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  1. I do love a good bit of irony. Wants to stop talking about Farke. Starts a new thread talking about Farke.
  2. I couldn't agree more. Teach men to be good sons, brothers, spouses and fathers and teach women to be good daughters, sisters, spouses and mothers.
  3. Yep. My nephew was born and raised in Rochdale. Essentially the outskirts of Manchester. So his dad and I made sure that his first ever game was at Carrow Road. He's a Norwich fan for life.
  4. Why aren't we scoring goals and winning games? That is all.
  5. Gotta say this is a self defeating argument. Hayden was signed quickly. Could be the best signing for two years. We shouldn't sign players quickly as we can't trust they will be any good. Sorry Monty, had to point it out.
  6. You're a bigot. Everyone is equal, it's just some are more equal than others. :)
  7. Pretty happy with this signing. 12 months too late, but a good signing none the less.
  8. I have always though that VAR has a place in football, I just think the way that it is implemented means that it is ripe for corruption. It would be a better idea to have a similar system to that which is used in cricket or American Football. The manager/head coach should have a certain number of challenges to decisions (2 a game sounds reasonable, 1 per half). This way the on field decisions are mainly left down to the ineptitude of the referee, but it also gives a chance for obvious wrong decisions to be over turned. Of course it is still open for abuse, but the big teams have always been favoured and this will never change.
  9. No, it has nothing to do with age or gender. You aren't acting with your feet by not attending or demonstrating outside the ground to get our current owners removed, so you are actively supporting keeping our club from being competitive. GGS, you are a good communist.
  10. I don't know how this has got to 2 pages. The correct answer is no.
  11. I've decided to go full LDC. The season isn't over yet, we can still do this.
  12. Anyone who sits in the ground and isn't currently loudly calling for the owners to sell up are not Norwich City fans. They're just there for a nice day out and couldn't care less about the result. Prawn sandwich brigade.
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