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  1. I think he had one decent game, might have been when we were knocked out of the world cup by Portugal, otherwise just an average cm. That said, Carlton Palmer was leagues below him but poor Carlton's already taken plenty of abuse.
  2. Owen Hargreaves. Picked consistently yet never actually seemed to do anything.
  3. The strike on the 8th is RMT only. You might find that there are some limited services. The other 2 dates include Aslef which covers the drivers too and is therefore more of an issue.
  4. I thought we let Drmic's contract expire but it was a fair fee in the end.
  5. Fit we also have Tomkinson. Sorenson is clearly unavailable but more than capable backup, as is Byram but he's having to cover left back. Gibson, although he has a howler in him, is a capable Championship level player. So we have 6 players who can play in that position and all do a job at this level, with 2 clear first team options and an experienced backup. I really don't think that we are thin on the ground squad wise. A better CB than Gibson is not going to want to sit on our bench for a season so I'm not sure what else we should have done or should be doing?
  6. When we were on top of Bristol 2nd half there were some brilliant little flicks and tricks. Today all our midfield play was totally pedestrian and I don't think that suited him at all. Definitely too early to judge.
  7. Yep. I'm down in the River End and It literally sounds like the neighbours taking the bins out from there. No rhythm, just that distant empty boom you get on bin day. Whoever is doing it doesn't appear to be responding to the crowd at all, it just seems totally random.
  8. I'm not so sure. I had Radio Norfolk in my ears at half time and they were talking about how Bristol had focussed their press on Kenny, Hanley and Krul, so second half it was more on my radar and he was indeed dropping off to pick up the ball and Bristol were onto him like flies on shi...npads.
  9. I think a lot of the frustration stems from the fact that he's picking the ball up 5-10 yards from our penalty box in a central area, a misplaced pass, poor control or other mistake in this area always looks and feels 10x worse, it definitely puts him in the spotlight. Where Nunez tends to pivot under pressure and try to play forward, Kenny plays the way he faces and often this is a sideways or backward ball which doesn't relieve the pressure. He was OK last night and made some telling contributions. He was no more sloppy than Nunez.
  10. Actually, now you say that, it wasn't until I got home that I realised that my eyes were a bit 'wavy' and I hadn't put 2+2 together. It is far too bright, although I'd obviously become accustomed to it.
  11. Anyone get stuck behind that stranded artic lorry? builders van blocking it from being able to exit Lower Clarence Road. Or was that your builder's van? Can imagine getting out of the car parks was not fun.
  12. OK I've been searching my brain so I can kick this off for you. Not me, but my friend used to do his paper round before coming straight to school. One morning he walked into class caked in mud and something else. A large and rather randy male dog took him down off his bike while at full pelt (trying to escape said dog) and left him a deposit on his trousers. His shirt was torn and he'd tried to clean the j1zz off but the school's tracing paper towels weren't up to the job.
  13. All about the bassssss. The bass player (forgotten his name) had an interesting technique, using his thumb as a pick. The calluses must have been monumental.
  14. You have misunderstood the point. The price cap is at the point of retail sale. The wholesale costs remain the same and the difference is paid by the tax payer.
  15. Nope. Liz Truss has stated she does not believe in windfall taxes. But to be fair she didn't believe in Brexit either so....
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