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  1. https://www.premierleague.com/players/21413/Oliver-Skipp/overview
  2. Nope, it only show PL club and game history. As we were Champs it wouldn't show.
  3. Checks out on the PL site and is still there, I guess player registration would drive the plays for list? Can't see how someone has just made a mistake like that. Maybe just me getting my hopes up.
  4. And I believe they have already sold the entirety of the first years production... all 130 of them! Plenty of wealth about.
  5. Love how you refer to 'us' as 'they'. Binner is obvious in this one, enjoy the 3rd division.... again.
  6. Not sure about that but they definitely get up and down the line well!
  7. Hope this is permitted, please remove if not. Due to an impending house move I decided to clear the loft and came across a number of Norwich publications I no longer wish to keep. Before disposing of them I thought I would ask if anyone on here would like them. Please see attachment for details, ideally they would go in one lump but understand that is optimistic.
  8. Problem is that if he got injured from one of those tackles everyone would have been slating Farke for not taking him off to protect him.
  9. Don't feed the troll, he / she must lack attention at home
  10. Link please? Can't see it on his Twitter account.
  11. I am personally unsure but does being immune to it mean you can't carry and transmit it? Genuinely have no idea.
  12. Agree when it comes to serious injuries LDC but I am pretty sure opposition fans take injuries to the likes of Pukki as good news
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