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  1. Todd Cantwell. Flashes of brilliance but painfully lightweight and weak in the tackle. Easy on the eye but with the biggest failing of them all, the thought that you're better than you really are...when you should be working at the parts of your game you need to strengthen. Also pretty poor at social media with iffy fan engagement.
  2. Uncanny. A Spurs player MISSED THIS. He's a top level player and valued at over £30m; so it happens to most. The shame is there more pressure when the chances are few are far between.
  3. Shame, but understadable re- Rupp. He could look like a world-beater at times when played in his correct position but never really got a decent run for a plethora of reasons. The Forest away game last season was a particular gem for him, he looked Iniesta-ish. Thanks Lukas. Now the coverted no'7 shirt is free for next season. Is Mark Barham still around?
  4. I dunno, I thought he looked pretty hot in his Puma ad campaign.
  5. The result means nothing to me, but although I've only seen 1 performance, we should definitely be scouting this lad. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/calvin-bassey/profil/spieler/461883 £900k on here. He looked £5m/£10m last night.
  6. I'd have voted for Pukki if I saw it. However we seem to sell anyone I vote for so hopefully thats jinxed his "Barry Butler Trophy" move away from Carra Rud.
  7. Front row? 5th from left is my Grandad Billy Pearce, or do you mean the keeper on the back row?
  8. Taken from some site I found before todays game...i can't remember the name of it?!
  9. Although I admire the respect for Pukki, that list is nonsense. Every paid up memember of this club knows Johhny Gavin wins that pub quiz special. Iwan? Please.
  10. I dont think the team is Norwich Corinthians shef, I think that was jnr football and the wrong colour kit, although daly can confirm that one. As for the Tilbury and East Barnet connections, he could have played for them via him being posted down there in the Services, but I cant remember this, and it draws a blank in the remaining family. I know he played for Cambridge Town/City(?), but thats it. Thanks for all the help folks. I'll post back if I ever find out.
  11. Sorry to have upset you Foxy, its definately not a "wind up". I honestly know nothing about the team apart from its supposedly in Norwich and it was probably in the early/mid 50's. I can send you my Grandads family tree if you like, but I dont think that would help with finding out the team or ground.
  12. Thanks chaps, some gems there and the Speedway track could be a massive clue to what the team could be. Top darts fellas. My Grandad was Billy Pearce of W.E.Pearce butchers on Bishops Bridge Rd fame (if you remember that shop). He was a proper Norwich lad although was posted in Cambridge and married a Cambridge lass (Grandma) so the Fenstanton link could also be true too. He's front row, second left.
  13. I was wondering if any of our true spotters would be able to tell me what team, or ground this is please? My grandad is one of the players, so judging by his look, the clobber and hairstyles, I'm guessing early/mid 50's.
  14. I think a lot of us feared it wasn't going to be a good fit and although we wanted him to suceceed, it was likely to come true. Yet again, I'll stand by my choice of Knutsen.
  15. Another Tax dodging, Tory donating, Brexit loving, UK hating scumbag...no thanks. Let him buy Monaco the parasitic ***.
  16. I'd like Newcastle be crowned champions within a few seasons thus reaffirming titles can be bought regardless of the owner’s ethics. Then I'd like us to be bought out by Lockheed Martin and our shirt sponsor to have a picture of pile of dead "foreign" babies on the front. Then the EPL would be shown in its true light.
  17. Currently 0-1 down at home against the Champions elect, Wigie. 19/20 they came a solid midle table 11th with 52 points (66 if averaged out as covid ended the league) 20/21 was a 9th place finish on 72 points If all stays as is tonight they'll not beat their 72 of last season and 66 of 2019 would be more likely... So, have they statistically found thier place as League One regulars, much like how they found their place in the championship for so long? Absolutely brilliant!
  18. Oh he should go back to the Binners then. He'll probably start on the wing.
  19. Only one of their starting 11 still plays proffesional football these days, loanee Giovani dos Santos who's at Club América in Mexico. Although both Alex Bruce and Kevin Libie are playing non-league at Macclesfield and VCD Athletic F.C in Craford repectively, so they both may line up against their old employers soon.
  20. ...is the title of the lastest "The Athletic" article, telling most of us what we know already. Good to see the actual stats although I can't help but think he's been given a hard time by us lot and it's affected him. He's obviously got quality but it's just not worked to its fullest this season with us.
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