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  1. It would be more weird if pep came out and said he loves to watch hoofball teams!
  2. Isali chair who was very good against us and in my opinion would be a decent signing regardless of the league we are in next year and regardless if Todd or EMI go or not. It's on sky so let's see how he does against AN pne.
  3. I've got to say, is it worth having two in the deeper midfield roles in a game like this. Don't look like they will score, so let's sacrifice Kenny for idah
  4. What about Joe Lolley from forest? Adam Armstrong from Blackburn Chair from QPR All targets that would be affordable and would wish to come. All would give some pace and creativity, as well as have decent goal scoring stats, all be it in the champ. Brooks from Bournemouth I'd love, would soften the blow as and when EMI and Todd leave. I think if we are promoted this year, assuming we keep Todd and Emi, I'd say most important place to strengthen Will be CDM and cam. I know there are other areas but those positions starting spots are nailed down.
  5. Duda was, wow, so bad. James husband another who springs to mind of just utter dross. Those two in recent memory Micheal Spillane. Or similar to that, blimey , I thought he couldn't cut it at the time of watching.
  6. Can anyone help me.watch it? Message me please... @Bill
  7. A couple months ago I wasn't a McLean fan, but bar the recent mistakes, I think he has been very good since his injury return.
  8. I thought it was harsh Johnson got the boot tbh. I'd imagine they will go for Slav bilic or maybe Marco Silva (always been a fan of him since he been in English game, if God forbid df left I'd be happy with Marco or Slav)
  9. Is the game in sky tonight? What channel or is it red button?
  10. team is very creative and looking for goals! kenny was good for for a while! this could be a big game for idah if we are deadlocked. if he comes on, do we think he can step up? hopefully the pne hattrick wasnt a false dawn. stoke havent won in ten btw... along comes... btw, is it on sky or anything today?
  11. Hmm, I feel the five year deal should rival Alan pardew 7 year deal with Newcastle as the most ridiculous managerial contract in history! If they sack him, I suppose he could argue what more could he have done with the finances and squad and youth set up available. By all account he inherited Paul hursts squad, which was league one play off failures and untried league 2 players and the old guard from MM all Lambert had added is a couple of youth prospects and changed his goalkeepers from long standing gerken and Bart (who I always thought was decent tbh) to league one proven holy and L2 proven connel (I think). I suppose what I'm saying is, if they sack him, considering the pay off they will have to give, which reduces there spending "power" even more, who can they get who will make a difference with that squad and resources? Having said all that, duck him for going there in the first place and I hope they continue mid table for years!
  12. From the front page, he is keen to stay. What is your thoughts on giving him a contract and for the length (disregard any kind of financial issue and suppose he will stay on the same money he has now) Would you give him another year (does that depend on which league we are in?) Would you give him two years (taking him up to 33/34 and if we get promoted and go back down again he will be here) Or would you say goodbye at the end of this season? Same with tettey I suppose can be asked? I suppose a side to the question would be who can we get as good as him on the cheap? Also, I'd like to add I defo think he is best in a deeper role, but I will concede shielding the back four, even in the champs, is far from his biggest strength.
  13. I always looks out for king's Lynn as local to me and I keep.an eye on Pompey, as that's where I went to university!
  14. I think he was pretty underrated as a player (and not just for us) Good servant for Norwich in his short time here
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