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  1. I thought it was Ipswich fans that clung to the past???!
  2. Would you have Korey Smith back at Norwich? Always rated his work-rate, and pretty sure he went on to captain BC.
  3. Why would anyone want Jordan Ibe? His attitude is worst than his ability, which is woeful at best. He makes Jesse Lingard look like Neymar.
  4. Considering the number of games NCFC went without an actual centre back available last season - i will happily take Bennett back... Bennett over Tettey at Centre Back EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK!
  5. Emi Buendia has been a frustrating player to watch this season. Too many errors when defending and not enough output in attack - this hasn't been helped by Farke's reliance on one un-supported striker. Norwich were always going to struggle in the PL with a team that over-performed in the Championship.
  6. I like Max Aarons, but is he really any better/different than a lot of other Premier League defenders? He could grow in to a brilliant player, but I don't see him as any better than Lamptey @ Brighton or Kyle Walker-Peters on loan @ Southampton. He's not even close to Wan-Bissaka or Trent Alexander-Arnold.
  7. I rate Godfrey higher than Aarons. His performance in the cup against Man Utd showed he was 'worth a punt' for a top half team. Take this comment with a pinch of salt - but I thought Godfrey look more composed/better than Maguire - not expecting an 80 million pound bid.
  8. I'd like to think decent release clauses would be in those new contracts King Canary - NCFC have a lot of young talent. There must be a number of clubs frustrated that NCFC picked up the likes of Aarons, Lewis and Godfrey for next to nothing. Top scouting.
  9. It says... "Aarons and Godfrey also," - NOT "Aarons and Godfrey ARE ALSO" Some people on this forum like trying to pick arguments for no reason. Read it, constructive comment if you like or ignore it - this is a post not a direct message to you
  10. The discussion starts... with info I found via Google, hence the apparentlys and rumours as Google isn't factual. Back in your box.
  11. I never said Cantwell got £5k. Considerably less if you believe what you find on Google.
  12. Now I know what you find on Google isn't necessarily factual but surely the salaries mentioned next to names like Godfrey, Aarons and especially Cantwell can't be correct? Apparently Cantwell gets less for playing a season of Premier League football then someone like Jesse Lingard gets paid for sitting on the bench at Man Utd for a week. Aarons and Godfrey also, are noted as being on approximately £5k per week. Which is barely a League One players weekly take-home, let alone a Premier League players. Over the Summer both Godfrey and Aarons were apparently linked with moves away and I find it very hard to believe that Norwich have managed to keep bigger club away with pitiful wages like this for Premier League players. If NCFC players have got proper football agents, I'd be very surprised to see NCFC keep hold of lots of their talented individuals come January or the summer. Teemu is apparently Norwich highest earner, with a rumoured £2,000,000 a season
  13. The club will start to see an increase in Match day Programme sales, as the skeptical fans search for a new scapegoat.
  14. I'm not sure it's worthy of 'very strange'. It's not on TV, 7pm should avoid any rush hour traffic. It's just a time. Not all football has to be 3pm and 19:45pm.
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