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  1. Don't feed the troll, he / she must lack attention at home
  2. Link please? Can't see it on his Twitter account.
  3. I am personally unsure but does being immune to it mean you can't carry and transmit it? Genuinely have no idea.
  4. Agree when it comes to serious injuries LDC but I am pretty sure opposition fans take injuries to the likes of Pukki as good news
  5. Moore off with a hamstring injury, surely won't recover by the 19th? Massive player for them and the type we struggle with.
  6. Winning the ball high up the pitch is Rupp's job and that in it's self gives us a chance to open up the opposition whilst they temporarily lose organisation and shape. I wouldn't call him defensive either, combative for me. Very rarely do you see Rupp and Skipp side by side in the middle of the pitch sitting.
  7. Mumba not in the U23 team who played Middlesbrough today. I think we may be seeing him play tomorrow.
  8. Withdrawn along with Connelly from the RI squad, rumours of COVID related reasons
  9. The word 'clatter' paints out a very physical picture. In reality both hands touched the attacker back but the contact made wouldn't have even caused my 8 year old daughter to move off a spot.
  10. The impressive bit (and something we struggle with when Tetney isn't playing) is his positional awareness. Dropping in between centre halves, covering the fullbacks when they are caught forward etc etc. Looks like a very intelligent player with some ability and confidence to go along with it.
  11. OK, point taken and so I will go a level lower. This forum is 100% profitable, the ad revenue outstrips running costs by a margin and also drives traffic to other Archant sites through posted links etc. The main Pinkun site as you point out is more uncertain as how the content creators costs are attributed is unknown to me.
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