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  1. Russell Brand's existence had totally escaped my conciousness up until this whole thing kicked off. Easy to forget how the wretch managed to spread his manic and annoying behaviour through british mainstream media. An interesting social media take is that he has gradually worked his way to a 'right' leaning political stand-point in order to be able to take a Trumpian 'it's all a witch hunt' conspiracy defence. I watched the Dispatches thing last night - I know there's an editorial reason the clips of Brand were chosen, but the guy's on-screen behaviour is not something that would be tolerated now, so what (allegedly) went on with the cameras off is of no surprise. I can't remember being that bothered about the whole Andrew Sachs thing, but watching that being re-played really disgusted me. If, there are more people coming forward as a result then there could be another wave similar to the Metoo movement and Weinstein. And too right.
  2. TBH the router's network is also live in my house at the same time, but because of the reinforcing mesh in my walls it only works in the living room! Without giving too much personal information - I should have learned to keep it in my pants and have multiple kids all streaming youtube etc all at once on various devices. TBH it was the reason I went that route because I was sick of the whining. Even with the number of devices connected I have never experienced a noticeable drop in speed so haven't really paid a great deal of attention to the actual speed. There are system monitoring tools on the mobile app but again - unless there was a problem I haven't actually looked at it other than when setting it all up.
  3. Yeah - I have a Tenda Nova system - not sure on the model now. I've had it for 2-3 years and it has been stable, probably reset it 2-3 times in that period. I'm sure there are better systems, but I wanted to test at a more affordable price point and haven't needed to upgrade, it does what I need. https://www.google.com/search?q=tenda+mesh+wifi+system
  4. I have a similar issue. For best results, in my experience, use a mesh system, I've tried single signal boosters too. I have a fairly inexpensive 3 unit mesh system that is positioned around the house and all rooms have excellent reception. The main unit is connected to your router and creates a new network that is shared to the other units. It provides a far more consistent connection than a single signal booster.
  5. Escape the heat in Blue John Cavern. I walked Kinder Scout in May and dropped in there on my way through. Have to admit I'm a bit of a sucker for caves though. I think there is also another place that offers canoe tours in that cave system that I'd have loved to do but didn't have time.
  6. +1, disgusting behaviour. I was also at that game and it was the majority of the away support singing his name. Horrible dirty club, horrible abusive away support. Long may the mess continue.
  7. Saw Onel in Fatso's last night. Not sure what he ate. That is all...
  8. For my sins I took a look on the Hull supporters forum and for the most part they agreed that the result was a fair one on the balance of play. Most point to a pretty poor performance by their own team as being the reason and that the away result was no surprise against us as an expected top 6 team. So his comments are all really just self-preservation. There are a number of comments that Rosenior is running out off credit in the bank and the performances just haven't been good enough. This is probably the reason he's highlighting everything he can to take the spotlight off himself. Can't blame him.
  9. I would honestly trust chatGPT to run the country better than another treachorous crowd of self-serving privately schooled career politician morons. We're living in dustbin fire UK, a Boris Johnson creation, with willing support from David Cameron and his box of matches gleefully thrown as he left the building. Sunak rubber stamping more oil and gas, lying about where it will actually go, but not sufficiently funding the new windfarm sites to counter-balance is as short sighted as this government has been throughout. Not even mentioned Liz Truss's economics masterclass. Let's get this bunch of actual crooks out.
  10. I am also spiralling into a dangerous Hawaiian shirt addiction. Is this middle age finally calling me into its loving multi coloured embrace?
  11. Thumbbass


    Going back to my original post. The answer is, I see your Oct 21 and raise you July 23. The month NCC decided roads in and out of the city are no longer necessary and are systematically closing them all. For anyone travelling into the city for the friendly at the end of the month, there are planned works on the lights directly outside the stadium that weekend. Generally check your route before you come anywhere near the city.
  12. Pointless 'smart' stuff. I love a bit of tech like most blokes but I've just been served an ad for a smart fan and it's grinding my gears. What is the point in adding connectivity to a device that, unless you are sat/stood near, is pointless anyway. What's the point in boiling a kettle remotely?
  13. We are in a dangerous phase of development where currently the biggest tangible threat is to people's livelihoods. Whilst there is undoubtedly potential for AI to be a power for good, early adoption and development will be driven by money. I've worked in creative industries for 20 odd years including web technology. I can already ask ChatGPT to code something for me, write me a blog post on XYZ, and Adobe Firefly to create me an illustration from a text description. Generative AI is already creating complete websites, and they are being ranked by google. Companies are already shedding or planning to reduce customer service staff in favour of AI driven bots. I read somewhere that if a higher thinking being existed, they will have already learned that war was futile, but while humans are still in control this is clearly still an issue. Like most periods of rapid change, people are worried, including me. Only an idiot would try and predict how this is all going to play out though. There's a lot to be excited about and in equal measure as much to be concerned about.
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