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  1. How Naive are you, people like you are making this club a laughing stock. It’s so sad we have this type of supporter because the fan base deserves so much more.
  2. Didn’t he buy all the cows ears that’s Farkes got to make a silk purse out off??????????
  3. How many of the above ticks also cover most owners of premiership clubs now get a life and worry about NCFC because we are so embarrassing it’s unbelievable.
  4. He is only pointing out facts #Happy Clapper
  5. This post is totally correct in many ways, when we signed Normann, Kenny should have ended up on the bench. But Kenny must have some dodgy info on Farke/Webber as he never scores or creates goals.
  6. So Brentford equal or bigger size club than NCFC, how small are we getting, Brentford average gate over last 10 years about 10k, N CFC 26k. Doh
  7. Totally agree, beware of happy Clappers though.
  8. It’s not battering the club, it was just embarrassing that no one made a decent tackle after that tackle by MN. Don’t defend the club when they are so obviously making so many wrong decisions at the moment.
  9. So you did not see incident, yes or no simple
  10. Did anyone else notice this on Saturday, early in 1st half Danny Rose was near touch line on city stand and MN hit him really hard and knocked wind out of his sails for a moment. It never happened again. To me it was as if MN got a message to say we are NCFC we are a nice little club, don’t go around upsetting people.
  11. This post started about EMI transfer, the truth is he cost AV 35 million but he was worth 65 or more million to NCFC, even in championship we struggled to win games without him. How do we expect to win premiership games without him. We have no chance at all
  12. Any builders on here, Webber the QS, Farke the Site Manager. The cheaper alternative is always picked by the QS, the manager wants qualified tradesmen, poor quality of workmanship means the company has so many snags to rectify it loses money on project.
  13. Great post, all the above is correct, but the manager is in love with Kenny and afraid to drop Hanley (1st 2 goals tonight Hanleys fault IMO)
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