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  1. No, we are not getting better. I hope the team succeed under Farke, but so far the opposite is shown. So the answer is no, we are not getting better.
  2. If they beat Ipswich that will be great, but the results have been to bad for a long period so the manager needs to be replaced. There are so many weak links in the team and the lack of stability is awful. And the effort is missing.
  3. Investment is not everything. I’m sure there is a lot of players in Div One and Two that can take the step up to become Premier League players. For example Steve Morison, Russel Martin, Anthony Pilkington and Grant Holt to name a few. With a good working scouting system there is a lot of possibilities to find talents out there. To buy expensive players can be a big risk, as the Van Wolfswinkel fiasco was. But first the manager needs to be replaced and get in a manager who knows how to find players who can run and fight for the team.
  4. A change is needed. The team don’t perform on the pitch and hasn’t done for a long while. Of course the manager has to be replaced. Asap!
  5. No need to continue this nonsense. Needs to be replaced
  6. Aggy and JF: You are both spot on and describe the situation on the pitch as it is at the moment and have been for a year. The board are in a hurry to act. This system is not working. Maybe the eventuel new manager will not suceed either, but the team, club and supporters need a change to get the hope back. Bottom line is that I always want Norwich managers to suceed and I have nothing against Farke as a person and will not go out and calling him an idiot, but he is not capable of getting results on the pitch for this club. The results over time is all that matters. We don’t get results and the team is going down and backwards. Unfortunately I think this can get pretty ugly for the future if the board take action soon. All the signs for a poor team is to be seen, there’s no reason to let this go on.
  7. The current set up with Farke/Webber has to be changed the coming days. Who is a suitable manager to end the decline and make the Norwich team great again?
  8. Get a manager who can make the team more direct and sew up the defense. Not a German who will make the team soft as todays team. Need an arch type English kind of manager. The current style of football is way to sircumstantial and complicated, and you need very good footballers in this system to make it suceed. With a lot of players in the team on the Mark Fotheringham-level there is no chance of succeeding. A team needs to run, run, run, fight, fight and fight to win games! Will never suceed with this walking style of football in the current circumstances.
  9. No clubs has the patient to wait three years for this kind of football to work. If it works the players in the system will be sold and the decline starts again. There has to be results immidiately. A good manager get results at once. There is absolutely no signs in the Farke/Webber project that this is coming good in the end. The results on the pitch and the League Table tells all there is to know and it is not lying. This reminds me of the Glenn Roeder era. A lot of loser talk from the manager and no signs of improvement. Just decline and lack of performances on the pitch. And this thing with pink colours in the away ream changing room is embarrassing. Make the club look even more laughable.
  10. Ten games unbeaten aginst Ipswich will come to an end. Need to replace Farke/Webber to have any chance. And the change have to happen as soon as possible. This project make the club going downwards week by week. It is clear to everyone who have any clue about football that this negative kind of football is not the future. Lack about everything neede to win football matches. People will not be patient about this and the attendances will go down soon. They have already dropped a little against the smaller teams. So the decline is well under way. Tragic to see my favourite club in this poor state on the pitch. To play a home game against Leeds and you know there is no chance. It is so terrible weak! The have already let in four and three goals at home this season in the League. And there is absolutely no signs of improvement, the fact is that the team move the opposite way and that is decline, backward steps and down towards League One
  11. The Tim Krul signing is one of the worst dissapointing signings ever so far. What a fall! From being a good keeper in Premier League and international for Netherlands in the middle of his 20s and then become so weak when he is 30 is unbelievable. His ability has gone. To be so weak game after game is very dissapointing. Isn’t nowhere near Championship level. Michael Theoklitos didn’t make that many errors as Tim Krul has done. To make so many weak performances in this short time I have never seen by a Norwich keeper in my time as supporter since the late eighties. He is maybe the worst journey man ever to wear the Norwich jersey! Hope he can convince me othervise, but so far he has been tragic, poor and useless. McGowern or some other junior keeper should be given the oppotunity because the Krul signing has been a total fiasco.
  12. It’s all a joke. When the manager say that Norwich are competetive against Leeds in this performance it is very dissapointing. He can’t have any clue about football. Norwich are the complete opposive of Leeds unfortunately. Norwich can’t defend and can’t score. To go out and say that Norwich can compete against Leeds is talk by a loser. The state of quality of the team is lacking and so low at the moment that there is serious problems and relegation battle is very likely with this very negative and naive kind of football. I am actually very dissappointed to wake up and not read that the manager and Webber has been sacked today. This project is a huge failure and the current form from last season very dissapointing results is allowed to continue. The team is in decline and the club is taking backward steps week by week. The board must act asap!
  13. The right manager can make gold of grey stones. It is possible. Look at what Paul Lambert did in 2009 with Norwich. Lambert bought players from lower divisions and had success. Don’t think Farke is the right man for this job. There are so many things which is not right at the pitch at the moment.
  14. This is utter garbage. Embarrassing performance. The state of the team is the same as the year 2006-2009-era. The club is in crisis and the form is relegation form. This will never turn around with the current set up, it’s abysmal. Letting in three goals at home is unacceptable. The board have to act. The attendances will not be over 20000 with this lack of both effort AND quality. Look at the table and the last 20 games. We are equal to other teams around the midfield area, but in both penalty areas we are weaker than most other teams in this division. There serious problems and relegation is really a possibilty if this continues. This is so very very far from where the club should be heading. League One next
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