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  1. This season could end up very similar to 2014/2015. Farkes blind faith in a player (Kenny Mclean) who creates and scores nothing and cant tackle will be his downfall.
  2. Why did Johnny Howson leave also, i am pretty sure there was a fallout there. Howson was brilliant in his last season.
  3. Spot on with your point about Kenny Mclean & Lukas Rupp, although I think Rupp could improve. There is no hope for Mclean dont create or score goals and cant tackle.
  4. Sorry, you are totally wrong. Look at the line up when we beat Leeds away. His goals and assists I am talking about since Man City at home last season. like I said Farkes blind faith in him will be the managers downfall. Seriously do you rate Kenny McLean anything better than a championship bit part player?
  5. How many chances has Kenny McLean created, how many goals has Kenny McLean scored. Farkes absolute blind faith in this player will undoubtedly be his downfall. It’s going to be a Neil Adams season. If anyone comes on here and say he is a defensive midfielder you are wrong because he can’t tackle also Farke said he can’t wait to move him up the pitch last year. Cantwell and Buendia are at a completely higher level of player and remember Kenny McLean was not good enough to get in the promotion winning team.
  6. I think SW would do well to get 10m for Lewis, SW gave LCFC a 50% discount when he sold them Maddison.
  7. Didn’t a similar ownership plan happen at Wigan, that went really well-NOT
  8. So many fans I chat to can’t understand how he gets picked every match. How many assists has McLean this season?
  9. Is that what McLean is! Really. A holding midfielder makes tackles not run beside players. Also I thought Tettey was our holding midfielder or is he our holding holding midfielder because our holding midfielder (McLean) is so poor
  10. How does he get in the team every week, the new Russel Martin - Farkes favourite. He creates absolute nothing in attack, never makes a tackle (apart from when giving penalty away) He was not in the best eleven team that got promoted and should not be in the current team. How can he keep Emi Buendia out of the team when he is so inferior?
  11. I agree to a extent, if this club had 11 Lionel messi one would have to be substitute as kenny Maclean is always on team sheet. He was not in our best 11 players last season and should not be this season. The same could be said of Tettey. We signed Amadou as a defensive midfielder on loan and never played him in that position. Probably because bad player Kenny Maclean was picked in front
  12. I posted on here that we gave Maddison away @ 25 million and got shot down by so many posters. He is now worth 75m plus we should have got approximately 40 million. When we played Manchester United earlier in the season the best right back on the pitch was Aarons and has been a better player all season than Wan-Bissaka, how much did Man U pay for him 55 million. In the real world if we sold max for less than 40 million we would be giving him away as we did Maddison
  13. He has been made a scape goat. If he was on the pitch when Watford had 10 men we would have scored at least 1. Tonight if he had come on instead of Stieperman we would have not lost. Just remember QPR last season when he got sent off, everybody left ground as though we had lost. Then we never won many while he was suspended
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