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  1. Evening Pup's Thanks for your selection's a good variation and it seems most of you think this is the game that will see us gain our first 3 points of the season? With confidence high and a selection of possible goal scores I'm splitting the bet like this please Nutty. Any one of these bets come in and we'll show a profit - Fingers Cross Norwich Win £5 Fun Bets Omobamidele to score at any time £1 Norwich to win from behind £1 Watford to miss a penalty £1 Safety Net - (just look at our record v Watford) Both teams to Score Watford Win £2 Great motivational press conference today by the Boss, I hope all of you who are going to the game listen to DF and can help our boys turn this into a celebration. Again thanks for this opportunity Nutty - lets hope this, and Grahams selections can add some money to the CSF Pot. wishing you all a great weekend and enjoy the match.
  2. Tilly, - just to let you know Young Nana is fit and well and expecting a younger nana to fall from the tree in a few weeks time
  3. Good afternoon Pup's and thanks for the lovely intro NN. Now then Pups last time I did this task, I found a bit of value with a Russell Martin worldy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkkd7l5dJ if you want to see it. and was a season ticket holder - nowadays I'm an armchair fan due to the varying KO times - but no less enthusiastic - but with no Russel Martin! So I'm going to need each and everyone of you to help this week please I shall post my bets on Friday evening so please keep them coming. For Graham and the big 6 I'll predict a Exeter to beat Sutton and wish him all the best with his selections. Get those selections in please guys & gals.
  4. Morning Pups, good luck to our picking couple this week. Selections for consideration To boost the coffers Sheffield Wednesday to enjoy their trip to plymouth and return with all 3 points For the match bets new boy Kabak to score at any time Good luck to all pups
  5. Staying in an area i know a little better than international - just down the road in fact, Colchester to beat Sutton Good luck Cosmic.
  6. Good evening fellow pups, In to the Championship for me this week and dispite a confident building victory mid week i can only see Mr Rooney's Derby finding the going tough. So my pick this week is Derby v Middlesboro' Away win As for the match bet as has been said previously a difficult one but any Norwich success is a good price. - wiith Grealish and Sterling a penalty looks a good possibility and with Tim between the post id jump on the Man City to miss a penalty band wagon. Good luck Duncan & Mr Angry.
  7. Hi all, ive been away from this thread for a few years as i lost my love with football in general. Back for the new season - all be it too late for the pickers. My pick for the 6 would of been Portsmouth to beat Crewe For the match bet i'd suggest draw at half time away win full time . Good luck all and well dont nutty for keeping this thread going especially in the last 12 months
  8. Was fortunate to met Mick on a couple of occasions and always felt comfortable in his company. One of the posters you'd stop and read on any topic. Condolences and my thoughts are with his family and close friends at this time.
  9. any free kick that goes in directly is a good free kick - but if you watch Marios again the keeper does "take a step" I thought Dowell's was literally unstopable.
  10. David Neilson ...then we signed him permanently
  11. Score isnt a fair reflection and it was always going to be a tough ask, Possibly victim of our own success last season - we were a long way away from a premiership team. Good experience for the yougster of which I hope we keep a couple. Keep your chins up
  12. Yes all matches are covered but i took out the season ticket last august so its being extended monthly and mi e runs out on the 10th of the month - i expect an additional code towards the end of June. Sorry if i misled you
  13. Yep, it was on the bottom of the email - I didn't see it but had a chat on line with somebody who gave it to me and I just copied and pasted it to the voucher code. This only takes me to the 10th July though
  14. The acceptance of the professional foul - -if it's in the middle of the pitch as taking one for the team. - it's simply a form of cheating,
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