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  1. A midlander AND he drinks tea from a mug. When you put it like that.....
  2. Or, he was injured before he arrived, is on his way back and has a run out in a league cup game where he looked competent enough but clearly not match fit. I'm quite happy for him to have another few days in training given games are condensed in this league. However, McLean as a defensive midfielder is a rather worrying prospect I'll definitely agree with you over.
  3. Has anybody even seen Nunez play, or was there just someone else playing with Nunez written on the shirt. Have we really signed two South Americans? Or are they from Barnstaple and Stockport? All I can say is it's a question for Alex Jones.
  4. I don't know what's more worrying, that an armed man has tried to force his way into an FBI office and got into a shootout with agents over an investigation or that someone is stupid enough to attempt to go armed and in tactical gear through the front door of an FBI office on their own. I suppose martyrdom appeals to some people.
  5. Forest have demonstrated that some clubs can spend a lot of money upon promotion and that's about it. Whether that protects them from relegation is yet to be seen. Whether it can protect them for two years running will be even more interesting.
  6. Don't engage. Honestly. Even the lawyer he is trying to get you to engage with has been posting things on linked in from fake academic journals published in Russia. Don't go down a rabbit hole horsefly.
  7. Everything that this clown says is absurd. It has become more extreme and more dull by the post. There's nothing you can say to him whatsoever. To him Ukraine is a Nazi, WMD producing, Western patsy that has been systematically killing the 40% of the population who speak Russian (including the Russian speaking Jewish president). No evidence to the contrary, no logic could ever get him to think otherwise. Even if Russia, China, Syria (pick your autocracy of choice) is shown to do something that could be seen as objectively evil, it's not ACTUALLY their fault because everything wrong in the world comes back to the CIA. Why engage? Also, I don't think he cares one jot about Norwich City, I'm pretty sure he is on many forums doing the same thing and whatever his links are to Craig Murray, they are either financial or creepy as hell (or he is just Craig Murray).
  8. Well, looks like the Putin lovers have been moved to bitterness by the refusal of Ukraine to collapse.
  9. Opening hours: 6am to 11am. Monandæg to Frigedæg.
  10. I'd actually argue you are more likely to get medical help quickly at Carrow Rd than in most other situations in life. However this is all by the by, I wouldn't do it, but ultimately it's the role of parents to analyse risk in situations such as these in my view.
  11. I get what you are saying but the issue with the whole ball flying at a parent thing is that its equally applicable when you take a baby to the park.
  12. Even though I think my first game was a great time to go, I'm not in favour of a ban. My friend takes her baby to all kinds of things, as long as there's no smoke, she has ear protection on and there's no realistic chance of a crowd crush. In this case, that baby just sleeps through everything. I wouldnt do it, but it's her kid and she knows him and herself better than I do. In many ways, I'd be less concerned by a small baby than by a 3 year old.
  13. My first game was when I was 7, I'm pretty sure my Dad got it right on that front. Any earlier than that and it would have been a bit futile.
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