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  1. Legend, and my childhood hero. I grew up watching Keelan between the sticks and was lucky enough to meet him several times as he was a friend of my dads. One of my favourite memories of Kevin was watching him play out of his skin against Malcolm "Super-Mac" MacDonald, I''m struggling to remember which season it was now, and even whether it was against Arsenal or Newcastle, but whatever it was he was magnificent that day. In fact, on the back page of one of the Sunday paper''s next day there was a headline quote from MacDonald - "Keelan is Brilliant!". If anyone can remember more I''d be grateful if you could fill in the blanks for me!Best keeper we ever had, or ever will have, in my opinion.
  2. [quote user="Alex "]Loopzilla, did you see some clever soul doctored your pic so it looks like Ed Sheeran is holding up a placard with the Ipshite club crest coupled with the words ''15 Years Championship''? [/quote]Yeah, thought it was pretty good - it''s an improvement!
  3. His friends were a good bunch of lads to be fair, enjoyed some good banter with them. I''d said to them I didn''t want to see them celebrate an Ipswich goal, and when they scored they all ran out of their seats back into the box before celebrating - much to the amusement of the surrounding City fans. [:)]
  4. [quote user="TCCANARY"]In previous interviews Ed says his Dad convinced Ed to join him and support Chelsea. [/quote]Correct.
  5. [quote user="Canary Jedi"]Well I have banned playing his music in my house after I found out he is a binner! Disgraceful! Anyway it made me wonder which other well known people have turned to the dark side in their support of 1p5wich?[/quote]No need to ban Ed''s music, he isn''t really an Ipswich fan so much as he brought some of his Ipswich supporting mates to the game. I know because I''m the bloke in the picture with Grant and Adam that''s getting re-tweeted all over the bloody place.
  6. [quote user="morty"][quote user="Loopzilla"][quote user="morty"][quote user="ricardo"]I feel sure Morty will respect that, Jim.[/quote]I completely respect his opinion.[/quote]Morty, you are a raging smellfungus.[/quote]I respect your opinion.[/quote]I concur...
  7. [quote user="morty"][quote user="ricardo"]I feel sure Morty will respect that, Jim.[/quote]I completely respect his opinion.[/quote]Morty, you are a raging smellfungus.
  8. [quote user="lake district canary"]Lol. He''s talking about being right about the reaction on here, not about Bruce''s appointment. [/quote] Yep, I know. :)
  9. ...some time ago. You must have been waiting all day for that. Well done Mystic Morty, you were right. Can I interest you in a broken clock?
  10. Morty wrote: "Yes. Take a seat, and I''ll be with you in a minute." No you won''t...
  11. Hello, is this the right room for an argument?
  12. Gutted. The greatest true musician and most talented live performer I''ve ever seen. I''ve had the pleasure of seeing Prince a number of times but the greatest memory will be the night/morning I was at one of his legendary after-show parties. The performance was incredible, he played all kinds of music, all of it brilliantly in his own unique style. His energy and stamina was phenomenal as the after-show went on longer than the concert, and his charm and charisma really shone in the smaller, more intimate venue. Unforgettable night. Prince is a huge loss. A creative and prolific songwriting genius who has influenced and inspired legions of fellow artists and fans much like Bowie before him. 2016 is a bad, bad year for music. RIP Prince.
  13. [quote user="morty"][quote user="morty"][quote user="julian hudson"][quote user="morty"]I was there for Simeon''s against Derby, and the one by Hooper away at Bolton. Oh and the Oli Johnson one.[/quote]Somebody give that man a cookie.[/quote]Cheers[Y][/quote]Ah I was at the Holt one against Reading too, do I get another cookie?[/quote] More of a ring donut
  14. Maybe Alex, I just get fed up of the petty point scoring squabbles each week from either side. Far from having a point it all seems rather pointless from my perspective. Anyway, what a game!
  15. Christ, give it a rest Boring and just enjoy the afterglow of a fantastic win.
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