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  1. Yeah, that''s the spirit lads. A tough 1-0 would be okay but you know what will happen tomorrow: We win easily = "well, it was only Rotherham" We win narrowly = "won''t go up playing like that against good teams" We don''t win = SACK ALEX NEIL Tomorrow is essentially a free pass for the doom merchants. Fill your boots, lads.
  2. "do you actually just come on here for an argument?" Some days yes, some days no.
  3. So.... "I witnessed several games the two seasons he was at Norwich and every single one was competitive and played in good spirit, with good performances from the players." "Why didn''t we score goals? The midfield would give the ball away too easily, the wingers were too ineffective, the attackers didn''t get enough chances to get their confidence and we let in soft goals." Contradicting yourself in two paragraphs is excellent work. This is why you get stick; you spout gibberish.
  4. "Could Sainsburys Yeast extract be our Marmite? they aree very similar in lots of ways.......... " Oh, you 😀 Jar size and weight...
  5. "Grab them by the pussy, you can do anything." Awesome.
  6. If the standard is "mildly intelligent and literate" then I am happy setting a bar that low. And well done on your limbo dancing career.
  7. His track record of spotting talent, bringing in quality players and his passion for creative attacking football would make him a must have for our national side. Didn''t we just have a 0-0 against Slovenia?. Maybe he already has it.
  8. Well done. It takes a lot of effort to sound that retarded.
  9. I think you need to deploy a spelling check. Otherwise how is anyone supposed to know what your questions are?
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