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  1. I really like Tim Krul, one of the best penalty stoppers in the World and a good keeper and has control of his area with charisma and is a leader, until he has the ball at his feet, then he's a liability Angus Gunn isn't so charismatic, is behind Tim in terms of both penalty stops and leadership but has safer feet It's a close call but Gunn has less mistakes in him Personally I'd go for Gunn
  2. None had consumed any alcohol or intended to commit any violence or an affray, so we can safely say it's the Chief Constable's fault and he should resign immediately
  3. If it hasn’t been said already ……… Under Daniel Farke we had both attractive (Championship) football and a winning formula - So no reason for not trying to attain both
  4. What do you guys think about the Brexit bus with 350 million written on the side? I don't think this question has ever been discussed so I thought I'd throw it out there
  5. Or a bit like Tony Blair losing Dr Kelly in the woods?
  6. The worrying thing is the media have already come to the Liverpool supporters defence before the inquiry has even started. No doubt the subsequent investigation will be swayed just as the Hillsborourgh inquest was and Liverpool fans will be completely exonerated This in turn gives them a free pass and a green light to do exactly the same again next year
  7. I guess when 60'000 turn up with only 20'000 tickets and try to enter the ground with fake tickets or by other means, the police and authorities will need to take longer to check them all out. I personally marvel at the efficiency of the French police and the authorities in only delaying the game for 30 minutes to deal with hordes of over-entitled petty criminals
  8. The problem with victimhood is everyone is a victim if you look hard enough. We’re encouraging people to use it and it’s creating morally weak people that don’t want to take personal responsibility. Liverpool fans have fallen into this category for decades
  9. I was there. On paper we had a decent team but a complete no-show performance which included Haylock's horror show and miss kick. That miss kick remains clearly in my memory as one of Norwich's all-time .... WTF was that moments!
  10. They also predicted it in the 1970’s as well I remember being told in School by a left wing teacher wearing a tank top and bell bottom trousers, he produced a map showing half of Norfolk under the sea by the year 2000 I remember as a 14 year old warning my grandfather of the impending doom and advising him to sell his holiday cottage by the sea He drew calmly on his Woodbine and said “don’t believe that sh!t son”
  11. Love the patronising, scaremongering video designed for football fans If Chelsea FC were under water, central London would also be under water and the rest of London completely flooded If even slightly true the environmental carnage would destroy the nation but lets get the scaremongering through to Neanderthal football fans by warning them of damp hotdogs, watered down beer and the need to take snorkels and flippers into the underground!
  12. Big respect to him [Assuming being paid in Roubles had nothing to do with his decision]
  13. First words "I wanted to get out" the attraction of Bournemouth doesn't appear to be the prime reason for this move? Looks pale, thin-faced, drawn and lacking confidence in that interview Something isn't right, I only hope for Todd's sake he can swing this around
  14. Apologies if it’s been said already but perhaps Todd is being used as bait in a deal to get Billing in the Summer - should Bournemouth fail to get promotion?
  15. To be fair, had Djokovic been involved Nadal probably wouldn't have won Similar situation to Celtic winning the league while Rangers were unable to participate
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