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  1. You know how bad it is, they have started to scrutinise the xg...
  2. Stan Bowles does a good story about booting the ball at the FA Cup trophy at Sunderland in 1973. It was proudly sitting on a trestle table at the side of the pitch in the first match at Roker in the 73-74 season but he had a small wager (probably with Don Shanks) that he could knock it off there. He headed across the pitch against the run of play the first time he got the ball and smashed it as hard as he could at the cup, sending it and the lid flying. He reckons he was lucky 30000+ Mackems didn't tear him limb from limb that day
  3. I will be VERY disappointed if that assistant's nickname is not 'Ferris'. This season has been so disappointing, the renewal of my ST hinges on it...
  4. Thinking of setting up a GoFundMe for this one...
  5. Oh good, used to love that show. "When they met, it was moider..."
  6. With an average league position to match
  7. Pukki will get it back with the right boss, natural talent like that does not just disappear in a handful of months. No co-incidence we have an unhappy, team, fans and club right now. Service has not been the same, the line-ups puzzling, and the background chatter unhelpful. I have everything crossed our talismn gets the motivation and encouragement he needs to start firing again from Mr Tetley's successor
  8. Ladbrokes queue for those odds after we announced our line-up...
  9. Excellent news. Friday's match will be a much different affair with no need to make my support for Deano known then. *quietly puts pitchfork away*
  10. I have been choosing which games to go to recently but after that, if he isn't sacked, I will deffo be there on Friday for the pitchfork and torch action...
  11. Such sad news @ricardo - I am not far from the same age as Neil and it is stories like his, and another acquaintance of mine who died at the young age of 52, that made me realise a few things needed changing in my life I had never even considered before. Stuff like this truly brings perspective about what is and isn't important in the finite time we have here. No real words can make it better, but please go easy and come back to us when you are ready.
  12. This was exactly how I saw it. Got done twice in injury time and the second time they scored. He had put in a helluva shift.
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