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  1. These two games have basically been our extended pre-season sadly especially for Pukki. Let's judge him after Leicester and Arsenal where he should get more chances on goal.
  2. Apologies if against rules was looking for T&C's Have to work this weekend unfortunalty so selling my 2 Burnley Tickets face value 30 each willing to give free next day delivery. thiscrispy (at) gmail.com OTBC
  3. YAWN Who cares how much MOTD talk about us. Every lower table team seems to complain the media don't care about us. When we do amazing things they do notice. Example Pukki last week the media have been all over us because of him all week... stands to reason when we loose to Chelsea and it's their first win of the season they will be the topic of conversation rather than us.
  4. Hanley's turn of pace is embarrassing and proven he's clumsy. His own goal at Liverpool changed their gameplan making the oppositions life easier, and today every time a player ran at him and cut in or changed direction they got 3 yards on him. Made Tammy Abrahams look world class. It really is a shame we didn't use our money and prem status to attract a better CB regardless of Klose and Zimmerman. Hopefully though with another CB coming in and a CDM sooner rather than later we will start to pick up a point or 3 more often than not. OTBC
  5. I'd expect Farke to maybe make 1 change and bring in Leitner as he was part of the 2nd half team he heaped praise on. As much as I don't like Hanley again I think Farke will give him the opportunity to redeem his performance and give Klose more time to come back. If he has another poor game it's bye or he steps up and repays him. On another more controversial point am sure will be an unpopular opinion am dissapointed Krul had a decent game. I think the sooner we get Fahrmann into the team the better we will be across the season. Krul always worries me for mistakes and fear he will cost us points in close games.
  6. People saying they will stick to getting the latest scoop for free and continue to use the Pink'Un for news are missing the point. You are not the target audience. 'The Athletic' is grabbing local talent to make more magazine style in depth articles you might find in a specialist mag. It's not transfer rumours for the masses. As a fan of American sports and fantasy football it's great value for me but if you are looking for Norwich articles regularly to replace your general match news / press conference sound bites this isn't for you. Also those crying about local news outlets, this is the modern world. This model and style works the same way people are willing to pay for an Uber subscribe to Netflix and spend £3.50 on a coffee. Personally great value at £2.50 but not convinced at £4.99 but am sure after a year it will have grown and I might change my mind. MB is a great reporter looking forward to what he produces with a bit more creative freedom outside of the weekly loop I am sure he was tired of certain aspects of working for a traditional news outlet.
  7. The club for years hid behind our motto of ''Prudence with ambition'' planning our financial security and being frugal with our budgets. Since our League one season on the pitch we have achieved allot managing to climb back to the Prem and yo-yo a few times. Respect where respect is due we could be in a much worse position. However I struggle to understand how we always seem to spend less than our similar statured rivals crying about how we are poor when we have done very well with player sales, securing promotion and have a ever present fanbase. In most cases we really have managed to re-coup when we have spent big on players. Here''s a few of the major moves: Murphy academy product sold for 12m Brady bought for 8m sold for 12.5m Redmond bought for 2m sold for 12m Olsson bought for 2.5 sold for 4m Lewis Grabban bought for 3m sold for 6.5m Bradley J bought for 0.5m sold for 7m Fer bought for 4.5m sold for 8.5m Snodgrass bought for 2.7m sold for 6m Howson bought for 1m sold for 5m Have the fees we paid for Klose, Naismith and RVW really ruined the club ?! Surely our ''prudence'' over the last 10 years means we shouldn''t be in the predicament we are in. All that talk of being debt free and today out manager isn''t expecting to re-invest the Murphy money. Very frustrating.
  8. Am sure he just doesn''t want to take a pay cut .... like most people.
  9. Moyes is available ...... Would you have him here ? I think we would be a great club for him so I say yes. Although seeing as he resigned at Sunderland might take a big conversation in the board room to convince him to come here.
  10. It''s not much of a gamble financially really but the reason the players are drawn to the clubs is because of their global appeal ...... Doubt Norwich is an attractive global club for a player. More about the exposure for the players involved.
  11. Moxey wanted Neil out .... Delia and Co. wanted to keep giving him chances.
  12. How good is Klose ? One of our better players but he lacks consistency but maybe that''s to do with motivation seeing as he''s in a league he didn''t sign up for nor has experience in. He had a great run in the team before his injury at palace last season.
  13. Pretty much just need 1 or 2 creative signings to get results up top of the pitch and attempt to keep everyone apart from Redmond. That''s probably the game plan.
  14. McNally had a 7 year plan .... did''t quite work out with us being a stable Prem club but he came very close with very little financial risk taken. As a fan, it has been annoying but as a business model trying to look at the situation as an outsider he has done a decent job. Should have been more flexible in the summer windows and ruthless with the first 11 rather then hoping for the best. Maybe we got unlucky, allot of rumours we were spending money in the right places but it never materialised.
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