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  1. Fans have very short memories suddenly Ruddy must be rubbish because he''s been dropped and yet he kept us in many a game for the last five years.What i will say though is that Rudd seems much more decisive and certainly more agile so for the moment i''m happy he''s the no 1
  2. I spoke to DS a few weeks ago and asked her what were the main problems signing players and she said it was always the same issues...... Geography and relegation clauses.
  3. Our final ball has been poor today but we are in the game so fingers crossed.What we wouldn''t give for a Dean Ashton type player,it doesn''t seem to matter which forward we play they just don''t cut the mustard.
  4. Two different keepers but overall i prefer Rudd who is far more athletic,commands his area better and def distributes the ball quickly,in fact it was refreshing to see him throw the ball long for Brady to run onto,
  5. Hate to put a dampner on things but you are right we were very very average not helped by players playing out of position and yes it goes to show how poor Villa are.
  6. The hard truth is that we are weaker than most in the premier league and we can only win games against sides who are either worse than us or in a slump ie Man u.We have to beat Villa because we are simply not going to get any points from decent sides.
  7. Had several shouts for a pen but not one given which isn''t a total surprise,off the top of my head we seem to have conceded 6-7 ? I said weeks ago that we wouldn''t be given a pen all season and can''t see that changing.
  8. [quote user="FenwayFrank"]The Jam , always will be my favourite band, even if Paul Weller is nothing more than a pub rocker now[/quote] Me too.Down in the tubestation is still right up there in my all time fav songs.Btw have you seen FTJ ? you hardly know it isn''t Weller
  9. Not a chance in hell we will spend that kind of money or anyway near it
  10. I do wonder if Hooper and Lafferty together in a 442 would have been a success maybe we have been playing the wrong way ?
  11. Agree with the opening post 100% and no hindsight here because i said this when i heard the line ups.AN set up more defensive today when there was no need all that happened was that they knew our main threat came down the left which was quickly nullified leaving us nothing down the right.To me AN tried to accomodate Jarvis at the expense of the Ollson /Brady partnership and dropping Redmond which was a massive mistake .
  12. Apologies to the poster concerned but this was pinched off another site where i think he has the BJ thing spot on. I''ve watched Bradley for 4 seasons since he signed from Leeds in 2011. He was largely quite ordinary for 3 of those 4 seasons when deployed as a central midfielder. He added good physicality, worked hard but often gave the ball away cheaply which is an absolute killer at Premier League level. His upturn in form last season coincided with him being deployed as a left midfielder high up the pitch where his weaknesses (such as his poor distribution) are less pronounced. At times he was almost joining in like a second striker being able to utilise his excellent aerial ability and powerful shooting. It will be intriguing to see if Clement (who I don''t rate) see fits to utilise him in this way again. If he is going to do that then it will necessitate him leaving out 3 of Russell, Ince, Weimann and Dawkins to have a truly balanced system. I actually suspect he''ll be played centrally again which isn''t his strong suit. We''ve had a disappointing transfer window but this was actually one of the pieces of business that I liked. At Premiership level we need to hold onto the ball better and be able to play with pace on the counter. Neither unfortunately are Bradley''s strong points. I think we''ve sold while his stock is at its very highest. I honestly can''t see what him replicating what he did with us last season and a large part of that will be down to the manager and he chooses to deploy him
  13. [quote user="YorkshirePudding"]Anyone else think that Bradley''s hair is getting that long now that he''s starting to look like Jon Snow from Game of Thrones? Loose comparisons aside, he seemed dangerous when he came on but I think he could also be good cover for Wes in the attacking mid spot - through the middle rather than on the wing. His physicality and shooting may be more effective there I feel.[/quote] You know nothing
  14. AN is fussy who he brings in,he won''t simply chuck money around on players who are no better than what we have and if players who are targeted turn out to be not what he''s after then good riddance.It''s worth remembering we paid 8 million for Ricky,5 for Hooper and 3 for Grabban and yet Jerome is our number one striker who only cost 2 million.
  15. Heaven forbid that we get relegated by a point then we will ALL be looking back to last week and be pretty pi55ed off .
  16. We have a much better squad than last time , we also have a manager who wants to attack not just go out not to lose.We will be fine.
  17. I couldn''t care less that refs are rubbish but what gets my blood boiling is the one sided nature of it , i can honestly say i can''t remember a game in the premier league where the ref gave 3 crazy decisions in OUR favour.
  18. We had better get used to it because unless my memory is failing we had these type of things happen on a regular basis the year we went down.Norwich are an easy target and always will be and , can''t imagine for one minute that the ref would have disallowed the goal if Costa or Rooney had scored it or if Silva had been on the receiving end of that tackle .
  19. To be honest it''s going to a hell of an achievement to stay up,the premier league is getting stronger and stronger just look at the players Palace have these days.We have a decent side but to stay up you need to be more than that.
  20. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVOejavLtik
  21. [quote user="Plymouth canary"]I was there 16th jan 1985 score 0-1 can''t remember who scored though.[/quote] Think it was John Deehan,the ticket says we were in the Findus stand 31 years ago ! where has that time gone ?
  22. Why didn''t they offer him a job selling golden goal tickets and be done with it ? embarrassing for both parties.
  23. Found an old ticket stub for the league cup quarter final away at Grimsby,i can remember me and my mate traveling up by car not knowing if the game would actually go ahead as it was snowing like hell.Anyone go to the game ?
  24. At long last ! Ncfc transfers take so long we should be sponsored by Viagra
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