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  1. First thing my young lad said when he got back from the game was that the goal music was back! He’s been humming it the whole weekend since so he’s certainly happy! Maybe it means my hope of The Final Countdown returning as the run out music is one step closer
  2. Hopefully if Attanassio is involved but if it’s left to the usual dealbreakers we will bite anyones hands off for £20m and a packet of crisps after 10 leagues goals
  3. You would have to hope that lessons from last time have been learned. We totally ballsed that one up didn’t we! I don’t think we would be far off a team capable of survival with the spine we have and then the right signings and maybe a couple of key loans (a raid on Mr Knappers old Arsenal academy perhaps?) I mean who would have given Luton a sniff of staying up at this point in the season. We would be starting at a far better grounding than them and the best thing for us if we were to go up, would be Luton staying up as surely they couldn’t last two years. Then we just have to hope that Chelsea and Man City receive 100 point deductions and there we go...job done! Safety assured!
  4. I think we need to enjoy him while we can . He has grown into a complete old school number 9 in my opinion in the last couple of seasons and had he not missed a huge chunk this season would have been looking at over 20 league goals easily. wasnt there interest from Farke in bringing him to Leeds in the summer? I would imagine given he is now use to the English game that he would want to reunite with him if Leeds go on and secure a top flight spot next year and I’m sure they won’t be the only lower half premier league teams sniffing around unfortunately.
  5. Haha no but I do remember him/them! I was never a prolific poster and more used to enjoy reading the ramblings off the likes of First Wizard, Zippersleftfoot and Arrdee etc
  6. It’s been a while since I got involved with the forum but had been quite frequent back in the Worthy days and speculating whether or not Hucks would sign!! Wonder how many are knocking about from those days? just a quick straw poll to see where people see us ending up come May following our recent upturn in form, especially at home! The loss of Rowe is unfortunate but I still cling on to hopes that we can make a late surge in to the playoffs.... Anyone for Ipswich???...... lets see what you all think...
  7. Very unusual but just so long as we keep winning our games at home and getting a few in away as well that pressure will keep cranking up on the ones above! In Waggers we trust!
  8. I think Kenny has been a revelation this season either at the back or midfield and would love for him to be rewarded with POTS this year although young Rowe would also be fully deserving of that award. I would not be against seeing Kenny retained at centre back if it meant Nunez and Sara get a good run together for the run in and with CB options on the bench there are plenty of alternatives should it be needed.
  9. I think I would go as far as saying if had both he and Barnes remained fit then we would have firmly been in the automatic place hunt. We seeing the signs of a blossoming partnership which was stiff led at exactly the wrong time. Shame Rowe is now out but hopefully he can make the play off final against the bottle jobs down the road
  10. He’s looking a shrewd signing and look forward to seeing more of him. With Sarge being on fire and hopefully remaining fit though I think he will be restricted to a big part role. A great 3 points again! OTBC
  11. Been a great watch and I have a feeling we aren’t done yet! I can feel SVH is to net before the whistle!
  12. Hi all, I am having a little clear-out and last night sorted through my collection of matchday programs which date back to the early 1970''s. I am considering whether or not to part with them. There are over 350 in total and wonder what their value would be. If anyone on here would like to make an offer I will consider it if it is sensible. The quality of the condition varies from excellent to a few which are pretty tardy!! Thanks
  13. Nice! Some fellow cool dads and I stumped up for the two boxes in the above groupon deal and have planned evening playing cards, drinking beer and doing some swapsies on Thursday night!!! Of course we will allow our lads to view the books from a safe distance the following morning!!!!
  14. I think there are just over 600 in the book this year and yea the new prices are a scandal. However the way me and my pals and several colleagues look at it is when you spread it over the coming months leading up to the World Cup and get together to watch the CL final/ FA cup final over a few stickers its a good bit of harmless fun! Anyway I am clearly collecting them with my boy haha!
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