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  1. I don't think the problem is DF - it's the players. Absolutely shocking performance in front of their home crowd and Sky viewing public. They just don't seem to have the testicular fortitude to go against the big boys. Even the roar of the crowd at tonights game would make one think they were playing at Anfield. The squad needs to have a long good hard look at themselves and ask are they giving their best and are they good value for money. I was prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt but tonight showed I was mistaken! And as for the goal threat - unfortunately we don't have one!
  2. AJ, watching the highlights on MoTD, it appeared that we did play all 10 outfield players at the back and that still wasn't enough! (I think the experiment of packing the back with all the team instead of getting proper defensive reinforcements is successful!!) Also, if those were the highlights of the match, then without wishing to cast aspersions, we must have been absolutely dire, because they only showed one instance of Norwich in possession and that was just after their 3rd goal,
  3. Everyone agrees with you including DF - except Paddy - here is an excerpt of what he said: "Plus those defensive concerns around Dimi Giannoulis persist, for all his attacking thrust. As Farke said on Friday, there is work still to do." Was Paddy actually at the match or was he using some sort of wordsmithing software that developed a virus?
  4. It's not the defeat that makes people suicidal - it's the manner of the defeat!
  5. Totally agree with your comment about Alan Smith - I had to keep pressing the mute button whenever he was spouting his rubbish
  6. I can't put my finger on it, but there's something wrong with the approach of our team today. For example, the corner for the 3rd goal we did NOT have any outlet if we were able to clear it - all 11 players were in the box! Whenever we had the ball, our first priority was to pass it backwards! It almost seemed as if the team were overawed by the occasion. On the positive side, it was such an abysmal performance, that it's unlikely that anyone will now be coming for Aarons or Cantwell - they had the opportunity to showcase themselves on the world stage and they failed spectacularly! Almost seemed like Norwich wanted to carry on from where they left off last time we were in the Prem! Farke has got a MEGA task ahead of him!!
  7. With all due respects, Arsenal were bullied out of that. I watched Janssen purposely stride into the goalmouth in front of the goalie with the express intention of blocking him, ending up with pinning his arms behind him. Unfortunately, we will NOT get that level of leniency or generosity from the PL refs - history has proved that
  8. Is Maria his agent or GF? Either way, based on her tweets, she seems to be in the know
  9. If the money talk is to be believed, a lot better off if we can invest it in solid replacements. Lets see how many red cards Emi gets when PL players realise he has a short fuse and lets see how many times Todd passes to an opposition player. Those traits from both those players have left me exasperated beyond belief. (Almost akin to bowling no balls in the 100!)
  10. Seeing as Man City have upped the ante in the Grealish transfer, maybe Villa should start concentrating on keeping their own players instead of trolling around East Anglia.
  11. Reading comments from Brendan Rodgers regarding James Maddison, I wonder how concerned he is that our current plight might affect his game. With comments from him along the lines of "He knows he is employed by Leicester City. The money is in his bank every month and he wants to do his very best for Leicester City, so sentiment doesn't come into it." does make you wonder why BR is keen to get that message across. Or maybe it's me just clutching at straws.....
  12. You never know, maybe VAR would do the decent thing....... Apologies, I suspected something might be amiss when I saw a pig flying over the county....
  13. Hi Nuff Said, Thank you for so eloquently putting the whole discussion into perspective. Both camps have a point of view, but I certainly don't agree in this denigrating into a name calling / ridiculing exercise - if a poster has a different point of view to another poster, then they should be free to exercise their opinion without fear of insult. Now, what was the subject matter of this topic about......
  14. Bearing in mind the last time that FL was at Carrow Road, I trust that the staff in and around the Floodlight Mains Switch are not allowing any "dodgy" folk in who "just want to check the lights"...... Whilst on the subject, could management please get an electrician in on standby with a couple of spare fuses - just in case..... Finally, also please ensure that there are no "fog machines" within the vicinity of CR..... (Older folk will remember the League Cup semi final of '72 when we were 3-2 up and a little bit of fog descended and the poor Chelsea players couldn't handle it and they badgered the ref - nothing new there - and lo, the match was abandoned!)
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