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  1. Not that I think Zimbo should be brought back into the fold, but him and Krul had a pretty good relationship in-terms of communication across the back. I do agree, Hanley doesn't appear to offer a lot in terms of leadership. I don't really see anyone in the squad who is more of a talker though, we are a generally quiet team. Perhaps Normann might take the role if he grows into the team. In hindsight, it doesn't fit the model, but an old head free agent with a gob may have been beneficial.
  2. It all depends upon how the income and expenditure is designated and accounted for I believe. If you have a large corporation then some expenditure can be hived off etc. Ultimately the club is still running at a loss but the books appear to break even.
  3. The OP is too simplistic a view. Fingers are pointing in the wrong direction. The fault is not with a sustainable model, only with the system that allows/encourages the unsustainable to be successful. It undermines the competitiveness of the game completely. I really hoped we would be a fly in the eye of mega-corp oil barons and oligarchs, we might still be. But the answer isn't to join them. Unfortunately COVID hasn't shaken the system up enough, so here we go again with another year of Globo Mega-corp Utd. I honestly take pride in what we represent as a club. I couldn't give 2-shoots what any plastic Liverpool/Man u/Chelsea etc fans think about us on the pitch.
  4. Same. Living in Norfolk, Model Village resonates fairly heavily fortunately not on this forum too often.
  5. That would have been my go to too. Model village anyone?!
  6. Putting pressure on the club via social media. After Farke's comments regarding selection the other day it's clear that this is an effective medium. Far better than some ignorable meeting with 20 blokes stinking of scampi fries or something similar that would only make the parish magazine, and a thread on this forum.
  7. Yep, TBH Konate, Gomez, Keita, Ox-Cham, Minamino, Tsimikas, Origi, maybe Jones all get into most prem teams. Ricardo's summary doesn't mention Giannoulis who was by far our best player last night in my opinion.
  8. I think Rupp's build lets him down a bit, but I would agree. On PLM however you are wrong, he has more about him and the physicality to compete, he was very good last night. The cynical challenge he put in shows he cares and that he's got a winner's mentality.
  9. If we were to go 3 at the back, which I doubt, Giannoulis was superb last night and it would be a real shame not to see him rewarded with a league start. Same with Lees-Melou, showed that little nasty streak and streetwise enough to take a yellow. Krul Omo Hanley Kabak Aarons Giannoulis Normann McClean/Gilmour Lees-Melou Sargent Pukki
  10. I agree with the points in the OP. I also think it took too long buy players at the right price and therefore they have missed preseason with us. We're now playing pre-season in public. It will settle and we have the players now but it could be too late.
  11. Farke is fighting fires at the moment. Too many new faces. Too many inexperienced players. Shape and system not working as a result of the previous two and morale is now likely to become a factor. Too much for one coach to sort out and we don't seem to have players capable of taking the lead on the pitch. Our more experienced players are more of the quiet variety other than Krul - Hanley isn't a shouter, neither is Pukki. I was embarrassed for Gibson last night. His game is not taking the ball under pressure on his own byline with nowhere to go, yet we continued to do it and Gunn didn't look at the situation and think 'this is better getting launched'. As a simplistic example that was a scenario that Krul would perhaps have prevented. Decision making comes from players too.
  12. OP Keith can you tap up your brother Barry, then we can get the super rich owner everyone is crying out for and the toilets would be cleaner than ever.
  13. I think Kabak looks capable of driving out of defence more so than any CB we've had in the last few years, so so giving us that extra CB offers another option when playing out from the back. I'd be very happy to see that as a formation. Definitely have the players to make it work with Giannoulis/Williams and Max given extra support too. Pace in Sargent/Rashica on counter, capable of tucking in and letting the wingbacks overlap. I think it naturally works looking at the balance of the squad when fit too. Krul Omo Kabak Hanley/Gibson Max Gia/Will Normann/Gilmour McClean/Rupp/Lees Melou Sargent/Cantwell/Dowell Rashica/Cantwell/Tzolis Pukki
  14. What is the point of that article? It's not even comparing like for like, we haven't been in the PL every year for 5 years, neither have Villa, Watford, Brentford, Leeds etc. Pointless nonsense. Is the argument that we should have spent more in our promotion seasons, despite getting promoted as champions twice? Or that if we had spent more money this summer we would have beaten Liverpool, Man City, Leicester and Arsenal? Or, perhaps if we'd spent more money, whingebags would not have anything else to whinge about? Whingers gotta whinge, thank the good Lord for their existence and the fact that they post on here and give the reasonable-minded something to shoot down. Thanks DCB, that's me another 10 minutes closer to the weekend.
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