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  1. Keyboard warriors never leave their mummy's spare bedroom
  2. Although it was before the January transfer window existed, didn’t Ashley ward have a mysterious injury, which prevented him from playing a game for us & was then suddenly (but expected) sold to Derby for £1 million?
  3. I must admit that I was expecting the scoreline to be bigger....The only thing I was disappointed with was our defending for their goals, really really poor.
  4. Yet again….Forget about the opposition, our defending is truly pathetic, Van Dyk was being marked by Idah & Van Dyk has acres of space
  5. Forget about the opposition, yet another simple cross into the box & yet again we concede from an unmarked opponent.
  6. I picked up Marcel Franke & Marco Stiepermann from Stansted Airport, it was after their summer break & it was prior to the 2018/19 promotion season. Franke didn't speak much, but I remember how Stiepermann was impressed with how the club was run....How times have changed.
  7. Defensively we are awful, we look all over the place, whenever an opposition attacks us there isn’t any organisation & we just panic.
  8. We'll be well beaten (3-0/4-0) by a club which is playing really exciting football.
  9. Lose to Bristol Rovers….Wagner is sacked….& avoid the humiliation of a cricket score against Liverpool.
  10. My concern would be national humiliation if the game against Liverpool was chosen for TV. I'd settle for losing to Bristol Rovers, than losing by a cricket score against Liverpool
  11. We will be humiliated if we beat Bristol Rovers
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