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  1. As was shown during the superbowl when all the players stood during the national anthem, there's no need to take the knee anymore. Donald has gone and Joe has solved racism in just one month.
  2. Bristol Rovers. The Memorial Ground was the first time I went to a football match and City weren't playing. They played Oxford and game finished 5-3 to Rovers. Epic end to end stuff. I also have a bit of a soft spot for Cheltenham Town. I used to work for their main shirt sponsor and the company had free tickets for staff. As no one really wanted to go to see them, they weren't terribly in demand and I would get a ticket once every four or five home games.
  3. EVERYONE was poor today. There is no way you can single out one player. The front four contributed nothing. Zimmerman was lucky not to give away a second goal after that horrendous pass. McGovern should have made an attempt to cut out the cross leading to the goal, with Sorensen staying goal side of Sarr. Our midfield found themselves overwhelmed by Capoue and the subs did nothing to change the game Bad days happen, lets see how they respond when we play QPR.
  4. There were several challenges that Watford made today that the referee would have given a direct freekick for if they were not in the penalty box. I thought we should have had at least 2 penalties, possibly more. That said though we were poor today and didn't create any clear cut chances. Watford created one and scored, that was the difference between the teams.
  5. If Emi had put the challenge in that Wilson did on Cantwell in the last minute do you think he would have only got a yellow card for it?
  6. I thought the OP might have been about him catching COVID.
  7. Apparently it's never too late to avoid giving a straight yes or no answer. Unless you've lost the argument of course.
  8. So ALL lives matter? I thought that was a taboo phrase?
  9. I'm still unclear, is it only black lives that matter? What about other ethic minority lives? If it is only BLM surely that's racist? I just need a clear answer, yes or no?
  10. And if it is only black lives matter, surely that's racial profiling?
  11. I'm just curious, is it only black lives that matter? What about Chinese lives? Hispanic lives? Aboriginal lives? Are they less important? Or do we mean non-white live matter?
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