that the playoff final is being played between both the best and worst teams to come to Carrow Road this season.
  18. I say we adapt the Fulham chant and go with ''There''s only one ''F'' in Farke''
  19. Adeyemi has been on loan at Rotherham from Cardiff. Think you might be getting him mixed up with Korey Smith.
  20. Does the pope sh!t in the woods?
  21. [quote user="Hucks6"]Hope my name sake Hucks is kept on I know sentiment means nothing ,of course he is my hero besides other people''s hero as well[/quote] I love Hucks as much as the next guy but he''s no Adam Drury!
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