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  1. Nothing will improve until enough supporters vent their anger at the board. Beginning to feel this club is falling apart.
  2. The hard luck stories will run dry very soon into next season. More concerning is when we sell the remaining top end players this summer that will be it. The current new signings will not be fetching big money moves, so where will the cash be coming from?
  3. Agree that he lost his confidence last season and being drop etc didn’t help under Alex Neil. But still a player we should have been able to keep.
  4. Well done big man. Webber is clueless. Good pen save to.
  5. This only applies if you pay by direct debt. If you pay in full your season ticket is reserved until the end of the season.
  6. I thought that’s how it’s done. I didn’t get time to do a full survey. I can only assume that that this very smal snapshot was not the norm.
  7. Smells like bull or a Webber smokescreen. I know 4 people at work with a total of 7 season tickets, only 1 renewing who has only 1 ticket, do the maths. Plus as other posters have mentioned that the final/real amount of season ticket sales is not known the end of the season. Just a spin to drum up support after Webber comments.
  8. Having a pop at fans no matter what is wrong from the manager. He may be failing but to tell fans to support another team is an insult. Webber can now fu@k off and take your staff and players with you.
  9. Long term project and league 1 I can handle, but being ripped off with the highest season ticket prices in the the division together with this dire performance week in is taking the pi$$.
  10. The board, manager to the players. All utter cr@p. Keep looking for that rough diamond of a manager, when will they learn.
  11. Don’t say that. We will win another game soon in this league, but don’t hold your breath. Changed my mind. We are utter sh!te with no light on the horizon.
  12. Not a chance. I will not be patching up their cock ups.
  13. Happy clappers are out, soon be bed time. So, are things improving with Farke at the helm for most of the season.
  14. A blinkered fan response, use the Ipswich card. Things are going to get a lot worse.
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