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  1. Have you stopped beating your wife? (I can do those straw man questions too old boy.)
  2. At least she knows Russia is a country in Europe and so is Ukraine and that Russia is bigger than Ukraine and invaded so that's bad. With that kind of eloquence it's no wonder she is your pick for President. She can barely string a coherent sentence together without cackling and after your support of Biden for the last 3 and a 1/2 years I'm sure it really speaks to you.
  3. Interesting how the most popular President in the history of democracy, who wins 87% of the vote during their primary, is then forced to step aside for his vice president after pressure from the leadership within his party. You know it's almost like the wealthy elite donors of the Democrats don't respect the results of elections. I'm sure I'm wrong and when Trump wins in November there will be no accusations from the Dems of foul play.
  4. Is he still going to win or are you now "team Harris/Clinton/Obama/Newsom"? or which ever one Trump cheats to win against? Oh let me guess... I'm in a cult, lol
  5. Oh and like your alter ego, Horsefly, still waiting for you to say assassination is not the way to effect political change. But then again you probably think that trying to kill your political opponent is "mostly peaceful protesting".
  6. You're just not going back far enough old boy.
  7. You's a funny guy. Your talents are wasted here, you need to try stand up, so many people love your jokes, I'm sure you're the next Dave Chappelle (right Horsefly?).
  8. What I don't get is why the most popular president in the history of the USA is being asked to resign?
  9. Wait for it, wait for it..... I'm in a cult.
  10. Nearly a week later and still waiting for you to say assassination is never the answer. Tell you what old boy, don't bother answering and I'll keep waiting for you to deny you don't want Trump dead.
  11. I wonder how many years those who defaced Stone Henge will get? If they get more it'll tell you a lot about the British judicial system, that they value a piece of rock higher than human life.
  12. Yes, yes you are. Seeing as causing death by dangerous driving carries a mandatory life sentence in the UK (as it should), I would argue that 5 years for idiots walking across one of the busiest roads in the UK, the M25, is a little on the light side.
  13. So Biden may not need to resign he has covid. I understand that Hilary has asked if there's anything she can do to help, because she "knows a guy".
  14. Sorry Fen, People shouldn't have to explain their position if they don't agree with you. You are a facist, racist, homophobe, islamaphobe, transphobe...... oh and a I missed one....a n@zi
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