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  1. Could and should have won all 3. I don''t like the way people are so easy to accept closer to mediocrity.
  2. Yes, he is one of the better ones. Mark Walton is class when he''s on and Rivvo is enjoyable. There are two or three others who offer little insight.
  3. When he''s signing players like Husband, Watkins and Franke it''s no wonder he says he needs a few windows.
  4. Though you do have options to create for. DF went with a team that was clearly not going to hurt anyone.
  5. Swings and roundabouts. If they can pay a loan fee then they could pay a higher % of wages.
  6. £75m and they still won''t win anything but I guess they just want that 4th place finish.
  7. I would be interested in seeing him alongside Tettey.
  8. Is that true though? Jerome''s touch and awareness isn''t as good as Oliveira''s. I would suggest the bigger problem is the players in support of Oliveira.
  9. Olivieira is simply more dangerous in the final third. And when the rest of the team carries little threat you need something to worry defenders. I''ve always been a big fan of Jerome but it''s been a long time since he looked dangerous. Compare that to Brentford who had 3 or 4 lads causing us problems in the final third.
  10. Indeed. I thought there were worse offenders than Oliveira for not really putting their all into it.
  11. It wasn''t awful at all. The worst decision of them all came from Pritchard taking on a shot from a tight angle when the cut back was on for likely a tap in. Oliveira would have been heavily criticised for that. Pritch wasn''t.
  12. He was our only threat and scored a good goal.
  13. As for Tettey and Trybull, Farke''s decision to have not already restored at least one of them to the team is a very questionable.
  14. Oliveira was better than any of Maddison/Pritchard/Watkins against Brentford. He worked harder, caused Brentford more problems and scored a very good goal. That''s not to say he was at his very best but he deserves to keep his place.
  15. Try a team with only one of Maddison/Pritchard in it.
  16. So far he''s done a great job of highlighting mistakes of the past and telling us it''ll take a while to sort out. But there''s not a lot to inspire confidence and there are already some pretty big mistakes that sit with him. When we had lots of money we wasted it. And now he has wasted a significant amount of the little money we had left.
  17. Webber has tried to buy himself a lot of time and tried to do a lot of expectation lowering. Which has never sat well with me. He''s got his excuses in very early.
  18. It''s the kind of thing that comes from a player not getting a look in.
  19. Maddison probably for his goals, particularly the one down the road. Angus Gunn though, probably consistently the best.
  20. He''s had a few errors but overall he''s done well. Suspect he was probably being paid peanuts and they''ve rewarded him accordingly for stepping up to this level. Also, you can tell he plays like he means it. A sometimes undervalued quality.
  21. I doubt he''s managed to play several hundred games of professional football with "god awful sense of positioning". That does not happen. His weakness is speed on the turn. And if you are asking him or any fullback with that problem to push on then you are asking for that to be exposed. But that falls on the manager, not the player.
  22. The intetesting thing is that of his 5 seasons at the club it was the 2 seasons where he featured less that were our worst seasons. The seasons he played a bigger role were better for us.
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