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  1. Tumbleweed

    Grant Hanley

    The leadership/morale thing is very important. I still remember the failure to keep McKay and I think Roberts, must have been 04. Two strong characters who although may not have been regular starts but could have played a key part in the squad and team ethos. Its not always just about skills on the pitch.
  2. Tumbleweed

    Timm Klose on Ipswich

    If he isn't already he deserves legend status for that. Classic!
  3. Tumbleweed

    8 March 1995

    There had been talk before of it costing around £30m I seem to remember. It does need doing, that stand it is a bit toytown.
  4. Tumbleweed

    Jordan Roades

    How many goals did Pukki score for Celtic? How many Champs standard games had CZ played before he became a CB mainstay? Had we bought Aarons and bunged him straight in we would have been appalled. Did anyone expect Stieperman to be a goalscoring rampaging AM? Had anyone heard of Emi? My point is that neither cost nor past performance at other clubs are pointers to whether someone is right. This team is a no name bugdet buy special cleverly put together. See Sanchez and Pogba as higher level examples of expensive"upgrades" which flopped. For me Rhodes ticks as many boxes as there are: probably cheap, experienced, fits the ethos, happy to be here, will not complain if used as back up and scoes goals when given the chance. Seems pretty low risk to me. Anyone better will cost too much, is risky, and takes budget from other positions needing upgrading.
  5. Tumbleweed

    Jordan Roades

    Rhodes ticks all the boxes for me. Webber will want to negotiate hard so send him back, feign lack of interest, but pounce quickly when the right deal is on the table. Hope we see him again, I agree with ldc spot on mate.
  6. Tumbleweed


    Indeed fabulous news. Just what we need. A good DM now and we should look more solid at the back. Still haven't quite forgotten his last minute header miss v Chelsea though...... haha
  7. Tumbleweed

    Next Season

    Agree with the sentiment but we do need reinforcements. Additional striker, I like Rhodes and he fits in with the ethos so would be happy with that. Not too much money either. The other one is a bit left field but if Mikel leaves M'Boro I think he could do a job. We need experience, the team is quite young, and someone to sit in front of the CBs and just read the game for us in the middle. Its not where we need pace, just a well positioned "disruptor". Big thing for me though is tactics. We can't push Lewis and Aarons so high. We'll get destroyed on the break and down the wide mid channels. They will need to sit deeper and rove forwards more sparingly. That means that for me we need more pace to complement Buendia and Hernandez through the middle. An energetic AM who can cover the ground well. Not necessarily the most creative but just fast and an ability to play a quick ball into space. Thats it. Keep the spirit at all costs.
  8. Tumbleweed

    Radio 5 podcast

    I agree with those who see it as much tactical as anything else. We play a wide expansive game which leaves gaps, particularly central mid in front of the CBs which has been exploited at times as the CDMs have more space to cover. In the Prem this will be punished more. So maybe a combination of a narrower formation, the full backs not pushing up quite so often or far and an extra Tettey type player will all help with that. However the zonal marking at set pieces is a concern, too many free headers allowed.
  9. Tumbleweed

    Farke Chokes !!!

    Re tactics we don't seem to have much answer to the high press when it is being done well. It usually seems to end in a pass back to Krul, a pause and first touch followed by a hurried upfield kick or to a man being closed down. Sometimes I do think we need to be a bit more direct and not always seek to pass it through the middle relying on good movement from the CMs or the young FBs. If there is a high press just knock it over their heads a few times and get defenders running backwards, nearly got Dawson sent off on Friday......
  10. Tumbleweed

    Farke Chokes !!!

    The draws have been a little disappointing but I think down to separate issues. Reading and Wigan pressed us hard and flooded midfield, there was little space and passing was more hurried and imprecise. Both wigan and Sheff Weds had really bad refereeing decision going against us, plus in the latter case a world class goal. Sheff Weds aIso an improving side under Bruce with good discipline and players, plus an out of form and position Leitner. All games we were bound to be nervous and lack some fluidity as the line approached. And of course BUendia missing until yesterday. A free header and a missed chance to clear, basic errors but not confined to that game either! We have not been at our best but in fact could have won 3 out of the 4. No choking, just football life in one of the most competitive leagues in the world.
  11. Tumbleweed

    Has the title chance gone now?

    Frankly I don't give a stuff about the title. Its a small glace cherry on top of a very large and tasty cake. After last season to think we'd be one point away from the Prem now is quite extraordinary. Just get the point on Sat and spend the summer in dreamland. First or second means nothing compared to seeing us back in the Prem. DF and the whole squad have been amazing regardless of what happens in these two games.
  12. Tumbleweed

    Ricardo's report v Sheff Wed

    Fair report. The ref also lacked the courage to book the goalie for blatant time wasting, knowing that he would have been off. Awful officiating, but we looked laboured and, frankly, Leitner did not offer anything above young Todd. In fact I thought we looked poorer. Magical Mario must surely start on Monday.
  13. Tumbleweed


    I like Leitner but thought tonight he was poor and the game sort of passed him by. A shame as I think he has a lot to offer. Vrancic looked classy again from the moment he came on. Really strange we haven't got him in from the start. For Stoke it has to be him and Emi in, McLean (willing today but limited in vision and creativity) and Mo out. Our problems were in midfield tonight, slow and at times ponderous with few good out options. Awful ref but we didn't help ourselves. A bit jittery.
  14. Tumbleweed

    Who replaces Buendia?

