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  1. Off on a slight tangent, but I don’t see any sign of Danjumba (sp?) who scored against us last week. Not in squad and not listed as injured. Maybe on his way? Edit: mentioned elsewhere he has a “minor calf injury”. I still hope he’s leaving!
  2. Not quite. That was Malcolm Allen, not Wayne Biggins.
  3. [quote user="Faded Jaded Semi Plastic SOB"]How many did the goal machine score?......[/quote] Same number as the whole Engerlund team scored against the mighty Slovenia...
  4. Obviously have a conflict of interest to declare on this one, but have to admit Kyle made an impressive 14 minute cameo tonight against albeit very poor opposition tonight. He bagged two goals and was very close to claiming a hat-trick. He was surprisingly neat and tidy and was a humongous improvement on the big-hearted but little-talented Josh Magennis. Anyway, shame he''s pretty much done with us but for me he is still very much capable at Championship level and should Cam or Oliviera get injured, I wouldn''t hesitate to throw him in. He now has 9 goals in 10 appearances (8 starts, 2 subs) in NI qualifiers. Not too shabby.
  5. [quote user="Katie Borkins"]If only there was some kind of service or website where you could type in his name and then be able to select a page from the Internet to find out for yourself.....[/quote] Yeah, like the Pink Un message board.
  6. I remember a cup game at the Vetch Field (Swansea) we won a penalty and Adams stepped up to take it. Pretty sure he''d never missed one (or at least had missed very few) and I thought - in my naïve youth - that it would be a good idea to take a photo (pre-mobile days!) just as he hit it. I did - flash went off - penalty went wide. My dad always said it was my fault! One of my fave players of that era. He wasn''t quite Ruel Fox, but was still a damn fine player.
  7. [quote user="Hoola Han Solo"]Can''t we just enjoy the win? That''s the first penalty Wes has missed (actually it was saved), for about five years.[/quote] Eh? 5 years?? The one against Everton was missed/saved/not scored / a bit sh1t. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ItMZ1MElu50
  8. [quote user="hogesar"]I''m sorry Vince but I can''t help but feel the best part of you ran down your mothers legs.[/quote] ...and your mother must be so proud of you, with contributions like that. Dear me.
  9. [quote user="Samwam27"]Those of us who are Christians Canary. Keep it to football please[/quote] Well said, Samwam27. Disgusting and frankly embarrassing comments.
  10. Somebody - I have Rob Ullathorne in mind - played as sweeper for us in the early 90''s and wore number 11. Was it traditional for this position to be allocated 11? Perhaps this was after the disbanding of the 1-11 number format. Memory fails me...though after yesterday I bloody well remember Le Tissier ripping us a new one in the 4-5 defeat!
  11. Bit of a late one considering the ''Marmite'' kit was released a number of weeks back, but does anyone know if the Club intends to release a long sleeve version of the jersey? I''ve finally decided to take the plunge and buy one. Furthermore, are they likely to release one without the Aviva logo and yellow box? I have in the past seen jerseys without the main sponsor, but it''s a bit of a rarity. I did attempt to contact the Canary Store but couldn''t get through and couldn''t locate an email address for the merchandise people. Thanks in advance!
  12. [quote user="Bor Bor Bor"]Who was the Danish player who scored a shed load when on loan but then signed permanently and couldn''t ever score again? Memory fail.[/quote] Nielsen. David, not the great Harry. On the topic of abysmal ''strikers'', I recall Daryl Russell''s efforts to be a bit pants...
  13. [quote user="city4eva"]would like to see him stay and used as a CF but he is disruptive in the dressing room and at training[/quote] Please elaborate on the "disruptive" comment, or is this just a lazy assumption based on his supposed character?
  14. I read an article yesterday that we have 26 professionals who would qualify for selection in the 25-man Premier League squad. This excludes those 21 or under, I believe. So, on that basis, who is the unlucky one that Neil will have to leave out? Or, if he signs 1 or 2 more that qualify for the 25-man squad, who will be the unlucky 2 or 3 to miss out? On the assumption we sign a centre half and striker, I reckon Turner, Lafferty and Ricky will be shifted out on loan. What are your thoughts?
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