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  1. I agree. However, I don't think Jurgen Klopp or any other world class coach could take this team any further either .If you watch us play week in and week out and come to the conclusion that the head coach as the problem as opposed to our acute lack of athleticism, height, pace, running power, experience in defence and options up front then you must be completely blind. It's like watching a skilled fighter compete in a weight class a bit too big for them. In a different league like La Liga or the Bundesliga we would be okay, in this league we're just not athletic enough or good enough technically to compensate for it. You can't fix that on the training ground or with tactics/substitutions. I'm just hoping next time we get promoted the landscape of this league would have changed for the better. Hopefully the days of this league being clogged up by hoofball teams with the one so clever and so inventive tactic of 'defend deep and give it to the fast lads to run with' will be over and trying to play good, attacking football on the deck will be seen as the norm for most teams and not a futile, suicidal pipe dream like it is now.
  2. Christoph Stiepermann

    Liverpool Match Thread

    Proud of the effort. Defended well and we were obviously very fired up. Krul, Hanley, Aarons and McLean were superb. Playing on the counter with no pace or strength in the midfield or attack was always going to be problematic though. Rupp will be useful in the Championship but I'm not a fan of him or Duda, we need players who are the literal polar opposite to them, we're overstocked with slight, slow technical players who lack composure as it is, those signings make very little sense to me. As good as Liverpool are they were there for the taking today, if we had a more direct outlet and a more confident, ruthless mindset I really believe we would have beaten them today. Very frustrating.
  3. Christoph Stiepermann


    When i read the news I'm often struck by how bafflingly lenient so many sentences are. I'm not interested in rehabilitation programmes or reintegration back into society. Prison should be used as a deterrent to protect the public and currently it's not working. If found guilty of any terror related offences you should be detained indefinitely, anyone who intentionally murders someone should never be freed under any circumstance. OT but some sentences are disgustingly lenient though, dangerous driving offenses in particular. I was reading something the other day that said basically you can take drugs at a party, drive like a total w4nker, like so many ignorant, stupid d1ckheads do nowdays, end up in a collision that leaves innocent people with debilitating and life changing injuries and only end up serving 2 years in jail, during which time you'll be well looked after and then free to go back on your merry way while the victims end up paying for it their whole lives often with limited or no access to help or compensation. Really boils my p155
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    I think we can now safely say

    The style of play under Hughton was more or less what 12-14 other teams in this league play every week this year. Difference is we had no pace or outstanding individuals to make things happen. We didn't have the right type of players to survive in this league that year and we don't this season either, the difference between now and then is that the league has gotten more competitive and harder to survive in. I've absolutely hated this season, I don''t understand how anyone can enjoy seeing this team beaten every week, usually in such cheap circumstances by some very poor footballing teams. But overall for me things are better for us now than they were towards the end of Hughtons reign. Difference is we will be very competitive next year without the gamble of a complete squad overhaul and hopefully Farke and Webber will have learned lessons for next time we're promoted and we'll attack this league in a less idealistic and one dimensional way.
  5. Christoph Stiepermann

    Match thread - Newcastle

    Every other team in the league would have beaten Newcastle today. Some of that finishing and composure in the box was embarrassing. Just pure panic and hesitation.
  6. Christoph Stiepermann

    Best bottom of the league team ever

    Hard to argue with that assessment. We're just not as tall, strong or fast as all of the hoofball teams occupying the majority of this league so it's hard for us to get results but we're still a good team that would do well in every other league. We almost match every top team we play and just get hacked out of games and hit on the counter or with set pieces/high crosses against the poor teams. The PL has become a shockingly poor league to watch in recent years because of the increased emphasis on survival at all costs. I'd argue it's the worst league to watch in the whole world. Watching Palace v Burnley, West Ham v Newcastle or Sheff Utd v Watford or any combination of those fixtures would be boring and depressing as hell. Watching 100m+ squads play non league quality football against each other is awful to watch. We do have a good team, we're just not physical enough for this league and we don't quite have the quality of the top teams to win by out playing the opposition.
  7. Christoph Stiepermann

    If someone bought Ipswich for you, what would you do?

    I'd prob just sack Lambert, pocket the cash for any player even remotely saleable and then give the club away for free to some faceless consortium of asset strippers. Hanging onto them for any period of time would be too costly to justify the lolz of running them as a joke. ME already does that and I doubt I could do a better job, even with his money to back me up.
  8. Christoph Stiepermann

    *****Official match thread v Spurs*****

    How did we create that Pen? Bit of pace and directness. Really hope we sign a player who can hold onto and run with the ball at pace before the window closes, means we don't have to work so hard to score every time and give us a different dynamic. Anyway, pleased we're back in it, a win tonight would be massive.
  9. Christoph Stiepermann

    Tainted Title

    It's more to do with the bottom half teams being harder to beat than ever before. The gap between the top (Liverpool/City most seasons excluded) and bottom teams is closing, we'll get more teams in the mix for a European place and the League is as hard as it's ever been to survive in. Most bottom 14 or so teams aren't easy on the eyes, but with a few exceptions it's like they're all cynically managed by Sam Allardyce with a big budget so getting results in this league is tough, even for the bigger clubs. Fair play to Liverpool though for being a significant cut above the rest this year.
  10. Christoph Stiepermann

    Your predictions - City v AFCB

    We do well against teams that aren't packed full of pacy giants who play for set pieces and on the counter like most in this league. Feeling more confident about this than most other games. 3-1
  11. Christoph Stiepermann

