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  1. I received my membership renewal pack today. INside, apart from the fixture list and ticket sale information, there was a credit card holder, and what looks like a key blank? Any idea why the key?
  2. Creatively our best player, but as has been said not pacey. So put engines and pace around him - let him use his brain and ability to find space for himself and others. Its been crying out for this since Emi left, and not replaced Thank goodness DW has seen this. That said it work for teams who keep possesion and against Burnley???
  3. Experience behind a young back 4. Personally i like this team.- lets see.
  4. If Birmingham progress against Forest Green in the cup, Does anybody know the date our league match would be rearranged for? Or is there way to find this out?
  5. Mansfield look a good bet away to lowly Crawley in League 2 - and don't worry about the score Mansfield have scored a lot of late goals this season. The match bet, which I shall be watching from behind the sofa, Billy Sharpe to score first final score Draw. Good luck pickers.
  6. Just to add Dean Smith would of been my choice of manager before Farke came here. personally, I do think the link with Villa has changed him as a manager?
  7. Could this be the issue, if my memory serves me correctly weren't the Villa fans disappointed when he was sacked as they thought he'd do okay once he got his injured players back? Maybe his training is causing some of the injuries? I'm not suggesting Sara or Hayden as they came with the injuries but others are struggling too coincidence?
  8. I knew there would be a **** in my plan, but I think I would of got away with it if it hadn't been for you pesky kids
  9. He's missing Teema as much as the the other way round - two very good football minds - maybe Villa will move for Pukki In January they need a goal scorer.
  10. Could we send Smith to Villa and have Emi back instead of them paying us compensation. I'm only asking for 27000 friends
  11. Sorry a bit in and out this season, more out than in too. I'd suggest Bolton will be too good or Lincoln this weekend I also think we'll be too good for Blackpool and would punt a crafty £1 on Aarons to score at anytime Good luck to the pickers and all fellow pups
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