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  1. I think we will have a fantastic season and finish 5th to 8th
  2. I like Tim but it worries me that he regularly miss-kicks balls out of play and makes an occasional catastrophic mistake I can't recall Angus Gunn making similar mistakes on a regular basis or even on an occasional basis
  3. Birmingham have lost their last 4 games, so already look like a demotivated team to be honest - Lets hope the threat of relegation kicks them into life
  4. A player who improves game on game and is key to our success but stays quietly away from the spotlight is Zimbo - He represents everything good about our club and is an absolute colossus! - We have some truly great candidates for POTS this year but Zimbo has to be right up there
  5. WBA looked like mid table 1st Div team tonight - no shape, no discipline, poor defending, poor passing, no imagination, low energy - poor performance Well deserved win by Leeds, lets hope Sheff Utd can give them a better game and share a point - If not at least we know one of them will drop 3 points My gut feeling is - it will be Norwich and Sheff Utd as top two and Middlesbrough making up the third spot
  6. They would be better of using that 3k to buy a new striker and two central defenders
  7. Bristol City potentially have a huge influence on final positions - playing all the top teams - Lets hope we can get 3 points and the rest of the group struggle
  8. I think the importance of those missed penalties only becomes a real issue, if our promotion is denied due to a slightly poorer goal difference - Had we scored all 6, we would have clear daylight between all our rivals in terms of goal difference
  9. Just check out their remaining games It looks like the highlight of their season was Lambert paying for a coach for supporters to watch their latest defeat - Probably money well spent as it will give him another few weeks in the job
  10. No games are easy in the Championship of course but that's a tough looking run in Hopefully Lambert will take some points from the big boys but you wouldn't want that run in when you are adrift at the bottom
  11. He had pretty much all of last season to prove himself - he proved he doesn''t suit this style of football - different style, different championship club he could do well but not with City
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