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  1. Iwans Big Toe

    Red card for VAR ?

    I wonder how much drama it would add if managers decided to take their side off after 35 minutes following a few bad VAR decisions. If you're going to get cheated out of three points why not just rage quit like weekend league in FIFA?
  2. Iwans Big Toe

    Red card for VAR ?

    The off side rule was introduced in 1863 to stop goal hanging. I have to ask, can any ref prove Pukki is goal hanging when the defender has a yard head start?
  3. Iwans Big Toe

    Red card for VAR ?

    Not if they have the potential to loose a substitution. There needs to be a penalty for frivolous challenges.
  4. Iwans Big Toe

    Red card for VAR ?

    Plus it takes away from the euphoria of the moment.
  5. Iwans Big Toe

    Red card for VAR ?

    I'm not a fan of reviewing every goal. Especially on today's evidence. Pukki was a yard on side, but the goal was ruled out because it was automatically reviewed by a cheat.
  6. Iwans Big Toe

    Red card for VAR ?

    I agree, there should be one man making decisions, the ref. I think each head coach/manager should have two challenges per game, forfeiting a substitution if you fail in your challenge. If a manager does not challenge, VAR does not look at it.
  7. Iwans Big Toe

    What Exactly Defines A Superfan ?

    A cape, x-ray vision and the power of flight.
  8. Iwans Big Toe

    League Cup

    Why can't we be Colchester?
  9. Iwans Big Toe

    *****Official match thread v Burnley*****

    You can be the first to mention it, but everyone was thinking the same.
  10. Iwans Big Toe

    Lawro ( Berk )

    Tbf, Wrighty and Shearer were very complementary of us last week on MOTD.
  11. Iwans Big Toe

    Bring on MOTD. Can't wait......

    Tetty always looks for the easy ball. It's why has one of the highest pass completion rates of any City player, not just in the top flight but ever. As NCFC holding midfielders go he is the goat.
  12. Iwans Big Toe

    Now do you understand??

    I've come to the conclusion that Lakey is the Anti-Lawro
  13. Iwans Big Toe

    The most worrying thing for me...

    I read the title and thought this was going be a new Brexit thread.