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  1. drunkunmunkey

    Bournemouth Coach Travel

    Anyone any idea when the club cabbage is leaving Carrow Road on Tuesday?
  2. drunkunmunkey

    Young Wolves Defender. Cameron John


    Sorry no click
  3. drunkunmunkey

    Srbeny first impressions

    I know he only got a handful of minutes, but what was the first impression from those that were there to see him? Big bulk, or bit of pace to him? Or both!?
  4. drunkunmunkey

    The last time we were on the Beeb...

    ... We won 7-0 vs Paulton Rovers if im not mistaken? Can''t remember any others. We can only hope for a repeat!! :)
  5. drunkunmunkey

    Signing imminent

    Keep your eyes on Official Facebook page...
  6. drunkunmunkey

    Training photos

    Lewis certainly looks ''excited'' to be training with the first team. Big things could be expected from him. Ahem.
  7. drunkunmunkey

    Training photos

    Josh Murphy, Jamal Lewis, James Maddison, Bem Godfrey, Harry Toffollo, Carlton Morris,???, Marley Watkins, Zimmermann, Paul Jones, Vrancic, Dorrans, Tettey, Olivera.

    ??? Has got me stumped.
  8. drunkunmunkey

    Training photos

    Not shaven headed actually. Looks like a top knot and a beard. Still dont recognise him either.
  9. drunkunmunkey

    Training photos

    In the pictures from the official site, who is the young, thin, dark skinned chap that pops up a few times in the group photos? Couldnt work out how to copy photo. Far left next to Ben Godfrey on the shot of them running towards camera. Also in that shot, a shaven headed chap on the other side of Ben Godfrey doesnt look familiar. New trialists? Anyone able to put some names to faces.
  10. This straight from the BBC text updates.

    ''Good play again from Josh Murphy, who may be playing his way into a career at full-back here. He frees Nathan Redmond, who looks up and again can''t find Tammy Abraham.''

    Quality journalism.

    Never considered Jacob as a fullback to be honest.
  11. drunkunmunkey

    Top 10 Premier League Goals


    Sorry if link doesnt work, could only find a link through my facebook. A good watch. Features some crackers, hatrick from Howson and a Tettey and Goss brace.

    Delete this thread if link doesnt work lol, apologies.
  12. To the tune of Magic by Pilot;

    Oh oh oh its Yannick

    You knoww

    Give him the ball and hell scorrrre

    Its Yannick

    You knowww

    Give him the ball and hell scorrrre

    Or something along those lines... Maybe someone who less musically challenged could add some better lines and make it repeat alot easier...

    Cant say i didnt try haha
  13. drunkunmunkey

    Malky Mackay

    Currently employed by the Scottish FA in some dead-end coaching role. Possible candidate to replace Neil? Obvious link to club, enjoyed some degree of success in past and thought of very highly by some as a managerial talent at one point. Could argue treated unfairly under Tan at Cardiff. Not a name ive seen mentioned as yet, apologies if it has.

    Discuss. :)
  14. drunkunmunkey

    First to drop?

    They always say, don''t change a winning formula. So instead of looking at who''s not playing and debating who deserves a call up to the starting XI, (eg. Naismith, Oliveira) I think we should be looking at who''s going to be the first to be dropped from the XI. Personally I think Brady, who has undoubted talent, needs to start doing more to keep his place, especially with Pritchard waiting in the wings. Things arnt quite coming off for him at the moment.

    So who do you think needs to up their game the most to keep their shirt?
  15. drunkunmunkey

    Norwich City FIFA 17 ratings

    Lets see how far i was out with my guesses!!! Looks like the Murphys havnt appeared on EAs radar yet....Ruddy 74

    ------------74  Correct!!!McGovern 71

    -------67Rudd 68

    -------------71Jones 65


    Klose 77

    -------------77  Correct!!!Bennett 74

    -----------72Martin 72

    ------------74Bassong 72

    ----------74Turner 68

    ------------72Olsson 74

    ------------75Whittaker 70

    --------70  Correct!!!Pinto 73

    --------------75Toffolo 67

    -----------65Godfrey 61


    Tettey 74

    -------------76Mulumbu 71

    ---------76  ?Howson 75

    -----------75  Correct!!!Dorrans 73

    -----------74Wes 74

    ----------------77  CMON WESSI!!Brady 75

    --------------76Pritchard 73

    ----------73  Correct!!!Canos 70

    --------------65  :(Ja Murphy 70

    --------66  :(Jo Murphy 70

    --------65  :(Naismith 74

    ----------76Maddison 68

    ---------68  Correct!!!Thompson 64


    Jerome 74

    ------------74  Correct!!!Nelson 73

    ------------74Lafferty 70

    -----------71Morris 65-------------60So 7/31. Plus Jarvis was 74. Pretty poor show. Hopefully Murphys still have high potential despite dissapointing OVRs