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  1. Nah. Vrancic is not a starter. That system has been sussed out. Pukki stranded with little service, 3 central midfielders too deep. Cantwell will play as a no.10 so the width comes from Quintilla on the left, putting crosses into no one or playing backwards. Buendia getting frustrated as there's too much of a gap between defence and midfield so drops too deep as well. Doesn't work, or is easy to play against from an opposition perspective. If you want to play that way I'd drop Cantwell and put in placheta for width and an out ball using his pace in behind.
  2. Hugill still starts for me, he allows us to mix up play. Whether or not he's going to score 20 goals this year is another debate. But, if you're defending against someone who is able to flick the ball on, hold it up and chase everything in behind the back line after a long ball, you need to sit back an extra 10 yards. Whether or not he actually gets on the end of them, without him we have no target for crosses again and the play becomes very one-dimensional. The options he provides changes the opposition set up and allows us space in the no.10 position. We became too predictable with just Pukki week in week out, especially when the supply was cut out in midfield. I'd start as we did against Wycombe and see how the game progresses.
  3. For when we're allowed back in based on Lizzo's Good as Hell. 'Hair toss, checks his nails, you wish you could play like, Todd Cantwell' It's possible the source material is out of the forum demographic For anyone not down with Lizzo; https://youtu.be/SmbmeOgWsqE
  4. I like him, but he needs a strike partner, so for me it would always be alongside Idah or Pukki. He couldn't play that lone wolf no.9 role that Pukki has had to do for the last couple of years, his movement and touch aren't as good, although backs against the wall he'd be a decent enough target man for a long hoof. Cedric Anselin calls him Huggle. I think that's what the Brum centre backs were trying to do most of last night.
  5. Have to admit, based on last night's performance I have to change my opinion of Rupp. He was a rabbit in the headlights at the end of last season and it was probably unfair for him to have to try and find his feet in a struggling team, new league, with new team mates etc. It was obvious however then that he was at least willing to work hard. Totally different player last night, much more composed on the ball, a few stray passes but no worse than Buendia or Skipp in that respect. I'm happy that I was wrong, just makes the squad that bit stronger. Fingers crossed he can carry it on.
  6. He very rarely did the work to justify being called a midfielder, but he was always available for an easy ball out of defence to avoid the opposition press. Much preferred him playing out than one of the CBs. I like him, but he's a bit of a passenger if you're up against it.
  7. Tbh, motd focussed on it in the highlights footage which seemed weird as no comment was actually made, it seemed a nothing moment. Almost injected into the edit for the opposition to have something to be irritated about. But, in these days of wiping goalposts and corner flags, no ballboys (or crowds for that matter) yada yada, it did seem at most, inappropriate.
  8. Not many suggestions of resting Teemu, but I would also start with Idah, or Hugill and see how the game develops. We'll probably end up with the Swiss rapper upfront.
  9. I don't know, maybe he was on their list of targets. Is being stronger and not falling over is actually a selling point in modern top flight football? Cantwell is a talented lad who got promoted to the premier league, scored and assisted in a struggling team and was good first half of the season, capped at U21 level. Yes his ego may have run away but I think agents are most likely the source of any disruption, blowing smoke up his 4r$3.
  10. Eze to Palace is a comparable deal for a similar player, reported £19.5m. Any deal would need to be in that area. Rhian Brewster £23.5. I don't see that the asking price is too unreasonable. You don't start a negotiation with, 'well the least we could accept is...'
  11. Good game for Gibson to start since derby have no one up front. Two defensive midfielders seems overkill today. hugill in for rupp or steipermann second half.
  12. I think we all appreciate that the situation is so fluid it's difficult to make plans, especially since Norwich were one of the trial attendance clubs. However, paying for a service that you can't access is going to irritate people very quickly unless it's resolved in a suitable and timely manner. As stated, non-communication is the worst tactic, how long before people cut their losses and cancel direct debits if that method of dealing with this situation continues? The club would be in all sorts of bother if we all pulled the plug indefinitely.
  13. You must clearly be a gammon. Lot's of people in tricky situations at the moment with more and more finding it difficult and needing to be more careful. Last thing they need is a Daily Mail reader wafting their stink about the place.
  14. Yep, Man City for the drop this season too. Sigh. Binnerz.
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