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  1. Sacking Daniel Farke was a pivotal moment and if shooting ourselves in both feet wasn't already bad enough, I don't think we have what it takes to beat Leeds, should we meet him in the play offs
  2. Madley not only failed to take in the whole picture on at least 5 or 6 points already mentioned here but also failed to notice Howson had zero markings on his thigh. His decision was based entirely on Howson's reaction and theatrics. Showing Madley to be equally naive and incompetent to be refereeing at this level
  3. When studs deliberately come in contact with a thigh, there would be marks, there were none The referee based his decision on Howson's facial reaction and play acting Some bad defending when down to ten But the referee's incompetence and naivety cost Norwich 3 points tonight
  4. I'd actually forgotten which club he was sold to, hence me looking him up but couldn't help noticing those negative win v loss stats
  5. Played 15 games for Bournemouth - Games won 2 In the middle of those 15 games Bournemouth play 6 games without max and win 5 and draw 1 It's obviously not all down to Max but it's not the best set of figures to have on your player stats
  6. I'm not saying he looks too young but if it doesn't work out, he could always get a run out in the under 19's squad
  7. Norwich win 1 penalty in 58 games and Southampton double that within 76 mins of one game with 2 very soft penalties - hmmmmmm?
  8. An atrocious kicker of the ball but a World class penalty saver and good all round keeper, with a great personality in the dressing room. Good memories but both a little sad he's leaving and also for the fact I've never heard his name pronounced correctly Krul means curl in Dutch and is pronounced very similar to curl or girl .... never Krool or Krewel
  9. Did Keven Keelan have a goalkeeping coach?
  10. 10 million sounds low to me, he's lost his potential for greatness but surely he's still worth 15 -17m?
  11. I really like Tim Krul, one of the best penalty stoppers in the World and a good keeper and has control of his area with charisma and is a leader, until he has the ball at his feet, then he's a liability Angus Gunn isn't so charismatic, is behind Tim in terms of both penalty stops and leadership but has safer feet It's a close call but Gunn has less mistakes in him Personally I'd go for Gunn
  12. None had consumed any alcohol or intended to commit any violence or an affray, so we can safely say it's the Chief Constable's fault and he should resign immediately
  13. If it hasn’t been said already ……… Under Daniel Farke we had both attractive (Championship) football and a winning formula - So no reason for not trying to attain both
  14. What do you guys think about the Brexit bus with 350 million written on the side? I don't think this question has ever been discussed so I thought I'd throw it out there
  15. Or a bit like Tony Blair losing Dr Kelly in the woods?
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