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  1. When I first saw Kenny at carrow road I thought he was useless, then he got pissed and put mayors hat on. Happy clapper fans (hogesar) thought that made him a good player, bless them. But the here and now, Gilmour has disappointed me, but with Farke not having a premiership clue and the players around him except Normann in midfield being **** poor it’s no surprise he has failed to impress.
  2. Aarons, cantwell, pukki, plus loan players gone. We are left with unproven kids and journeymen. It will be a long time coming back, enjoy this season, because it’s back to NCFC of the nineties. X
  3. All the gaps Boxing Day was only the start. You Son will be able to sit exactly where he wants next season.!
  4. You are obviously not a long term fan. But 20 years ago there was about 12k season ticket holders and after play off final it doubled. Do you now understand?
  5. What don’t you understand, please explain?
  6. The club have totally lost the fans and and 15k is the maximum i reckon will renew tickets. No one seems to care anymore. I pay £1800 every year for myself and wife. She hates going now, we in lounge with tvs go off before match, turned off after match. The drinks served are terrible. 2002 play off final was the start, 2021/22 premiership was the end.
  7. Has no one watch Gilmour play for Scotland? He is always best player, no matter what team they against. Mr useless McLean nowhere near starting line up .
  8. Unbelievable comment, happy clapper. Fans like this, oh dear.
  9. I will drive hi there, fcuking useless. Just because he was a pissed up **** and put mayors hat on everyone thinks he’s a legend. Useless Useless Useless
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