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  1. Give aboh a start. If he is way off first half, get sarge on. I wasnt and never have been a huge mclean fan but this season we have needed his versatile roles and leader qualities, but yh, need him somewhere tonight. Gibbs needs to play and try get sixty from sara and sainz. Maybe that lima at lb, is he available?
  2. Dude, i have explained this above. My support didnt go for city, just my want to watch them. I still wished them all the best and they were 100pc my team. But i didnt like what i was seeing, they were dross! You know that, and i chose to do what i could and not go/tune in anymore for a few weeks. Im happy for you to have the one up on me, as per the other poster, so godly you are a better supporter than me, well done, you must be so happy - although, may i ask, when you arent happy with how they are playing over a number of weeks, or dont rate the manager/or the board are you still going/tuning in, then coming on here moaning about, or are you just clapping like a muppet for something you arent enjoying? Maybe you are at CR and shouting and abusing the players/manager/board or booing? As i said, im sure you are the better supporter. ' !
  3. Ah i did say i picked back up in recent weeks. Try focus on the discussion but yes, i bow to all of you who endured the dullness, you are all better supporters than I. Ta x
  4. Hi all Been a while since I've posted, so would love a good debate. Been watching less and less this season, from about November, ive not bothered going up and sometimes not even listening on radio. This has mainly been done due to not enjoying the game i am watching, or even trying to work out what we are trying to do as pattern of play. I do read and understand that form has improved at home and from highlights and the last three or four games ive listened to, there have been periods of the game that sounds like i would enjoy again. To be clear, i didnt stop due to not winning, but more thinking we needed a change as it was dreadful to watch and results matched that more or less - again, i understand we have a soft underbelly and i can take that, and take loosing most weeks in the premier league, as long as we are not total dross to watch and clueless. Im still unconvinced by DW mind and regardless of if he gets us up or not, i think we should let him go. I dont think he has the know how to keep us up even if we spent £100m, and i dont think his hudds survival is anything to compare to us at this time. Would anyone agree Now to my main question. With regards to burnley fc, and there excellent year last year, and failed one this year. A fair few of their fans want VK to be fired. That pays not a great deal of homage to their campaign and style of play last year and just focuses on this year and the poor results and according to their forum, poor performances. As a group of fans with assumingly no dog in this fight, what do we think/feel from our experience with DF and binning off the manager when the football is so good, albeit in the league below, but building and building as if DF would of been given the time, or do we view it from an unromantic way (as no doubt i see DFs time through yellow and green) and agree for them to chop and change? Sorry to harp back to DF, so if you dont want to answer it, please feel free to answer my first essay re DW and if us going up would be a shambles play style wise as clearly we arent anywhere near good enough! (Obv i want us to go up though- we need the money, hopefully pushes delia bless her out on a high, and thirdly it could be a day at Wembley against the scum and stop them going up!) Good to be back. Peace and love. OTBC
  5. What and where is the pod please, i wouldn't mind a listen
  6. Lets hope he gets booked tonight anyway, and doesnt play on the weekend. Otbc
  7. I think mr Warnock, sure he hates the colin nickname godlyO! - and rightfully so- btw! So let's give him respect. I think he would make a good fist of this group and id fancy him to get us playoffs.what a way for him to sign off and end leave it there. Wagner only has to jan on paper so either a minimal pay off or just sit it out. Warncok in by xmas, time to assess and get his own people in seems like he would be great at then getting us prompted to me. His style okay, not to everyone's taste BUT he gets them drilled, hard to beat and focused and motivated, and with the quality (supposedly) we have on paper that would all be too much for this league to handle and promotion would have to be odds on. A good go. He would do likely a end of year deal, it assesses the players, the new man coming in can swing himself about and start a fresh as such, sw doesnt care as it it fails it wasnt him and he goes and if it works he is on a ray of light. The new man can lay claim to it being him and then summer comes, hopefully prompted, confidence High, warnock has done his bit, retires properly on another high and is let go -possibly upstairs, and the new man upstairs knows the lay of the land has full grip, prem money and can get his own new man with how he wants it to go. Even if that plan was to be delayed a year, if - but i dont think it would- then i think its hard to see winners. Thoughts? @GodlyOtsemobor
  8. I reckon in years to come, we all will look back on the webbers particularly Stuart, and regard them in the light of the complete charlatans that they are, and because of their business inside the club, how worse we are for it
  9. Although i should imagine by nov, Farke or Russ will be available. Obviously id love DF back, bin webber, hes off anyhow, so either as dof or manager. Alas, we will end up with a broken and soul searching Russel Martin So mr Warnock, may well need you sir!
  10. Might need some his confidence that he gives the squad, the talent is there but good lord these lot look lost. Think DW still has the players support though
  11. I remember omotoye was due to be decent, as is/was tdp, but alas... not happened, even idah gets picked over them. I guess with strikers, especially young ones, is that they are like lightening anyway pace wise and if they are on a good run for the youth sides then is it worth giving them a punt? Having said that, as pointed out , omotoye and tdp have not ripped up any trees. Atleast abu K is starting games at fratton
  12. Whether its right or wrong, the league allowed okayed the takeover, so i see the toon army fans pov, of them getting it in the neck yet there are owners who no doubt treat people and the planet with other such disregard and Draconian measures, or there are others who own gambling companies that destroy peoples lives or whatever! This PIF fund hate is just thr flavour of the month, i imagine chelsea fans and roman had a similar shake down by people (or prehaps he innocently and angelicly made his fortune - who knows or cares, it was accepted by the league) Maybe a better, more well directed stance would be to protest against whoever let them take over, they would have had the facts/due diligence and still okayed it, or were they not thinking sports washing. The other thing @cambridgeshire is out of interest, where do you stand about supporting Norwich city, should we get taken over and had millions and millions pumped.into us by pfi or simular? @Cambridge Canary
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