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  1. Edwards sign a contract for 1 season, it's now autumn so he had his time. Billic to see them trough to Winter The sacking of managers is a joke, may be they should only be able to be replaced during the transfer window??
  2. Hi Sitting in Santorini and just remembered so apologises to the pickers This week I selected Bolton to win For the City game I'll take cantwell to score in a 2- 0 win Wishing the pickers the very best of luck.
  3. Well, I think I managed a couple of weeks last season, so let's try and be a little more reliable this season. It's great to see this thread growing again and that's a massive tribute to Nutty's efforts. I'll start the season in the depth of League 2 and take AFC Wimbledon to beat Hartlepool. For the City match, having watched the game last week I thought we were very unlucky not to take something from the game so am a little more hopeful than most. City to Score in both halves Good luck to both pickers and to all you Pups.
  4. Does anybody know when these tickets will be on sale? (match due to be played 10th August.) I have checked the official website and it appears that the first three home games are on sale, but it says nothing about this Cup match.
  5. we need to give him time, I'm told by a friend of mine who lives in the Birmingham area, that he's a top guy and passionate about football and they feel he was harshly treated by Villa. - Given time and a little bit of license in the transfer market - even if it's sell to buy. I just hope he brings a style that entertains. Last Saturday was Houghton revisited, so bad after 60 minutes I turned over and watched Cambridge.
  6. anybody who's played the game will relate to this - having beaten your man to get hauled down is so frustrating. I'm just glad Williams took time before he reacted impulsively.
  7. The football we played under Farke was more enjoyable and structured- in fairness the results werent any better though. I think Smith will do okay but his Villa Squad was stronger than we have currently got.
  8. Leicester had one Mr Shakespeare at this time I believe. - and there's no substitute for experience.
  9. no doubt, standing terraces at matches reduced the crowd noise/participation at most grounds
  10. No problem with this, we did the same business as Leicester, West Ham and Leeds all of these clubs have rich owners but didn't/couldn't spend. I think we need a DCM if Norman is gong to be in and out but if we get the plyers back then against 30% of the league we give ourselves a chance. The transfer window is hyped by the media
  11. My thoughts exactly - defender should of fallen to the floor clutching his head !!
  12. VAR offside should be based on feet only generally the forward is leaning towards goal with the defender leaning away from goal - the rule used to be a player "standing" in an offside position. It would surely make the decision easier and therefore quicker - if its not clear then the on field decision stands. I dont think VAR should check every goal either.
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