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  1. This season has unfolded in an entirely predictable way. Poor manager plus Championship players = relegation. Now we face the irony of being sent down by Watford - a club run by people that understand football who have the nerve to change their manager after promotion and shake up their squad when needed, while we focussed on selling ''Wembley Wall'' bricks and ghastly kits. The well meaning amateurs that run NCFC should hang their heads in shame
  2. No we''re not. I even expect us to finish below Villa. AN is hopeless, he''s turned good players bad and average players are now utterly useless. His post-match comments are shameful. Get this talentless twerp out of my club now!!!
  3. We will win none of the games identified as winnable with McTinkerman picking the team
  4. Is it not obvious that the teams with the worst defences in the league will go down - Villa, Newcastle and Norwich. The failure to organise the defence all season and get an EPL-quality keeper will be how AN is remembered
  5. Can''t believe anyone still can''t see that our Scottish hill-billy of a manager is way out of his depth - as he was last season and has been all of this. Under his guidance good players have become average and average players have become dreadful. We are going down and, if he remains next season, we won''t be coming back up
  6. Of course we''ll stick with it - by continuing to go to watch this sh!te - but why the feck shouldn''t we let our feelings be known? Do you think Watford''s success is solely down to the fact that their fans get behind the team or do you think the fact that their owners were prepared to invest in the team and bring in a quality manager has something to do with it?
  7. • Little/no investment in playing staff in the summer • Arrogant/stupid view that last year''s squad was good enough to hold its own in EPL • Persistence with inexperienced unknown manager who, frankly, should have been fired for not achieving automatic promotion last year • We have had no more problem scoring but conceding goals is a huge issue. So what do we do in the January window? Blow the budget on a new striker, get a couple of unproven defenders in and fail to sign the quality goalkeeper that''s so obviously needed. • Oh, and we appoint Ed Balls as chairman
  8. Anyone who still believes in AN is, quite honestly, a total ………...
  9. The record for the most goals conceded in a 38 game PL season is currently held by Derby who let in 89 in 2007/8. We just need to up our current average slightly - to just over 3 goals against in each of our last 14 games - and the record will be ours!! Come on Rudd and Ruddy! Come on Bassong! Come on Russ and Robbie! With AN pulling the strings and the recent addition of what appear on the evidence seen so far to be even more inept defenders than we already had, this can be the year we write the name of NORWICH CITY in to the record books!!
  10. [quote user="Herman "]Ironic title.[/quote] I see you are approaching your 15,000th post to this site, Herman. I think that tells us everything we need to know about you!
  11. It''s odd that we seem to be pursuing more attacking options this month. Goal scoring is not a problem - letting them in is. Only Sunderland have conceded more. Has it occurred to AN to chase a PL-ready keeper as I think at this stage in the season it is safe to conclude that neither Ruddy nor Rudd are up to the job. I await the usual dim-witted feedback from the clappers
  12. Lizard, if, as you say, you have checked my posting history you will see that I have never risen to the infantile insults my posts receive. You will also notice that I have been consistent in my view on the way this club is run as well as the inadequacy of AN and the majority of the playing staff who continue to rob a living off of the paying fans. You might also concede that some of the points I made way back in the summer were quite prophetic. You and the other muppets keep clapping, while this amateurish board (augmented by the appalling Balls), hopeless manager and underachieving players drag this club over a cliff
  13. Who is the more embarrassing person to have so closely linked to our club Delia or Ed Balls?
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