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  1. Or maybe hedge our bets a bit with, "hope you know what you're doing". It does scan (just about). In reality, the vast majority will sit in virtual silence anyway (as they're entitled to of course ).
  2. Not if SVH makes his first start and becomes an instant cult hero with a hat-trick
  3. What the singer, formerly with Bronski Beat and The Communards?
  4. Apologies if this has been raised already, but I cannot be bothered to read 14 pages. It's a bit ironic that the Stade de France is used every year to host 2/3 of the Six Nations Rugby Union matches without (so far as I am aware) any trouble. The stadium is generally full for these matches and, for those against the nations from the British Isles at least, there is a sizeable contingent of 'away' fans, if you want to call them that. I imagine that a large number of the French supporters at those games are from the provinces too. The stadium doesn't relocate for this, so is still in the same 'dangerous' neighbourhood of Saint-Denis. Although presumably there is never the same issue with forged tickets. Maybe there is trouble and it just goes unreported, as rugby doesn't attract the same news interest or whatever. It just seems that sometimes, trouble follows football around like a bad smell.
  5. As ever, there's a Half Man, Half Biscuit lyric https://halfmanhalfbiscuit.uk/some-call-it-godcore/sensitive-outsider/
  6. The players will be sporting Peaky Blinders style headgear for all post-match interviews. It's preferable to the pearly king gear that Sir Frank of Lampard would have insisted on.
  7. [quote user="ROBFLECK"]Best commentator is Motty, John Motson is just great. I hate Garth Crooks...like many of us it seems.[/quote] Motson great? You are joking? He may have been at one time but not any more. Townsend is terrible, as is Crooks and Dion Dublin. Martin Tyler''s the best commentator. None of them as good as David Coleman was. Only in my opinion of course.
  8. [quote user="Branston Pickle"]Why the hell not, Chops - funnily enough it is not all down to tv, the bbc are covering every single match on the radio and online, as well as having their tv coverage: this is something itv doesn''t have to worry about. Sounds like you have swallowed some classic daily fail-style lies.[/quote] Guardian reader alert
  9. [quote user="Gingerpele"][quote user="Molly Windley"]On a side note, BBC are sending 272 staff to Brazil to cover the World Cup and ITV are sending 120, both will cover the same number of games.Nice to know that so many BBC staff are on a jolly at out expense.[/quote] You quite clearly have no idea how much work goes into making a TV show do you? Certainly not going out on a jolly...[/quote] A bit off-topic, but .you mean like when the BBC an athletic event abroad and we get Denise Lewis, Colin Jackson, Michael Johnson, et al all sitting in a glass studio at the event with their stupid headsets on talking b0ll0cks? That''s not even mentioning the track-side interviewer who just asks crap, inane questions. None of them need to be there. They add nothing and could all be sat watching a feed to a studio in Salford. Don''t forget, they''d have to sell a lot of Doctor Who series to pay for that so it''''so basically your money (if you pay tax) that they''re wasting.
