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  1. Accepting to sell emi and then sacking farke. Look what we have as a result. Different style. Fan different feeling. Different story guys.
  2. Missed his appearances last season, even the radio commentary unfortunately. What's the opinion on him Vs Rowe? And compared to what we have? Good enoughr? Better than bali Mumbai???
  3. Totally agree with your point, I'd of defo rather had gone down with DF (we would of been within top three favourites to get relegated any way) and i would still think he would of been the man to led us up, even if we had the same or three less points than right now! Football was entertaining and I felt he got us, and the club was as one.
  4. I'm out of Norfolk so anyone have a any idea how to get radio Norfolk? Please and thank you
  5. I mean alot of what you are saying is how unlucky we are with injuries so, it's not great substance Let's try a different tact. What's your reasons to not change manager
  6. How are you so blind, dumb or just wearing DS as a hat to not just accept and be confident in the statement that Dean Smith and Norwich city do not work, and did not at any point look like working and the football has been just awful. What a change it's been in just under a year. I can't believe anyone can have a good view point on this manager and the team ethos and style he has created.
  7. This is exactly what the point of a dof was. Clearly sw panicked and got Smith in. Id love to know the thinking behind him coming and what the original plan was after asking df to leave
  8. He's not good enough. Squad player. Let's push Nunez forward into 10.
  9. What games you been watching though dude ? DS has sucked the enjoyment out of going to CR.
  10. I'm in the UK but away from home. How can I watch the game? Stream or is there an ifollow available to watch if in the UK?
  11. This thread isnt the result of loss, it figuratively states that within the op! You Binner Im just saying despite of where we are and present league position I'm not a huge fan of Ds but am unsure who else I'd want with any real confidence who is also realistic.
  12. So, cards on table. Hated sacking farke despite the form shown at the time, and the awful way it was done. Want him back, ain't gunna happen. Ds, well I wanted it work, thought he'd get best of Todd but this hasn't happened at time of writing . Like the idea shakey is there. Football though, shown regularly and seen regularly is poor. Can't say I'm totally impressed with the recruitment, but thankful of Webber's overall input. I'd choose for DS to be removed tonight. So clearly I'm not his fan boy. Trouble is, I'm struggling to think who I want as a replacement, who can do better (at moment prehaps that's a big ask and unfair on Ds given where we sit on table) but the performance, pride and enjoy from watching us play, entertainment factor and plaudits up and down, is lacking and for that reason I want him gone. Therefore who do I want? Who do I want who would not be a big risk and one who is entertaining and bring results. Literally the ex hudds man Carlos C I'd take, but I do think it's a big risk and that may be unaffordable rn. Any thoughts guys? Open table
  13. What so called style was Dean Smith hired on then?
  14. Sorry to hear of your confusion @corbs Bali Mumba aside, who is out on loan looking like one for the future really? Saxon early and the goalkeepers are far far too young. Bali is closest and let's be fair, he is way of premier League level. Would be interesting to see how he went in this league this year but they decided a year playing a league below regularly is best for him (hard to disprove this of being a good idea, seeing as he is playing, and max obviously would be Infront of him, unless ofc we olayed him.firther forward)
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