    Jordan Rhodes

    Unless we establish ourselves in the PL he'll be a NCFC player again at some point, didn't he buy a house here?. If we're in the Championship when his one year option runs out would be most likely. He could play at that level until he's 34/35 given the type of player he is so I'd definitely take him on a free. I'd be surprised if it isn't his plan to let his lucrative contract run down then sign for us.
  12. Christoph Stiepermann

    Farke getting off lightly

    They're rated at that price because of their potential. All of our highly rated young players also play in defence or in positions where you need to create regularly with consistency. If I could pick a position to blood young players in it wouldn't be defence or as our main attacking outlet, it's far less than ideal but it is where we're at right now. If none of our young players improved anymore they wouldn't even be £5m players let alone 30m. Those ratings are all based on potential and resale value, as it is in the moment I'd say Farke has only 3 players who are PL class every game to work with in Krul, Tettey and Pukki. He's doing very well given the circumstances. No manager is faultless and expecting a long term coach of NCFC to have no flaws is laughable. He's a great manager, one of the best in our history, enjoy him while he's here.
  13. Christoph Stiepermann

    Delia simply never ever learns

    As much as I enjoyed last season i admit I've checked out a bit this year. It's not been remotely enjoyable except for the odd game. I really like this team and it's gutting to watch them sink almost every week, I'm not sure Delia is the one to blame though, as far as I'm aware nobody has offered to buy the club since last May, we did try to spend a bit of money but lost out on 2 targets on deadline day and physically we are all wrong for this league. I don't see where Delia comes into it tbh.
  14. Christoph Stiepermann

    Match thread v Man Utd.

    Same old story. We have to work so hard and be so switched on to even get the ball into their box and all the opposition need to do to score is hit a low percentage cross. Must be so frustrating for the players.
  15. Christoph Stiepermann

    Aarons £15m 😂

    This is like when we bid 2m for Robbie Brady except even more of a joke and waste of everybody's time. 25m + loan back with add ons eventually totalling 40m as a bare minimum. Tottenham will not be the only game in town and we could easily hold onto him till the end of next season given his age and contract.
  16. Christoph Stiepermann

    Just just cannot believe it

    It is very hard to take. It's simply just not been our year in terms of luck. We always have and always will get screwed by the officials in this league but some of our bad luck this year has been farcical. We've also chosen to play a certain way in an era when McCarthy/Allardyce etc-ball has come back into fashion and effectiveness, there isn't one weak team in the league this year, the price of Championship/L1 stars has gone through the roof and way beyond our budget and we've had a pretty awful injury crisis. I hate it, I'm sick of football but it's just the way things are at the moment and it's no one at the club's fault, we've just come up at a bad time. Instead of looking for blame we need to just take it on the chin and look towards next season. Hopefully next time we get promoted we won't be so hideously unlucky.
  17. Christoph Stiepermann

    The Happy New Year Match Thread

    Can we talk for a second about what a ***t football team Palace are? Give it to the fast lads to run at their defence...that's it, that's all they have, except maybe their captain banging one in from 30 yards. The tactics of the man who was once given the England job, shocking really. Their team sums up everything wrong with the PL.
  18. Christoph Stiepermann

    Max Aarons 45mil

    We were soft on the Maddison transfer because we had to sell and other clubs knew that, he was a 30m player but it was either accept Leicesters offer, delay and not be able to strengthen that summer or keep him and go bankrupt. With the Murphey's and Pritchard we got a good price, theres no reason to believe going forwards this set up won't be able to get good prices for our players. In that past though yeah, we've been soft touches and I'm glad that's behind us.
  19. Christoph Stiepermann

    The Happy New Year Match Thread

    His play gives us a different dimention though and opens up defences for our other more technical players. He's not really suited for a game like this where palace will defend with 10 men for most of the game but other games he can be very useful even if individually he doesn't contribute much
  20. Christoph Stiepermann

    The Happy New Year Match Thread

    Lewis and Hernandez did enough to retain their places, but Farke is being smart here, he knows we'll have a lot of the ball high up and not a lot of space to work into and will need to be switched on at the back so Byram and Cantwell are clever changes imo. McLean for Stiepermann is a more debatable change as Marco had a decent game last week, I assume that's for fitness reasons.
  21. Christoph Stiepermann

    Wycombe Ipswich

    Do they play with an explosive device inside the ball at that level? Why is everyone on the pitch so scared of being near the football? Also god help the poor soul trying to keep track of possession statistics in this game, the ball seems to change sides every second or so that it's not out of play.
  22. Christoph Stiepermann

    Norwich v Palace predictions

    The type of team that causes us real problems. I'd be more confident going into a game against a top 6 team than Palace because of their strengths v our weakness'. I can see us totally dominating in every aspect but losing or drawing because of a couple of fast counters, set piece goals, poor refereeing decisions or penalties. Heart says 2-1 win, head says a very frustrating 2-1 loss with us feeling very hard done by again. The key today is getting in front early and taking our half chances, we cannot be chasing the game or playing a high line against this team for extended period or they will punish us.
  23. Christoph Stiepermann

    Villa fall foul of VAR

    At this rate we'll be hiring a 'posture coach' to work with our defenders. They'll all also all have to have buzz cuts and wear a kit two sizes to small for them. Marginal gains and all that.
  24. Christoph Stiepermann

    City v Spurs match thread

    I cash out my Norwich to win and BTTS score bet and literally 5 seconds later we go ahead. Well I've lifted the jinx so we should go on to win this now!
  25. Christoph Stiepermann

    City v Spurs match thread

    Other way around that would've been given as a push You have to laugh really