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  1. I've posted something similar in another thread. I think we need two holding midfielders to sit in front of the back 4 to make us harder to breakdown. Only Normann and Sorenson seem fit for this role, so therefore I would be playing him. Not because of the 'Becchio rule', but because we don't have anyone else capable of doing the job required. Get through to January and hopefully grind out a run of decent results, like Hughton did in his first season. We can then look at buying an upgrade in that position, preferably someone with a bit of Premier league experience.
  2. Personally I'd drop Williams for Gianoullis and Gilmour for Sorenson. I don't think it will happen but I'd play a settled side for the next 3-4 games and try to grind out some results. Krul Aarons Hanley Kabak Gianoullis Norman Sorenson Cantwell Sargent Rashica Pukki
  3. Crowds have shown displeasure through booing throughout history, with the first written record of it in ancient Greece. At the Festival of Dionysia in Athens, the crowd would participate to vote on which tragedy they liked best, using shouts and whistles for plays that stunk. It was considered a civic duty to participate. So it has 'been like that' for several thousand years.
  4. I think they're trying to do the anti- Arsenal/Forrest and see if they can go a whole season losing every game.
  5. Because we can't score, can't defend, look woefully out of our depth and don't look like we are capable of even drawing a game let alone winning one. Other than that though everyone at the club, owners, players and coaching staff, are doing a sterling job.
  6. The team will most likely be - Krul Aarons Omabamdele/Gibson Hanley Williams Lees-Melou McClean Glimour Cantwell Rashica Pukki Then, when we're 1-0 down, Tzolis, Sargent and 'one other' will come on after about 75 minutes and make no difference what so ever. Normann and Kabak won't get anywhere near the pitch on Saturday as they only joined a week ago and Farke wants to give players a month or so to get used to how we play before even considering them for a starting berth. Which is why we should have pulled all the stops out in June to get them signed. We'll have them for the best part of 26-28 games this season, so basically 2 thirds of the season and it won't be enough to save us from the drop. But at least we will have given it a go this time huh?
  7. Who is this joker? Anyone who has read any of my posts this season knows I'm not positive no matter who we're playing.
  8. So our season is 34 games long, while our relegation rivals have 38 games? That doesn't bode well for our survival chances.
  9. If Daniel Farke can now produce a few of brilliant performances over the next few games that ends up with us getting 3 or 4 wins the majority of us might be relaxed enough to enjoy some coffee and cake on the sofa. I'm not confident that Delia is going to be doing any baking in the near future though.
  10. The US is a country full of racists
  11. No what I inferred is if he was a postman I probably wouldn't care as much about his performance, unless he was my postman and wasn't delivering my mail, then I'd be equally as disappointed.
  12. What I do for a living is about as relevant to this conversation as what you do for a living, and no one cares about what either of us do.
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