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  1. The movement of the whole team off the ball is woeful. Two strikers with 50 pence heads. Sorry not good enough.
  2. Simply not good enough in the final third, story of the season. Thats why we will go down I''m afraid
  3. Don''t worry I''m sure our board has it under control this summer , just like last year. We can leave the defence and strike force as it is, that should be ok. We can then add another celebrity to the board, that should sort us out.
  4. I agree with you .But if one millionaire says to another he''s not playing what can anyone do ?.Money talks its the way of the world.
  5. One year Man City didn''t add to their squad after winning the league , the next year they didn''t win it.It doesn''t matter what level you are at, if you don''t advance each year you will fall behind.We basically broke even in the last transfer window, despite the millions of TV revenue Now either the manager thought we had enough to get by (which I doubt) or the board fell short. Nearly every Norwich fan out there knew our defence wasn''t good enough before the season started.It''s taken a suspension for AN to realise Martin isn''t up to it and we are better off without him. We looked woeful at Watford yesterday.Yet again we huff and puff v the big teams but never get the win. I really do thing we are going to struggle the rest of the season , I''d love to be proved wrong.
  6. I told you many months ago he would never play for us again.hes been a naughty boy.
  7. [quote user="jas the barclay king"][quote user="AJ"]Serious question, where does this leave the whole Rudd/Ruddy debacle?[/quote]Rudd played well today, distribution, handling, quickly off his line and made saves that a low on confidence Ruddy would not have made...he deserves a go next week.[/quote] Agreed
  8. I don''t think there is one worth mentioning anymore.Bundesliga is far far better.
  9. Just incase you are interested he actually supported Schalke.I''m full of useless information.
  10. This is horrible , nerves can''t take another week of this lol
  11. [quote user="JF"]Get Hoolahan on for Dorrans[/quote] I''d prefer him to come on for Redmond
  12. [quote user="quentin"][quote user="Sing up the river end "]How on earth did Martin get in team of the season, cus they like playing against him ? .He''s useless.[/quote]No, really, he isn''t useless -- your post is [:|][/quote] You think? if he play full back , a player is skinning him he tries to drift inside and hide.Gets caught ball watching many times whilst in the centre .Has no reading of the game.Just to start
  13. Proves just how wrong modern day football is that you can even mention the two in the same breath
  14. How on earth did Martin get in team of the season, cus they like playing against him ? .He''s useless.
  15. [quote user="Feedthewolf"]I think they will still be eligible. Does anyone know if Lafferty would be available if his loan ends before the playoffs? Would rather have him on the bench than Loza...[/quote] With what Lafferty got up to off the field , I would be very very surprised if he ever plays for us again
  16. I didn''t realise it was fancy dress.Loads came dressed as empty seats
  17. I must be in the minority then.I think it''s awful.Although I don''t like the home either.Never have liked a different colour top half.
  18. Same old story in that to many players played out of position. Solid performance but shows we come up short at the very top level. Set peaces attacking and defending are shocking.
  19. Well with all the negativity about , just thought i would try and look at some positives. Is the reason it took the club two weeks to appoint him the fact that they''ve gone round all the players and they''ve given their backing and want to play for him.thus keep the vast majority of the team together. Also the fact he knows the club inside out ,has watched more of us than probably anyone else.He knows the players and knows what sort of players he will want to bring to the club. Going into the Chelsea game I thought what is he doing with this side, that said i liked the fact he was prepared to make mass changes and pull something out of the bag. i would much prefer to have him at the helm than Malky, we should get good entertaining football for start. you never know we might just of unearthed a little gem in Neil yet.
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