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  1. Dr Dublin. Think he got banned unfortunately as I made great use of that here in NI.
  2. Northern Ireland chant towards the Italy players tonight: “you’re just a sh1t San Marino…” Tongue in cheek obviously, but Italy were poor. Northern Ireland had the 3 best chances of the game!
  3. Agree, although he’s infinitely more tolerable than the other bloke whose ego is the size of the moon and does some seriously ar$e-licking when he’s got ex-players in the room. Absolute cringe. Each to their own though.
  4. Hi all, I took a chance and booked flights from Northern Ireland to go over and watch this one. A long shot obviously, but I live in hope. Grateful if anyone has 2 tickets going - will also look at going behind enemy lines.
  5. I was at this match and have the programme which I’ll dig out tomorrow - may help! In the meantime, a few guesses: 4- Darel Russell; 47- Neil Adams; 49- Mike Milligan; 52- Ian Crook. Number 19 was also a big player in the 90’s - recognise the signature from autograph books, but can’t place it at 2 in the morning!
  6. Are there any plans for the club to stream the game? Appreciate it’s unlikely given it’s a tenner in, but I would absolutely love to watch us play with a crowd behind the team and would happily pay to view on screen.
  7. Got them all bar big Efan within a minute, took 1:33 in the end so no prizes for me…
  8. Off on a slight tangent, but I don’t see any sign of Danjumba (sp?) who scored against us last week. Not in squad and not listed as injured. Maybe on his way? Edit: mentioned elsewhere he has a “minor calf injury”. I still hope he’s leaving!
  9. Not quite. That was Malcolm Allen, not Wayne Biggins.
  10. [quote user="Faded Jaded Semi Plastic SOB"]How many did the goal machine score?......[/quote] Same number as the whole Engerlund team scored against the mighty Slovenia...
  11. Obviously have a conflict of interest to declare on this one, but have to admit Kyle made an impressive 14 minute cameo tonight against albeit very poor opposition tonight. He bagged two goals and was very close to claiming a hat-trick. He was surprisingly neat and tidy and was a humongous improvement on the big-hearted but little-talented Josh Magennis. Anyway, shame he''s pretty much done with us but for me he is still very much capable at Championship level and should Cam or Oliviera get injured, I wouldn''t hesitate to throw him in. He now has 9 goals in 10 appearances (8 starts, 2 subs) in NI qualifiers. Not too shabby.
  12. [quote user="Katie Borkins"]If only there was some kind of service or website where you could type in his name and then be able to select a page from the Internet to find out for yourself.....[/quote] Yeah, like the Pink Un message board.
  13. I remember a cup game at the Vetch Field (Swansea) we won a penalty and Adams stepped up to take it. Pretty sure he''d never missed one (or at least had missed very few) and I thought - in my naïve youth - that it would be a good idea to take a photo (pre-mobile days!) just as he hit it. I did - flash went off - penalty went wide. My dad always said it was my fault! One of my fave players of that era. He wasn''t quite Ruel Fox, but was still a damn fine player.
  14. [quote user="Hoola Han Solo"]Can''t we just enjoy the win? That''s the first penalty Wes has missed (actually it was saved), for about five years.[/quote] Eh? 5 years?? The one against Everton was missed/saved/not scored / a bit sh1t. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ItMZ1MElu50
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