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  1. Get in there!! We’ve got to do better with so much possession but onwards and upwards
  2. Great to see him chatting to fans as he walked around the ground prior to the game yesterday. He stopped for everyone for autographs and selfies. The wife got a lovely photo with him. He is a credit to our club, a real gentleman and hoping sooner rather than later we’ll see him on the pitch.
  3. Parked near to ground, so had to wait until roads reopened and then with M11 and A64 closures didn’t get home to Scarborough until 5.20am. Worth every minute to watch us dominate and finally get our just rewards from a game and to visit a ground as I couldn’t get to the League game a few weeks ago that was hugely impressive.
  4. Gutted couldn’t get a ticket but it now seems no games on red button either. https://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/championship-television-red-button-live-2824358
  5. Hi CANARYKING as ....and Smith must score said dates are correct. Hopefully this link works for all other games this season. https://files.canaries.co.uk/hospitality/2018-19SaleDates.pdf
  6. Bought mine last Sat knowing that first 800 tickets were only £12. Next 1200 at £18 of our 2000 allocation. Surprised still priced at £12 tonight.
  7. http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11688/11453079/sky-bet-efl-on-sky-sports-follow-championship-league-one-and-league-two-in-201819 Need someone to put a "Clicky"
  8. Watching SSN tonight noticed all Championship games next week including our home game against Preston are live on Sky via the red button. Don''t know whether this has been posted before but I haven''t seen it if it has. Obviously you need to be a Sky subscriber to access it. It seems all the midweek games will be live too. From the Sky EFL Webpage:- "There are eight rounds of midweek Sky Bet Championship matches this season and Sky Sports Football will broadcast matches live on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. And as part of a brand new service, Sky Sports viewers will be able to press the red button and watch live coverage of ANY of the matches being played. That means you''ll be able to watch YOUR team live when they play in midweek, no matter which Sky Bet Championship club you support. Subscribers will also be able to access the live matches via the Sky Sports app - and Soccer Special will also show the best moments from all of the games live on Sky Sports News" Also noticed on the Canaries website the Match Centre for the Ipswich game is showing the live match option for £10. Great for everyone not lucky to have a ticket or near enough for the beam back at Carrow Road
  9. Went on sale this morning. Prices are from £18 for Adults, £8 for 65 and over, £3 for under-18s and £1 for under-12s bargain. Should be another sellout. Hope the players can deliver to get Carrow Road rocking again. We can hope anyway
  10. Games played at lunchtime would then be prime time in China and Thailand.
  11. League cup been devalued so much over the years by teams playing under strength teams thus leading to falling attendances. Having the draw in China possibly makes commercial sense to the bods in the EFL but shows that the supporters are the way down in their list of priorities. Watching for your teams number to come out in the draw, followed by the oohs or ahhrs as to who you have drawn, has always been great but sadly money talks in football. Next will be games played midweek at lunchtime to cater for the cup''s sponsors played in front of a handful of fans? Suppose somebody sat behind their desk at EFL head office will thèn think their work is done.
  12. So many posters on here seem to relish us losing just to have a pop. At the start of the season many positives were said on here regarding the new structure, young and hungry players, getting rid of players who no longer wanted to be here. Four games in, we''re carrying more injuries than most teams, whilst trying to bed in a completely new way of playing. Anybody who thought we''d have instant success were kidding themselves. Yes, I''m not watching in yellow tinted glasses and after a dozen games we are still making continual defensive errors, I''ll join the Farke doubters but give the man a chance. I''ve supported Norwich for over 40 years now and seen many ups and many more downs. This is a whole new phase in our clubs history and it seems most would love to see it fail before giving it a chance.
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