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  1. It's the only promotion they are likely to see any time soon.
  2. I forgot Pattison almost as quickly as he drove on the bypass to Colney in his pants. (Fatty Matty was in his pants, not Colney)
  3. Emi...or...Wes? Who would you choose? Emi for me. All round he edges it. And I like the expression 'chewy little fu**er' too.
  4. I'm thinking..."Why have you started yet another thread and what is wrong with the one already about tonight's games?"
  5. Even though Teemu missed that, hopefully it'll make Brentford a bit more nervous about their own attacks. However, like I said before FUUUUUUUUUUUCK
  6. Vrancic doesn't seem to be at the races tonight. High miss, spat with Ghoddos, poor pass and cheap foul all in a couple of minutes. Needs to settle or ideally be swapped on the hour for someone pacier with the right mindset.
  7. Really enjoying Gibson and Hanley taking no chances and getting rid when necessary. This ain't a game for any Beckenbauer-type thoughts.
  8. Would love to see Argos getting it and cutting inside for one of his low 20 yarders into the corner.
  9. Norfolk is not sexy enough for the narrative. Why aren't we Brentford? Why isn't Pukki, Toney?
  10. I've just nipped over to TWTD. They really do think they are an attractive proposition still for a manager. There is talk of Paul Cook. Or Kenny Jackett if Cook goes to Portsmouth. Even those level of managers aren't going to want it unless Marcus waves a 5 year contract and bags of money at them. They should try a youngish manager who has had success in the lower leagues like that guy from Shrewsbury...what was his name again?
  11. Meanwhile the plucky Binners hold the mighty Oxford to a goalless draw and are now below MK Dons...
  12. Vrancic really is gash right now - he looks knackered and needs to be helped by coming off
  13. Rotherham have engineered this additional time - lets hope they don't profit
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