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  1. Referees cheated before VAR, and they're still cheating now it's being used. All it does is slow down the game. Get rid.
  2. I can't understand the problem. Surely it's better for a football club to be owned by 'local' people and have their worst run in 118 years than it is to be owned by 'furiners' and win trophies?
  3. It's that time of the week again https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvGmOZ5T6_Y
  4. I’ve been panic buying weapons and ammunition. Then once the inevitable collapse of society occurs due to corona virus I’ll be able to take everyone else’s toilet roll.
  5. I know you don't see what it has to do with anything, and that's the problem. For all of far left's talk of inclusion they don't seem to be very inclusive. Far left politics is centered on stating that everyone has to think the same way they do, and if you don't you're a bigot. It's irony at Orwellian levels.
  6. So why weren't the ethnic minorities supporting the pro-remain rallies? All I see is a group of entitled, middle class, white, champagne socialists. And I've looked through a lot of pro-remain videos and pictures. It's almost like they aren't representative of the whole country.
  7. I haven't posted much on this thread, this is, I believe only my second post. After our discussion on the Trump thread, am I correct in my understanding that you believe that most of the people who voted for the UK to leave the EU are fairly narrow minded and voted mainly on the fact that they are opposed to those from different ethnic origins living and working in the UK?
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