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  1. I'd have to agree with something along these lines, even if short-term and DF would be happy with this. Even someone he may have worked with before. Maybe chris Houghton! He certainly isn't attack minded!
  2. Just an example of the laughs we have around here, ya binner
  3. So all the good work of the last few years is instantly disregarded by you? And then you also truely believe that with the replacement we get in - be it someone like pulis or Sam alladyce (picking on them as they are great at saving teams in this league) will be able to compete here with the squad how it is at present (ie set up to play DF way so no good to play a game where we try just constantly cross) Also consider who else you may wish to go and get, like some are saying, people in the champs would do a job - yeah like who? Who's better proven and equipped for the squad than DF? What if it isn't the manager? What if it's just the difference between these premier sides and us? That maybe all the lack of investment over the years has caught up with us? That isn't a shot at the board, they are doing what they think is right for the long term and this year they have - and only in our terms - gone for it. Its the same madness of the people who are saying pukki is finished. Tbf to the guy, we are now playing a slightly different formation to what we have over three years, as well as he has lost in one summer the three players who always played in through in mario, steepi and EMI. You are all welcome to you opinion on if we should sack DF or when enough is enough. But genuinely, through enjoyment of watching his side's, and what he has already done in a relatively small amount of time and budget, I think it would be a massive mistake to fire DF. Even if we are dead and burried by Xmas. Sorry but I just do, he is vital
  4. I think he is vital to how we play and how we are as a club at present Careful what you wish for, we could end up with a defensive long ball merchant who yes, may keep us up for a year or two, but the money will talk in the end. Careful what we ish for lads I'm firmly in the keep DF camp
  5. Is there anywhere we can watch this tonight? Bar carra rd. Ofc
  6. Well thank Christ , hey teemu! I must say I'm surprised as many as 35pc want him gone
  7. To suggest that we should even be thinking of binning Daniel farke is just as mental as throwing Paul Lambert's name into the hat as a name to consider as next manager. DF needs to leave? You've lost it lads
  8. Yes @Midlands YellowYellow ! Love the positivity and this is exactly what the boys will need to push them over the line and get the three points today! come on you yellows!!!!
  9. All are entitled to their opinion and this forum is the place to express it ...but Christ alive! There cant be genuine fans who actually think farke needs to go. Christ what more can the man do. The club have spent mega money in their terms, which only gets you a certain Ilk of player for DF to put out. The players may not be good enough. The way DF sets us up may be too open. And we may get relegated. But, wouldn't you rather have farkeball then to sack him, get Roy hodgeson or alike in and have a version of hoofball or ten men behind the ball? Does anyone want to see that, even if it meant staying up, personally I wouldn't. Secondly, has DF and his methods not proved it works to get up here, and he deserves another shot , as well as it being good to watch (admittedly better when winning) For those who want DF out, why? And who the fuzz do you think we could get in, who's as decent, will work within our means and promote youth and play good football and keep us up. Non existent.
  10. Big fan of onel, doesn't fit our current system, but works for another one of our systems and i say he's worth his place in the squad.
  11. @Hank shoots Skyler do you maybe feel that you are being a touch harsh on the team considering we played Man city? Or is this something more with Cambridge, in which case, sorry for putting my beak in!
  12. I get the frustration about the recruitment not getting a CB or CDM in (bar that they have been excellent), but for Christ sake, Liverpool and mancity, 2 of the top 10 in Europe. No one really expected anything, 1 point from 6 would of been wonderful! Lighten up people. Kudos DF for farke sticking with how we wants the team to play - we all shot AN when he changed after he got tonked by Newcastle early in season back in 15/16, and we all kind of know DF wouldn't just park the bus. Give it to Xmas, then we can judge a bit more ...
  13. Sorry but I can't believe man city are so low! Imagine we now got Man city style owners and the amazing investment into every aspect of the club and facilities and players and everything. How is that not in the high nineties?
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