    I think Vrancic up there instead of Buendia might work instead of Cantwell, but some have suggested pushing McLean into that position with MV or ML coming in to sit alongside Trybull. I am not sure about that, I'd prefer keeping as much as is as possible.
  15. Tumbleweed

    Wilder, he's a good guy

    I agree with the "optics" thing. Farke has done an amazing job, but arguably underperformed last season with what looked like a decent squad. Wilder has done very well, Sheff Utd have stuck with it and winning at Leeds at a key point was massive- they have stayed in the hunt and may now be slight favourites to go up with us (if we do ). Alex Neil has been pretty good at Preston also Lee Johnson and weirdly I also think Darren Moore was doing OK at West Brom to keep things together after relegation- we know very well how hard that it. But my outstanding candidate has to be Paul Lambert. How he has managed to keep Ipswich firmly at the bottom, with no new manager bounce and no hope for so long below a poor Bolton side not even being paid properly has been truly remarkable and takes a special kind of talent. PL is the messiah for two reasons now!
  16. Tumbleweed

    Who replaces Buendia?

    The team has been on such a great run that I think the fewer changes the better. Much as I like Vrancic and Leitner I reckon keep everything as is and stick Todd in there. The rest have such a nice fluid way of playing right now that we should be able to maintain it despite Buendia's absence. If Trybull is injured then stick in Vrancic in instead (I think we may benefit from his ability to unlock a defence with a smart pass), otherwise stay as is.
  17. Tumbleweed

    Blackburn Ticket

    Just got two tickets yippee. Have had to miss most of this season due to work commitments but luckily am back for Sheff Weds and Blackburn. Also managed to reactivate my account for the new forum. The week could only start any better with Ippo being placed into admin to take a points deduction now rather than next season
  18. Tumbleweed

    Mid table squad

    Absolutely Gjl. I always think the manager is the single most important indicator. Most of us remember how Bond, Stringer, Walker, Lambert and to some degree Brown got largely journeyman pros to over-perform. This squad is to me pretty much par against last season. Trade the creativity and inspiration of Maddison for a goalscorer in Rhodes. We need to look at Farke, frankly I thought we underperformed last year with what we had at our disposal. Has he learned? Can he turn a bang average squad into promotion hopefuls through masterful tactics and man management? One season in and I''ve no idea. Can''t blame Sky for thinking as they do, it''s about right. Of course we all hope there is some way we can elevate ourselves above some very competent and decent clubs all trying to do the same. But, maybe, just maybe, Farke is the magic ingredient...........that is the key to our immediate destiny not so much the names on the squadlist.
  19. Tumbleweed

    Farewell for Maddison?

    Sat is very likely to be the last time we see young James in a City shirt, while Wesley will be winding down his career and maybe heading off to join the great football pundits in the sky plus hopefully getting applause on 14 minutes, Mr Maddison is almost certainly off to exciting pastures new with a glittering path ahead of him. Now he''s only been a regular one season, but has made a massive contribution this term and seems a very level headed chap whom it is hard to feel any animosity towards for moving on. It would be good to send him off somehow with a warm farewell and best wishes. I''m hoping Farke will sub him with a few minutes left.
  20. Tumbleweed

    Watkins in Welsh squad

    Hopefully it will help his confidence and we''ll benefit from that.
  21. Tumbleweed

    Farke' pearls of wisdom

    Cantwell being give a chance to run around at Stamford Bridge is a great example of that, even if he was subbed later. Good quote.
  22. Tumbleweed

    Are we moving forward

    In order to grow a crop for next year we sow the seeds now. Just need to grow the right things in the right places.

    back to footie and we have competed with the very best in this league and the one above. Just remember we were close to beating the EPL champions and a team still credibly at the highest level in European football.

    We have been too inconsistent however but its not been too bad in a season of massive restructuring.
  23. Does anyone think that although we may have created a similar no of chances ( thx wcc) the rate scored could be down to the striker''s extent of involvement? The theory being that you stand around not getting the ball, then get a chance but are''nt as "in the game" to take it. Whereas had you had more play and hence sharper it is eaasier to score that chance? Is there a correlation between touches and sorting rate? Does this help to explain why CJ and Nelson have struggled through lack of being truly involve?
  24. I think there are two basic things which are causing this lack if effectiveness and sterility.

    1. In my view we are seeking to play in a sophisticated way which probably only suits good quality players. Control, technical ability and guile to unlock a defence. We aren''t Man City or Barca who can pass around freelly knowing that they have the flair to create almost at will. Probably why Maddison is so important because his longer range shooting demonstrates how few from the 6 yard line we can create. I have a worry that Df is trying to be a tad too ambitious in making this style stick with a squad which is largely not up to that level.

    2. Tempo. I think we could play largely as we are but faster. The Champs is a high tempo league generally. We have weapons like Murphy, Pinto, Lewis but they are neutered. It doesn''t need to be 100% slow possession, we should be able to mix it up more and use the weapons we have.

    But despite this I am not too unhappy how this new philosophy is going and hoping that next season the balance will be adjusted a little more, because actually I don''t think we are that far away.

  25. Must admit I''d like to see this lot let off the leash in Lambert style especially now we effectively have 10 games to experiment We might concede a few but I bet we''d score a hatful with a higher pace and more directness.