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  1. Lewis DW

    Cantwell for England

    The club will start to see an increase in Match day Programme sales, as the skeptical fans search for a new scapegoat.
  2. Lewis DW

    Home friendly k.o. Times

    I'm not sure it's worthy of 'very strange'. It's not on TV, 7pm should avoid any rush hour traffic. It's just a time. Not all football has to be 3pm and 19:45pm.
  3. Lewis DW

    Pukki gone off injured after 12min

    Just awaiting Pukki to confirm that he''ll be out for less time then Jarvis.

  4. Lewis DW

    Max Aarons

    Maddison played because of injuries! Farke would never have played him as much, especially not earlier in the season... his goals and form may have helped him keep his place.
  5. Lewis DW

    New Striker Ideas

    Based on Pukki''s work rate and goals/assists recently, plus the assumption that Rhodes is our main no.9 - where do you see another striker coming in, and if this is to be as a super-sub type player, do you really think a Solanke, Wells or Abraham would be up for this?

  6. Lewis DW

    Canary call love In

    If Tettey''s job is to pass sideways and backwards, then he is doing a wonderful job.
  7. Lewis DW

    Next £10m+ Sale

    Godfrey would be my bet - he''s still got to wait for a manager/brave enough to play him in place of Tettey though.
  8. Lewis DW

    Tettey a liability

    Like Maddison’s inclusion last season, it will take a series of absences for Godfrey to get a game. Tettey is Norwich most overrated player, “he’s great at passing sideways....” yawn....
  9. Lewis DW

    Draining the Club

    I hope the likes of Webber, Jarvis and Naismith are able to sleep at night. How we have sold in excess of £70 million poounds worth of players in recent seasons and are still ''struggling financially'', i will never understand. I for one really do not trust Mr Webber, I wouldn''t be surprised if he''s getting a cut from any incoming transfer fees.

    Brady - £13

    Murphy - £12

    Murphy - £11

    Pritchard - £14

    Maddison - £20

  10. Lewis DW

    Are we attractive anymore ?

    If you were a footballer would you want to play for Norwich City?

    Personally, I would not - the club at the moment stinks of mediocrity. Dress it up how you like ''transition this, transition that'' - the fact is Norwich City''s nucleus is now made up of average homegrown and average foreign imports, that were clearly acquired because they cost less then the UK counterparts.

    Assuming Maddison goes, NCFC will have clearly cleared out most of there attacking talent and replaced it with some sideways passing specialists.

  11. Lewis DW

    McCarthy gone

    Cowley is a great fit for Lincoln atm - but seriously did you watch the Lincoln VS Shrewsbury match? It was all long hoof ball!
  12. Lewis DW

    Oh woe is me...

    Seeing goals scored is what excites fans and Norwich just aren''t doing - so i fully understand the disappointment.

    We''re gonna smash it next season! (Sorry attempt at optimism)
  13. Lewis DW

    Oh woe is me...

    Why am I on the wrong board?