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  1. 1973 League Cup Final. Brother went for Spurs,I went for Norwich.
  2. http://oatcakefanzine.proboards.com/thread/286356/daniel-farke-syndrome
  3. Sadly these things don’t normally happen until people pass away !!!
  4. At least with all the “ not interested in the FA Cup anymore “ fans about WHEN Norwich do make it to the final I will be ok for a ticket
  5. Sadly money runs football but has a older fan getting to a FA Cup final is possibly the last realistic achievement I’ve not seen Norwich achieve.I’d happily take a Cup final over promotion.
  6. England World Cup win or Norwich promotion ?? Personally, I’d take 3 pts from the 1st City game of he new season over England win !!!
  7. Leaving at the end of the season.Proper player, proper legend.Its been a pleasure to have him playing for our club. Thanks Wes
  8. The Friendly cup next season,unless we draw Sunderland in another cup !!!
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