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  1. [quote user="Grumpy"]At the moment I am certainly not a fan of Oliveira but equally I have not been that impressed with Cantrell. I really think he is being used just to make the numbers up on the team sheet.[/quote]

    Good post, best to write him off now as he''s obviously shit. Cheers Grumps.
  2. mighty yellow

    Out of contract players in Bundesliga 2

    Looking at the forwards, Terrence Boyd might be an option. Seems to have gone off the boil in recent seasons after a nasty injury but still only 26. Was linked with Huddersfield this time last year.
  3. mighty yellow

    Out of contract players in Bundesliga 2


    Probably a good chance of a few of these being hair next season.

    The CB Leistner we were linked with is out of contract, I wonder if we might be back in for him.
  4. Great post BV, no point considering the exponential advancements in performance levels since 1970 or taking individual cases into account (Tettey has said himself he struggles to play two games in a week due to his knees). Lump them all in together and label it as a collective psychological defect.
  5. mighty yellow

    Ashley Fletcher

    Also, he turned down a new deal at United to move to West Ham on a free. Strange because on paper there is nothing to him.
  6. mighty yellow

    What / How many do we actually need?

    I''m all up for optimism, but there is a 0% chance of anyone signing Jarvis off us.
  7. mighty yellow

    It's times like this I miss 1st Wizard

    Couldn''t stand the old git at the time but his doom-mongering was of a much higher calibre than the bed wetting we have to put up with now.
  8. mighty yellow

    Ashley Fletcher

    I know little about Fletcher and am not exactly enthused about him signing, but Fonkeu was released in the summer and Fletcher cost £6.5m. You would assume he is a superior player in some respect.
  9. Genuine question; what were you hoping would come of this thread?
  10. mighty yellow

    Which kit against Chelsea

    I chuckled @ Drazen.
  11. mighty yellow

    For sale

    Best to ignore him for the following reasons:

    He supports Reading

    He''s a moronic chunt.
  12. Excellent signing, very highly rated at Spurs and looking forward to seeing him in a City shirt.
  13. mighty yellow

    Delia out....

    How do we get started?
  14. mighty yellow

    Naismith - Hearts

    KeelansGD - He is probably our fourth best player in any position he could play and he absolutely doesn''t want to be here.
  15. mighty yellow

    Naismith - Hearts

    I read somewhere we are asking for someone to pay £10k per week; a truly sad state of affairs.