  10. I reckon Hughton''s an atheist. Wasn''t he a member of the Workers Revolutionary Party when he was younger?
  11. [quote]Firmly expecting a first half Ricky van Wolfswinkel hat-trick against Liverpool on Saturday, feed the Wolf...[/quote] Shame we play them on Sunday
  12. [quote user="Alex "][quote user="unique"]If Sunday is anything to go by, they''ll come out of the blocks at 100mph...... Norwich need to be ready and well prepared. I don''t think we''ll be seeing a ''laid-back'' Bassong in the centre of defence, that''s for sure......Adams will need to selects his quickest defenders of thought and foot......[/quote] Well f*** them Pablo, it''s us that''ll be coming out of the blocks at 100mph - the arrogance from their fans and ever so slightly Rodgers and Gerrard too, that THEY''RE deciding what''s happening in our front yard Sunday, I think it''s time our boys gave them a bit of the ''Fancy A Game Lads?'' treatment, we won''t be rolling over for NO ONE so if they and their supporters turn up thinking the 3 points is a formality and we ''re a stepping stone for Chelsea then I hope we make them pay spectacularly, I''ve made the mistake of reading a couple of Liverpool forums and their supporters are not confident, they''re plain ARROGANT. So much so that most have bypassed the Norwich game for discussion as if we don''t even exist and are talking already concentrating on what appears to be their next match - Chelsea! I actually really wanted Liverpool to win the title out of the 3 chasing, see Steven Gerrard pick up a first League winners medal - but not anymore, I find them pretty disrespectful - hopefully on Sunday they''ll be playing a team who are free of the Hughton shackles and are ready to show them they ARE Premier League players. OTBC[/quote] Nice one. I would like to see them win it this year, but not if it means they have to beat us. Anyway, if they do, that means I can go back to hating them again next year.
  13. [quote user="Waveney Canary"]Would not want any manager from that club ever it would morally offend me. We are a decent club and we don''t want to be associated with that kind of thing. I am not accusing Lennon in anyway just the history of the club it stinks[/quote] Or maybe Isn''t the Messiah basically a Celtic man through-and-through?
  14. Isn''t the Messiah basically a Celtic man through-and-through?
  15. Who cares what they think? One day, Savage says he thinks Norwich are going down. The next day he''s shocked that Hughton''s gone. So what did he expect - that we just go down without a fight? Shame Shearer wasn''t on MOTD2 - he would have been devastated.
  16. So, instead of the latest round of forum point scoring, let''s have predictions for the last 5 games. I''ll start because I know best (norwich first): Fulham (A) 1-1 Liverpool (H) 2-5 Man Utd (A) 0-3 Chelsea (A) 0-3 Arsenal (H) 2-1 (last minute winner from RvW). The final prediction may not be correct though. I will also qualify this by saying that I''ve never predicted a Norwich score correctly and am currently bottom of my Sky Super 6 league.
  17. It''s probably already been discussed, but I can''t be bothered to look. The whole putting the ball out and giving it back thing''s a nonsense anyway. And when people applaud the giving it back, like it''s the greatest sporting gesture ever, it''s even more annoying. In this case, it was Marshall throwing it out because Tettey was injured, but I bet he wouldn''t have done it had Cardiff been 1-0 down at the time. Change the rules so that physios are allowed on the pitch to treat an injury when the game is in progress. Then, it should only be the ref who decides to stop the game if decided that the injury is really bad and/or causing too much interference. So yeah, like rugby.
  18. It''s laughable that some posters are comparing the reactions of Marc Tierney and Bradley Johnson. Tierney went down like he''d been shot and forced the ref to send off Klasnic. Johnson rocked his head back a bit, never went down and it was probably Barton''s reputation that got him sent off. Johnson''s reaction was more like Russell Martin at Hull when Aloko got himself sent off. To be honest though, the cheating, trying to get one over on the opposition by conning the ref is one of the worst things that is happening in football and it filters all the way down to the lower levels of the game. And to say it''s ok cos everyone does it is disgraceful.
  19. [quote user="nutty nigel"]He''s right in what he says though. But I wouldn''t entertain the thoughts of wanting us to be relegated. I can''t reconcile that with being a supporter because I always want my club to finish as high as possible and be competing with the best. But I''ll tell you what.. we finished 11th last year with more bitching on here than at anytime since 2009. Wigan got relegated but their fans were happier than a lot of ours who post on here. Steve Downes is certainly not alone... [/quote] Totally agree. I think the headline of the article paints an inaccurate picture of the point he''s trying to make throughout the rest of it. Football has, or at least the leagues (and cups) in England, been changed forever by the overpowering success of the Premier League, not so much the desire of getting into it, but more the fear (from a financial point-of-view) of dropping out of it.
  20. Must be getting on for 3 weeks since he was last injured, so must be that time again.
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