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  1. Drazen Muzinic

    Paul lambert’s Blue and White army

    And hilarious.
  2. Drazen Muzinic

    New ways to hassle the binners.

    Here's some perspective. The year 1p5wich won the UEFA Cup is closer to the end of WWII than today...
  3. I didn't dig that far and judged on the strength of the Tweet he must be about 12! That makes him an even bigger ****.
  4. Drazen Muzinic

    Next Event - Players Forum

    Ar5ebiscuits, I missed this! It's my birthday tomorrow and I've booked a restaurant for me and the rest of the Muzinic clan @ 7.00pm. Would've loved to hear what new bylaws Mayor McLean has in mind.
  5. What a ****. The only thing that happens with eBay is the seller can instantly offer it to the next highest bidder. All they've done is waste precious time when they should've been out buying felt-tips in the 'Back to School' sales with their Mum. I'd heard they attempted to do a similar auction for Norwood's penalty-missing shirt but eBay removed it under their 'offensive listings' policy.
  6. Drazen Muzinic

    Ever felt so comfortable?

    Paddy's report isn't necessarily factual - it's his view of the performance. Did Hanley allow Shelvey to grab the equaliser or did he injure himself as THB and I are suggesting?
  7. Drazen Muzinic

    the chase is on - the ashes

    I reckon they'll bat this through. We need 1981-vintage Bob Willis steaming in at them to get a win out of this.
  8. Drazen Muzinic

    Ever felt so comfortable?

    I saw that too but he's the current incumbent of Scapegoat Corner so don't go giving him Get Out Of Jail Free cards.
  9. Drazen Muzinic

    Which Number 22 would you rather have?

    Currently over 92% for Pukki. VAR won't be needed for the outcome of this one!
  10. My Newcastle-supporting friend is certain they've made a mistake and signed a Sunday league player called Joe Linton.
  11. Drazen Muzinic

    £3m or £30m?

    Today it was three goals.
  12. Drazen Muzinic

    Ratings v Newcastle

    I'm happy to do that too if we top today's performance!
  13. Go and wash your mouth out young lady!
  14. Drazen Muzinic

    Ratings v Newcastle

    I'm using the Croatian Milkman system and there were at least three 10s out there today.
  15. Drazen Muzinic

    Ever felt so comfortable?

    Don't forget he was 'injured', which seemed to flare up after he was made to look average for about the twentieth time this afternoon.
  16. Drazen Muzinic

    Tomorrow’s national papers!

    "Frank Lampard's Chelsea"? They're already struggling at the bottom - we'll turn them over too!
  17. Drazen Muzinic

    Lawrenson and Nicholas

    He didn't look 40 pence! And decided he wanted out as soon as he realised it wasn't his day.
  18. Drazen Muzinic

    Ratings v Newcastle

    To give Leitner & Godfrey a 10, I'll have to give Pukki a 'Spinal Tap' 11.
  19. Drazen Muzinic

    Ever felt so comfortable?

    He was a petulant disgrace today and could still be playing tonight without getting any change out of Godfrey.
  20. Drazen Muzinic


    They'll put the kids in the shop window by highlighting how fantastic they all were (Godfrey had Joelinton in his pocket and Todd/Max/Jamal had a great game) and say gracious things about Pukki (there will a Gary Lineker smug joke about the Golden Boot) and then go on and on about how a massive club like Newcastle deserves better blahdy blahdy blah...
  21. Drazen Muzinic


    Lurking, waiting for that one mistake to single him out with an already-drafted thread ready to post.
  22. Drazen Muzinic


    Farke's post-match interview was excellent. No intention of changing the style. Gary Neville had nice words to say too.
  23. Drazen Muzinic

    Settle back, grab a beer, here we go......match thread :-)

    So do some of our less positive posters...
  24. Drazen Muzinic

    Settle back, grab a beer, here we go......match thread :-)

    Some of us are Jools. Why not try it for a change?