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  1. I’m a bit late in the game. Is the hot dog video available still am just trying to get a balanced viibe of is it or is just just a little bit Tilly working on their marketing Another question as I don’t post often I read Greilish was on 100k a week. I think EMI loved Norwich but 100k a week cant turn that down I hoe he got that. If they both are in the first 11 I’m going to time how much of their game is spent on the floor. We could probably get odds on that. Great players love then both but at least one of them should still be at Norwich :)
  2. If loans can be recalled does that mean we could lose Skipp? He is impressing here and would probably now get in the Spurs squad based on how he’s been performing for us
  3. From what I saw the Wycombe player clearly took him out from behind. Idah jumped back up clearly wound up and pushed him to the floor with both hands, difficult to see but don’t think it was his face. I’m not a ref but I think they both should have got a red.
  4. Yay, we get a match report So many opportunities for great songs I am looking forward to hearing the fans there on Ifollow. If you’re going have a great afternoon. .
  5. Quite a good video to be fair, loved the young lad. Sad for Ipswich fans but if you want to watch good football you have to venture into Norfolk.
  6. Well Chippiy I do have a spare for tomorrow as my son can’t make it now. I would prefer to give it to Danny Dyer than you. Not sure you’re ever going to have much luck on the pinkun site for tickets when you call everyone numpties There are tickets available in the West Ham seats probably a bit high risk for someone as rude as you but give it a go. Good luck
  7. Nice one, the white Pobga :)) I love TNC though they are both about 20 years younger than me always watch Jack’s reports. Chris is a bit marmite used to hate him love him now too. Go Boys let’s hope Dennis delivers, didn’t think he was PL quality but Farke must.
  8. When I rewatch that Ipswich game, the wink from Farke when Lambert is kicking off I just love it. May have watched that game too many times! I think I’ve probably watched Leeds away a couple of more times. Great coach whatever happens next, what a season he gave us regardless.
  9. Thanks for that enjoyed it. With you on the song though!!
  10. Cornwall, that’s a long old drive have done it myself. Sounds like you had a good day and a Norwich win to add the icing. Still not sure if I’m excited or nervous about Friday, excited probably edges it.
  11. Can NN cover as a defence midfielder? If not this thread should be moved to the non football section. Happy Birthday Nigel and thanks for all the good work you do
  12. No... But I think our ground is too big for us. Great to see TC score :j
  13. The never say die spirit of the whole team. Going to be an interesting season really looking fwd to it.
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