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  1. It means both men were highly regarded and deserve to rest in peace - What do you mean exactly with your racist comment?
  2. Glen Roeder and George Floyd have given so much to English football - May they both rest in peace
  3. I think players are slowly beginning to wake up, at least the more intelligent players are - It's better to support anti-racism through actions and holding an honest belief in tackling the problems through genuine channels - Not via an organisation with an extreme ideology and questionable motives - Respect to Zimbo
  4. Well done Zimbo! - The first footballer I've seen take a stand - Like Les Ferdinand said .... "A lot of people have been fooled out there"
  5. Lukas Rupp has to be up there - Hugely impressed by his passing, movement and energy Imagine the midfield movement and passing ability of Rupp - Skip - Todd - Buendia - Dowell ...... Jeez! I better go sit down! My head is spinning!
  6. Totally agree - It's the classic 'Emperor's New Clothes Syndrome" You couldn't make this up ...... Unless you were Hans Christian Andersen of course
  7. For purely holding a different view I was repeatedly insulted and had to wade through a sea of pomposity and arrogance but at least you have shown some honesty without insults this time Herman - I think you might be the first!
  8. I still find it a little ironic that as a relatively new poster on this site and of mixed race I received nothing but insults from those who supposedly support taking the knee So here is a serious question to those who are clearly virtue signalling for their own pompous, woke importance and have no idea about racism Other than yourselves, a few high profile sportsmen and TV presenters (Lewis Hamilton, Piers Morgan etc) and of course the elite behind BLM, who are actually benefiting from footballers taking the knee? If you think its the average BAME person you have been fooled
  9. That would be too sensible Perhaps to keep both sides happy and things even - half the players could carry on with their extreme left wing antics while the other half could kneel and give a few sieg heils? ...... Thus keeping both extreme-left and extreme-right extremely happy
  10. Totally agree, taking the knee is political gesture in support of a left wing organisation and only serves to divide people The last 13 pages have clearly proven that
  11. I have spent time in some of the poorest places on earth, places of famine and hardship and believe me real poverty doesn't always result in crime, I have also spent time in some of the richest areas on earth where crime is rife Crime often becomes a culture and it's a difficult mindset to change once it's set in, there are no easy answers to be honest but believing the answer is to abolish police units and replace them with youth clubs and music venues to beat crime, drugs and racial inequality sounds incredibly naive As I've mentioned before, I am of mixed race and I have experienced first hand racism but I don't understand how defunding or abolishing the police will make any improvements in any of these areas If supporting the idea of taking a knee at a football match for 15 seconds makes you feel better and you feel you are making a difference - then please carry on but in truth it makes no difference at all
  12. So you believe defunding the police and diverting the money to a youth club in a lawless community will lead to a utopian society free from crime, drugs and racism - Well good luck with that idea Mr Gullible
  13. But if you look up the page you will see I knocked your argument clean out of the stadium - BLM's aim is clearly to defund the police leading to abolition Your second sentence rambles on about giving the police in the UK more money - If I lived in the UK I would agree with that statement but it goes against the aims of BLM movement which you support
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