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  1. Ginja

    So, who’s going to Boro ?

    I'll be making every game I can between here and the end of season, already got tickets for Boro, QPR, Reading, Wigan. Also found a good deal on a Travel lodge not far from the Riverside to ease the pain of a 3 hours journey.
  2. Ginja

    Parking for Rotherham

    I will add the caveat that this was obviously two years ago when we last visited and I don't know if things may has changed, hopefully not.
  3. I signed up to the trust recently and donated to ACN been very impressed with all the work you are doing and the work by all the other initiatives and I thank all the people involved working to make our club better. I honestly believe there has never been a better time to be a supporter of this club and it's thanks to fans like you Kathy.
  4. Ginja

    Leeds v Sheff Utd

    Most of this seems to be based on the assumption that we will beat Rotherham, but they only have four losses at home all season, pretty solid considering their position, given our defence I think a 2-2 draw is a likely outcome, so hopefully a draw tomorrow between Leeds and Sheff, then a Leeds win is next preferable
  5. Ginja

    Parking for Rotherham

    Car park in blue and then we walk to the ground on the green line, saves crossing busy roads and brings you right to the away end easy.
  6. Ginja

    Parking for Rotherham

    We always park at the old ground Milmoor, good walking distance and fairly cheap I'll put a map up.
  7. Alcohol companies did effectively stop shirt advertising because they didn't want to be seen advertising to children. If they think it's inappropriate then I'm not sure how gambling companies are any better.
  8. Gambling sponsorship is here to stay, the money they pay is obscene compared to normal sponsors, would be nice to have a sponsor that doesn't have a sh*t logo though.
  9. Yep 45mins+ 2-0 up, just hoof it
  10. We should be 3-0 up and on easy street, yet we continually gift the opposition time and time again
  11. Why **** about with it at the back 2-0 45 mins gone
  12. So poor, that was a goal that's been coming all season
  13. You can see the lack of quality in McLean
  14. Ginja

    Who's Third Place

    Form counts for nothing in these remaining games, we were a whisker away from getting nothing on Friday, even Millwall probably should have got a point, we look the wobbly side out of the three. It also doesn't help we play so many games now after Leeds and Sheffield play theirs. Farke's new contract, all our games being shown on Sky, you just know what happens next...