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  1. It''s a devastating tragedy for the family and friends of the unfortunate lady but I see no connection what so ever with the club and as a result don''t think it is a goer
  2. Just watching him play against Man Utd. He has been poor. McNally didn''t half play a blinder getting that fee for him!
  3. Top top quality blog as ever. Thank you for making the effort to write it.
  4. And don''t get me onto the fact you can''t get a Mobile signal at half time either!
  5. We are back to that cross bar challenge nonsense again even those zorbs were better last year. I wish we could get a bit more variety rather than the same old rubbish every week. I have yet to see any one match the quality of crystal palace half time entertainment.
  6. Reasons to be positive 1) Neil has us playing attractive football 2) the squad are clearly happy and united 3) the fans are happy and united 4) we are going back up 5) we beat the scum at portaloo road 6) we are still in the cup in sept I can''t remember ever feeling like this under Hughton
  7. Sensible post ICF. Can''t argue with any of it. Damn that Waveney Canary
  8. A few reasons I suspect. International break, new board taking some traffic away, relegation to championship meaning less televised games so the plastics tend to post less or disappear altogether
  9. I wonder what the outcome would have been had we sacked hughton at the end of November appointed Adams and given him the January transfer window to add to the squad. I bet we would have stayed up? We will never know but I can''t help thinking about it
  10. If I had a wife that looked like Ruddys I wouldn''t be pissing about on twitter that is for sure!
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