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  1. We'll get about 60-70 points and finish just outside the playoffs but our hope will be toyed with until there's about a month or so of the season left.
  2. We don't need a new kit but for as long as people buy the new kit and the club makes a profit there will be a new kit every season.
  3. It's the first point of contact with the ball that is used not when it leaves the foot
  4. Blackburn and Coventry losing, Millwall drawing, the opportunity is there, yet the players just don't look particularly motivated. A few too many that just don't want to be here anymore come the end of the season I suspect.
  5. Surprising how little life there is in this game, considering we're chasing playoffs and Sheff are trying to cling on to 2nd.
  6. Lacking confidence would be a very polite description of our performance so far...
  7. Very much outsiders for the playoffs now, still a chance to maybe sneak in ahead of Millwall but I don't see the others slipping up think that's the season done.
  8. Have to agree I don't see the creativity to make chances, I suspect Pukki will cut a rather lonely figure today trying to feed off scraps
  9. Liverpool should win this comfortably, especially with the injuries we've got, 3-1 I think At least put in a good show for the fans travelling and you never know, football is a funny game.
  10. Both are certainly good championship players and have the ability to change a match but honestly they are both far too inconsistent and have struggled with the demands of the PL, it's a no IMO. There's also clearly some attitude problems, I think our money is better spent elsewhere.
  11. While I think Rhodes could potentially want a move here, can we offer him wages that will tempt him? Wednesday will want about £5 million for him, can't see it happening, especially at 29 years old he's just not really the sort of purchase I can imagine us making.
  12. This could have implications if we lost both our games and Leeds won both. Leeds beat Bolton 2-1 and 0-1, we beat Bolton 3-2 and 0-4, so if results are void then Leeds would be +3 goals on us That would then require an 8 goal swing e.g. -4 GD to us and +4GD to Leeds, not completely impossible.
  13. Okay so this isn't necessarily true, while yes to a degree the odds will reflect the situation they more importantly reflect the fact that a lot of people have bet on us, odds reflect a bookies desire to make money, though you could argue that there must be a lot of people out there that think we are a pretty safe bet.
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