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  1. Differences being that they lost and it was full time. We were winning and it wasn't even 60 mins in.
  2. Robins slightly delusional it seems and certainly got great at recalling the order of events.. "I'm really not happy with the way things have panned out because we didn't deserve the defeat that's for sure," he said. "I'm really bitterly disappointed. I'm still fuming. I'm going to try and be careful but at the same time you get a sending off against any team and it can cost you. "We were 1-0 up at that point. The referee couldn't wait to get the card out of his pocket. We went down to 10 men and then had the best two chances of the game. "We've seen some really good football played when we were down to 10 men but also when we were at full strength. From our perspective I'm gutted for them because they put a lot of work into the game to get no points out of it." IMO it was a straight red, but even if you think not you cannot say it wasn't a booking for a player already on a yellow. He was off regardless.
  3. Yep, things have taken a massive downward spiral since he came in right?
  4. Just said the same to my other half, due to be on the 1st leg of a cycle round Holland and Belgium. Reckon I can pick up Radio Norfolk on the west coast of the Netherlands?
  5. OK, I will ask the obvious question... where have you heard that? Yet another random BS tweet?
  6. Old news.... https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/aston-villa-interest-championship-ace-27891056
  7. Unless I am missing the joke, the Serg pic is current so not last year.
  8. For what? The ball is in the air and Gunn jumps for it whist Connelly doesn't. It is inevitable that there will be contact high on the Hull player at that point but Gunn got to the ball first. Do we now say that if one player jumps for a header and the other doesn't that it's dangerous play?
  9. Connelly should have had more awareness. Gunn won the wall, and was favourite to do so, and Connolly came in late. Foul on Gunn was the correct decision for me.
  10. Morsy has been included in Egypts provisional squad for AFCON. That will see a key player away for a month if he makes the final squad.
  11. Errr hope that is tongue in cheek...... if not your maths is lacking somewhat.
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