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  1. Att: 4,065 (244 Arsenal fans) ...so less than 4000 binners. Ouch. I looked at the Arsenal team to see if any fringe players and dropped down for the experience; NOPE! Not a sniff of knowing any of them, much like the 1p5wich side.
  2. ...assistant manager at his beloved Hartlepool. Good luck to the fine chap. I can almost see him at the training ground now, teaching his defender how to head the ball off the opposition players foot whilst laying on the ground. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/59489309
  3. from all this talk so soon after the game I'm guessing some of you have seen the match? Can I ask if there's one of those nawty channels doing the rounds that actually works. Thanks in advance.
  4. Do you not remember Rupp v Forest away last season when Emi was out see his newborn? I kinda got why Farke liked him after that.
  5. Yep, the Athletic is £1 a month for a year on a Black Friday deal today. If find it pretty insightful as one of the better footy outlets around. I'm not on commision BTW Too cheap to pass up. https://theathletic.com/checkout2/intro12monthly/?source=googleuksearchads&ad_id=562985803821&gclid=CjwKCAiAqIKNBhAIEiwAu_ZLDphKcGVoN3lS0qNxEbRjutx__79qGn3AsnK4lU_bJ0HPWF7UiCb_uhoCzAMQAvD_BwE
  6. After he started slagging off the Binners, after his sacking, in a "I told you so" style dig, I started openly liking Mick Mccarthy...even if it's true, I always quite liked his brash honesty before said jibe...sorry. I bet they wish they'd not run him out of, er? Town. Much like my local side Charlton and that Alan Curbs chap that kept them mid table Prem for all those years. That's Charlton/mid table Prem side. Yeah. Ouch. I'll be going to Cafc v binners in 2 weeks. Report incoming.
  7. Oh it's via TalkSponk but if true I wish him all the best. https://talksport.com/football/988179/daniel-farke-werder-bremen-manager-norwich-city/amp/
  8. Ha! I agree, they're down there for a while now. Burton, Cheltenham, MK Dons and Oxford Utd are simply too strong for them to pip that last play-off spot. They better watch Wimbeldon and Accrington Stanley behind them too as both are on the charge.
  9. I actually like the Canary, its the Lion that looks a bit odd. The cartoon-Human handed freak!
  10. Is the angry Canary sitting on a litte Horsey? If so I like it. https://www.canaries.co.uk/content/club-reveal-new-crest
  11. I couldn't agree more. The one glint of negativity is I think that we'll have to do much much more to beat a keeper twice in the remaining games this season. Thank the heavens that Rui Patrício moved on from Wolves.
  12. WOODS GUNN KEELAN GREEN RUDDY KRUL I have him in 6th. Michael Theoklitos is just behind Mark Bowen in 39th place.
  13. Let's please not ask the general public anything as most are just grumpy, angry old gits. It massively failed a few years ago eh?
  14. ...what do I know? He was subbed 20 minutes ago and his replacement has already assisted 2.
  15. I'm with the OP. Does anyone else feel that Dean Smith might end up being a bit *"Lamberty" for us. (*before he went all "Judasy"). Keep The Faith
  16. He's 20 years old lad! Wind yer neck in. He's never ahead of Pukki right now but his time will come I'm certain.
  17. I'd press the Yes, but not yet button. Should have been held off until December as to get (to already worded up) KK in straight away. It happens, we're obviously just to nice.
  18. "personality and circumstances" written up to mock the ballswchang that is zodiac signs/astrological reading. I use said DB clip on anyone that believes such hogwash and even executed the same exercise on my staff, giving them the same "reading" and asking them to read it and reply back the %age of accuracy in the WhattApp group that night. Most fell for it. Some them didn't leave. #coldreading "I'm getting the name, John"
  19. If we get our Knutsen (matron!) do we also get Gregg Broughton back as he's part of the Bodo/Glimt backroom staff? He did help bring in Jamal and Max as well as a few others (Famewo too I think) when he was with us. This is from last week. https://traininggroundguru.podbean.com/e/episode-32-gregg-broughton-youth-development-lessons-from-bodøglimt/
  20. Well it looks like it a done deal and most are happy with it...I hope we all get our Knutsen by the weekend!
  21. Sounds familiar-ish?! "After a 0–7 defeat against Manchester City in the Champions League round of 16 and seven winless games in a row, Tedesco was sacked on 14 March 2019". I'm pretty such I saw Luis Boa Morte linked, I cant find it now.
  22. A bitter-sweet end to a cracking away day, I can't remember us being that loud for a ages, mebbe only Palace away 2005(?) when we took 6/7000ish. Regardless of whether he should have gone or the fact he had a poor set of stats in the PL, you had the feeling he was a lovely fella who you'd definitely want to chat to, not like some, more sucessful PL managers we've had that you always had the feeling were not the most PLeasent. The captial PL was not a typo. Auf wiedersehen Mr Farke, thanks for the memories.
  23. Pete Wiley? - Story of the Blues? I've got a great edit of that. Quite fitting for now but remember... #neverblue
  24. Pullis?! Never! Looks like Newcastle are getting Unai Emery but if given the option of Pullis, i'd rather have **** Emery. Ooh you are awful.
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