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  1. xymox

    West Ham ticket wanted

    Well Chippiy I do have a spare for tomorrow as my son can’t make it now. I would prefer to give it to Danny Dyer than you. Not sure you’re ever going to have much luck on the pinkun site for tickets when you call everyone numpties There are tickets available in the West Ham seats probably a bit high risk for someone as rude as you but give it a go. Good luck
  2. xymox

    Dennis! Go Dennis!

    Nice one, the white Pobga :)) I love TNC though they are both about 20 years younger than me always watch Jack’s reports. Chris is a bit marmite used to hate him love him now too. Go Boys let’s hope Dennis delivers, didn’t think he was PL quality but Farke must.
  3. xymox

    Mr Farke

    When I rewatch that Ipswich game, the wink from Farke when Lambert is kicking off I just love it. May have watched that game too many times! I think I’ve probably watched Leeds away a couple of more times. Great coach whatever happens next, what a season he gave us regardless.
  4. xymox


    Thanks for that enjoyed it. With you on the song though!!
  5. xymox

    City v Toulouse

    Cornwall, that’s a long old drive have done it myself. Sounds like you had a good day and a Norwich win to add the icing. Still not sure if I’m excited or nervous about Friday, excited probably edges it.
  6. xymox

    Happy Birthday Nutty Nigel

    Can NN cover as a defence midfielder? If not this thread should be moved to the non football section. Happy Birthday Nigel and thanks for all the good work you do
  7. xymox

    Norwich v Atalanta live stream

    Pass from Buendia for Aaron’s was interesting.
  8. xymox

    Tonight's game

    No... But I think our ground is too big for us. Great to see TC score :j
  9. xymox

    Norwich strengths

    The never say die spirit of the whole team. Going to be an interesting season really looking fwd to it.
  10. xymox


    Some kid won a lot playing fort nite. Suspect he’ll get a hot Mrs too. Too many old boys on this site stuck somewhere that is better left behind in 1976. There was a thread for you to all have your cheap thrills with young scantily dressed ladies Best you stick to those, lovely as she is this thread isn’t about Roberts, move it to the non football please Pete so these like minded chaps can stick together. I guess ex old bill and the like don’t have the same pulling power as premier league football players. Me neither sadly but posting pictures like this is at best unnecessary lets have a pic of your bird Fen or TIL so we can all make a call on them too, but stick it in non football eh. As I’m not sure I want to see them
  11. xymox


    It’s OK Ricardo. So hot tonight I’m sitting without a shirt on, thinking I’m Nelson Oliveria Boris meh.
  12. “Drop in TV cash, sponsorship pay and gate receipts – relegation to League One could cost Ipswich as much as £9m” How low have they sunk? Now, £9 million is rather a lot of money to me (wave a tenner to me please) but in football terms is around plus or minus a few million what you need for a 25+ goal a season striker. Some teams just get a bit Lukki on that front, yeh I know. What I find more staggering is what a great PR job Lambert has done. That support looked like and sounded like he’d just won the league not relegation. Of course it must be Evans or Hurst that was the problem and Lambert is the messiah. Suspect they read too much on the pinkun forum over the years and cling on to that a manager on the way down can repeat what he did on the way up. Next season will be interesting on both fronts but as has been said we need to finish our job as well as PL finished his.
  13. xymox

    Sunday games

    Pete if you need some help we’re here for your sir. Just ask.
  14. xymox

    Today's matches

    Last time we needed a Wigan result I seem to remeber them beating us 0-1 at CR. I’m kinda with Leakey my champagne is still on ice. I have however opened the blue nun.
  15. xymox

    tonight's football

    A lot of teams up their game when they play us.