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  1. Interesting/terrifying article on the story of Jack Rodwell and Sunderland’s mismanageme of wages. 70k a week No relegation clause Total appearances 67 Wins 1 Cost per appearance 299,000 When you factor in all the other big money earners, 100m debt and an impending trip to league one... puts the Pritchard Sale in perspective. http://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/sport/15845087.SUNDERLAND__Why_Rodwell_saga_exposes_chronic_mismanagement_that_has_driven_Black_Cats_to_brink/
  2. Is the new stoke manager.... Bizzare if you ask me. Love him for everything he did for us here, but after his spell at Villa everything went south. Be very interesting to see if he can keep them up
  3. Has bottled his time at Sunderland and forced through a move to sit back with the reserves at Bournemouth. He never did like getting his hands dirty did he...
  4. According to TransferMarket Matt Jarvis is now unlikely to return from injury until early 2018. Meaning he’s only played 19 games since joining in 2015... I believe he’s also only scored 2goals... Does anyone know if we are still paying this bloke the reported 20k+ a week or is there some sort of clause in his contract reducing his wages due to not actually playing We might as well be burning the money behind the bins at Carrow road .
  5. The sun running a story tomorrow on the back page - says the board gave Alex Neil a secret deal back in the summer - means we have to pay our 2 million to sack him. .........
  6. And now i''ve noticed the other thread looking at this exact same topic.....
  7. If you had the final say. Would you change the board for an unknown foreign owner, with lots of £, or stick with old faithful? For every Abramovich (Chelsea +) there''s a Venky (Blackburn -) but then again for every Cellino (Leeds ------) there''s a Srivaddhanaprabha (Leicester ++++++). Personally I would stick. Yes little old Norwich hangs round us like a bad smell. But I remember the dark days, literally no money to spend, and the banks at the gates of Carrow Road demanding their ££££££. We punch above our weight, we are financially stable and well run. Maybe that makes me unambitious? But it''s surely better than administration. So then? Stick or Twist??
  8. Think I might leave for Norwich on the Wednesday
  9. My first home game this season. 6 hour round trip, the majority of which will be spent on Greater Anglia. I feel I''ve times this perfectly..... My question is - will I be able to bring my own pitchfork or will there be a stall outside the ground ? Also, which player/staff/owner will we be hurling the most abuse at. Please send across any negative chants in advance for me to practise
  10. Oh this is sad. As many have said before. He was a massive character here, and although he liked to wind people up. He clearly loved the club. RIP
  11. SO then... the plot thickens. "Watched Norwich football team consume a breakfast of white toast & jam before they lost 0-3 yesterday. Nutrition? Professional? Joke #ncfc" - @RichTidmarsh on Twitter. I for one will be absolutely livid if they had a cup of tea as well,
  12. [quote user="king canary"]Christ are people still doing the RVW thing? Anyway as for Naismith- I''m going to swallow my pride here and say I was wrong. I thought after the Blackburn game he might kick on but he has been either average or terrible in every game since then. He was played out of position yesterday but did nothing to show why he was given that spot. If he starts against Cardiff I''ll be baffled.[/quote] Agree with this - thought he would be great in the championship. But what exactly does he do apart from run around?!
  13. I was just wondering what people thoughts were on whether AN has been allowed to get away with a lot more than his predecessors because of "that day at Wembley". It certainly seems that winning the play-offs gave him several get out of free jail cards in the eyes of the board when things started going horribly wrong in the prem. I''m not anti AN, i strongly believe that with a fully fit squad he will get us back on track, but I''m pretty certain that not many other managers would be able to get away with some of the bad signings / performances / decisions we''ve seen in recent weeks/months which AN does. Wembley will always be a special day in all our lives. But surely that shouldn''t cloud our judgement on a managers future? Thoughts?
  14. [quote user="Robornio"]The most worrying thing about the manager for me is when I saw an interview with one of the board saying that "Alex was devastated and felt guilty for what had happened. He was considering his options, but we told him we had confidence in him and convinced him to continue..." Now, if you imagine that in a work sense, if I''d massively failed my objectives and lost all confidence in my abilities, there is every chance my manager would fire me. What''s bizarre is that there were points last year where it appeared Alex had no idea why it was going wrong nor what to do to try and rectify it, which is why the substitutions were so obscure. Sometimes if a manager loses a winning mentality and a belief in his own ability, it can very quickly transfer to the players. As soon as you lose their confidence and respect, it''s almost certainly a lost cause. This has certain shades of Worthington to me. And you are right, the board does seriously need to change to avoid yet another repeat of what happened after that.[/quote] Get what you''re saying, but comparing football to "the normal workplace" stopped being a thing years ago. Football lives in its own little bubble, nothing is really comparable to it.
  15. Retweeting anti AN posts Abusing ncfc fans on twitter Blocking fans who disagree Name calling etc I get that the guy is angry for not starting... especially seeing as AN went for Naismith over him... but attacking fans again is not the way forward. He hardly set the world alight when he came on. Surely he will be gone by the end of window.
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