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  1. Score isnt a fair reflection and it was always going to be a tough ask, Possibly victim of our own success last season - we were a long way away from a premiership team. Good experience for the yougster of which I hope we keep a couple. Keep your chins up
  2. Yes all matches are covered but i took out the season ticket last august so its being extended monthly and mi e runs out on the 10th of the month - i expect an additional code towards the end of June. Sorry if i misled you
  3. Yep, it was on the bottom of the email - I didn't see it but had a chat on line with somebody who gave it to me and I just copied and pasted it to the voucher code. This only takes me to the 10th July though
  4. The acceptance of the professional foul - -if it's in the middle of the pitch as taking one for the team. - it's simply a form of cheating,
  5. Not sure their penalty was one either, the linesman/assistant didnt give it.
  6. Could of been worse we could of bought Heaton as cover for Krull in August and he's now out for the rest of the season.
  7. Does the offside rule still state a player standing in an offside position - if so then it should be the position of the feet not the shoulder, ear or any other part of the body. It would also be easier to draw a straight line across the pitch without the need for these vertical lines up to other parts.
  8. I'd suggest he'd train along side the best not "play" .. which is exactly my point - before being sent out on loan to a championship side. only going on his past record. seriously think Man Utd, Liverpool or Chelsea would be a better option for any young player
  9. Why would Ben or any young player want to join Jose - look what he did to Luke Shaw and the team he managed at Chelsea. If I was advising Godfrey ( which I'm not) I'd tell him to keep his head down carry on at Carrow road for this season and then see what happens from there. - he won't get this experience in the Spurs squad.
  10. Why not adopt the Cricket/Tennis system, where teams have a certain number of reviews -made through the Captain. would James have ask for the decision to be reviewed yesterday - I don't think so as he, nor any other united player appealed for the penalty. It would also stop the game being stopped consistently for "checks"
  11. Looks like it was his ankle but he went down holding his knee.- apparently not to serious? - but I'd be inclined to rest him on Saturday too
  12. Just been watching England u21s, all 3 of our boys played a part. Unfortuately Aarons took what looked like a knock to his knee making an excellent last ditch challenge Doesn't look good on first viewing.
  13. Is that right NN, is that from 10 years ago! I can remember it like last week. I'm sure we ll look younger now!! Do you ever hear from Billy? he was a top bloke. Picks this week Bristol Rovers to bet Acrrington Stanley ( Who are they) BTTS Coventry V Blackpool. Good luck To the pickers.
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