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  1. Tettey looking much more comfortable this half though. Our left back on the other hand look a little out of place in our team imo (so far)
  2. Positives We now have a clear style of play We have defenders who are comfortable with the ball Vrancic and Watkins look decent Negatives Tettey doesn''t suit the system Husband doesn''t look that great (however only 2 games in so harsh to judge) Gunn needs to be better with his passing - go out wide instead of going long when under pressure.
  3. Like the look of Vrancic. beautiful man with beautiful feet.
  4. Thanks for the welcome, I shan''t stay long but popped in as I''m really excited for the new season to start. Hope everyone is well. In response to Hog, I agree that Reed is exactly the sort of player we need. We don''t need a ''hard-tackling lump'' as you say; not only because we have Tettey (who I don''t think will play half as much this year) bur also because we are playing possession based football so need someone who can hold onto the ball as well as pass it about. My point is more about the quality of player. I think Reed will be good this season but I believe we need someone who is the player he''s likely to be in 5 years, not the player he is now. This is not to say I don''t think he should be here - I think he''s the perfect player to have in the squad, however we need someone who has more experience and we know has the ability to play at a high level - Yes this person could cost £5-10m, but we have the money to do this, especially if we are lucky enough to get rid of Jarvis and Wildschut. So far I''m excited by the business that we''ve done, imo the main thing we need is someone with the ability of Howson, but who just plays deeper.
  5. Pay good money for a CM and winger Cheap CB loan ST and RB Thats what i''d do. I hope Reed will surprise a few people, but I think we also need someone who we know can deliver as more of a defensive mid.
  6. Chip20 wrote the following post at 19/05/2016 11:16 PM:For the sake of completeness, have you always gone by the same pseudonym on here or have there been others? ----------------------- Cheers for the kind words Chip. To answer your question my original username was ''Nevermind,'' and I remember every time I used to post I put this signature ''Nevermind'' at the bottom of every post because I thought no-one would be interested in what I wrote. When I joined the forum in 2010 it was much more volatile than it is now and I soon realised that this was not the case, my (fairly strong) views were the subject of attention and therefore decided to become a proper poster and get an avatar (that''s what I thought ''proper posters'' did at the time, I don''t know why). I also realised after some time that the username ''Nevermind'' was also taken when both of us posted on the same controversial matter, but with a different opinion confusing other posters in understanding what Nevermind''s viewpoint actually was, the schizophrenic b@stard :) Therefore I changed it to Mrs Miggins. Personally I''m not much of a fan of Blackadder, but the character of Mrs Miggins was chosen as she is mentioned so many times in the series but is never actually seen (until like the last series or something), I thought at the time this was basically the same principal of using the username Nevermind.....it''s not just because I like pies, honest. Also thanks for the really nice comments from Pete, FeedTwolf and Crabby. Although logically speaking it shouldn''t mean anything as we''re all strangers to each other, as demonstrated by westcoasts bl00dy epitaph (thank you for that as well westcoast); we''re not strangers, we get to know each poster over time and its lovely that people have taken the time to comment. (even if 4 out of the 6 pages are just me saying thanks ;D ).
  7. Six Pack wrote the following post at 18/05/2016 11:44 PM: This is just typical of the club and everything associated with it ! We didn''t get miggins to sign an extension - he can now walk away with no restrictions - a free agent No transfer fee ... no nothing... oooh well ! Look after yourself miggins ! ----------------------------------- lols You too buddy thanks for the well wishes!
  8. :D aww Lapps, gonna miss posters like you on here
  9. nutty nigel wrote the following post at 18/05/2016 10:41 PM: Oh no!! Not for you Ian Beale ;) ------------------------------ Hehe :) Was nice conversing with you Nigel, sorry I never made it onto the PUPs. I wish you well in the future. In response to purple, it is indeed Mrs Miggins from Blackadder. Nice to hear from you.
  10. Haha, I''ve heard of goodbye forever, but never forever goodbye. Jesus. ---------------------------- I''m as shocked as you are; didn''t expect all the well wishes especially from posters who don''t post much on here such as Willmeister or Wings of a Sparrow so it''s nice to acknowledge them personally. I don''t get the point in just saying goodbye and then seeing people leave comments which I can''t respond to because it''s ''not the thing to do.'' When someone leaves a nice comment wishing me well then it''s nice to respond to it and wish the same for them. It may annoy you but if that is the case I suggest you just don''t click on this thread. It''s only for a day and theres not any football on.
  11. By all means Hog go ahead :) (it''s a good one tbf) Cheers for the well wishes as well RockTBoat.
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