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  1. nolegs

    Di Matteo To Be Sacked

    yup on SSN...he''s gone
  2. nolegs

    O Neil should be banned

    [quote user="Paul"]O Neil should be given a club ban in addition to his time out for the red card last night, not acceptable, and well below NCFC standards.[/quote]

    get a grip man!
  3. nolegs

    Ivo Pinto

  4. nolegs

    Team and approach for Man City

    nine across the back with a sweeper!
  5. nolegs

    They walk amongst us.

    16,38,42...oh yes and prawn crackers please
  6. nolegs

    Becchio gone

    [quote user="lappinitup"][quote user="Robert Poole "]Huzzah! [Y][/quote]Why are you 1st Wizard on the binners site but not on here Wiz? [^o)][/quote]

    just what i was wondering?
  7. nolegs

    Today's Game on TV

    on at taverham silver fox via setanta australia!
  8. nolegs

    Will Grigg

    [quote user="Hackedoff"]Apparentley had scouts watching him according to The Daily Mirror.

    Plays for Walsall. Never really heard of him to be honest. Seems like someone Lambo would go for though.[/quote]"Lambo"...have I missed something?
  9. nolegs

    Where's Wiz

    I hope he doesn''t mind me saying ,but the ''ol boy has been unwell and in hospital,out now,and I''m sure he''ll be back on here soon stickin'' it to all his favourites quite soon!
  10. [quote user="AJ"]Oh bugger off Nolegs!

    I was thinking this too, if they can fix his kicking we''d be a lot better off! It hink we forget how good Ruddy''s distribution generally is. Bunn was solid, made a few good saves. Just needs to get those kicks to Holty''s head![/quote]Err no,2nd choice keeper comes in,does a good job,let''s find something to moan about,you''re probably right...he can''t kick the length of the pitch,but if that''s what you want,go watch Stoke!
  11. [quote user="H4H"]

    He looks like a little kid when he takes a goal kick... runs up as fast as he can and f***ing leathers it, still struggles to get to the half way liine!!


    it must be very sad in your world....if you can''t find something sensible to moan about...well do one!
  12. nolegs

    Sorry Guys but........

    I hope it''s better on both counts.so do i.
  13. nolegs

    Sorry Guys but........

    never said that,but jeez i seem to remember holt having a quiet start last season and the same people having the same lack of patience

    i remember why i post on here so infrequently