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  1. Sheffield United keeper to be banned for 3 matches assuming the red can only be violent conduct? If so the match with us will be one of them.
  2. I agree with your point but... Both men are from West Derby which happens to be a suburb of Liverpool
  3. Just like many things, you seemed to be struggling with it. No need for thanks, always here to help where needed.
  4. No one knows which I think is the point being made
  5. Try concentrated beetroot shots, taste absolutely vile but good results. If you do some reading there is a lot of research behind it. https://worldathletics.org/be-active/performance/beetroots-nitrates-boost-performance-enduranc
  6. Considering he has only been here for 2 days and got thrown in after a few training sessions I thought he did very well. Good on the ball, good vision and works hard. Once he acclimatises to the English game I think he will be a cracking player.
  7. Just gives PL clubs more incentive to flip players. Buy cheap, a full season in the Championship developing them, value increases if they do even reasonably well then sell. Would be a terrible introduction for the game.
  8. I sctually like it but....Should have gone with black and gold JPS colours in a nod to Lotus motorsport history.
  9. I have, and finally the moment arrived. As you can tell my sense of both humour and timing is appalling.... Guilty as charged!
  10. Agreed, the need to shave a bit off to get the Brazilian is very real
  11. May as well just get the apology out of the way now (unless he is sold). You must have missed all of our games last season, thank god you aren't our manager.
  12. No, it's Rob Butler speculating with absolutely no idea whatsoever of anyone's intentions
  13. Only problem is this genius decides to set it on fire whilst it laid on a very flammable wooden bench
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