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  1. they should have let no c.unts in Britain unless you were born here ..
  2. I''m a nirvana fan ..what''s your favourite song and what does it remind you of ..in that great period of your life ??
  3. how do you defeat this Isis army ? it''s not like you can say hey they are over there in a big gang let''s do them ..they are everywhere in different countries around the world ..doesn''t help when Britain are taking in every benefit seeker from abroad ..when we have thousands of or own mainly English dole spongers
  4. the point being there is good Muslims out there not Isis terrorists ..
  5. does the western world become Hitler and try to rid these warped turban heads
  6. I usually wind up on here ..but it is frightening to know that attacks can happen at football grounds ..
  7. I''m just waiting for Hibs and Rangers to get up ..best league in the world next season .
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