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  1. Skipp back on loan in Jan now Conte is in charge at Spurs?
  2. Todd to play a blinder set one up and score one. City 2 Soton 0
  3. I can see why we want to appoint him from watching that.
  4. He might turn us down yet. Its not an exciting appointment in the way Knutsen would be but if he is appointed, then I and hopefully everyone else will get behind him and see if we can achieve the impossible.
  5. Villa sacked hm because they didn't think he could keep them up.
  6. Managerial record...underwhelmimg doesn't begin to describe it. Walsall 4 January 2011 30 November 2015 Pl 260 W 84 D 96 L 80 32.31 [101] Brentford 30 November 2015 10 October 2018 143 57 35 51 39.86 [101] Aston Villa 10 October 2018 7 November 2021 139 55 28 56 39.5
  7. That should get a few more betting addicts splashing cash they don't have to help fund the Talks**te radio station.
  8. Dean Smith's win ratio at Villa is 43%, worse than Lampards at Chelsea and the same as his at Derby.
  9. It’s amazing how many have been moaning about lack of big money investors for years and suddenly it appears the club are going to appoint a high profile manager who is more likely to make that happen and then they moan we are only appointing him because of his name, despite the fact Chelsea were happy to appoint him. if FL is successful here I bet there will be a queue of wealthy people hoping to grab a slice of it to boost their own ego.
  10. Would appear Frankie WILL be the next City head coach.
  11. If Frankie L does become our manager, the Villa game will have even more spice added to it.
  12. So let's appoint someone who has just lost 5 games on the trot ( we haven't). It would be a massive backward step to appoint Smith or Russel Martin. Would prefer to have kept Farke than either of thsoe options.
  13. Please No. He isn't even half way up the Championship.
  14. If you ask WBA fans they wuill say he was the best EPL manager they have had.
  15. Also agree. Solksjaer has walked the Norwegian league a few times as a manager. Look at his record in the EPL?
  16. There is some absolute **** been posted on here at the moment. Webber's responsibility is to the football club, not Farke, not Delia, not the players, not even the fans. He is employed to take the club forward. All the things he has done this week sound like correct decisions to me.
  17. Regardless of what has gone, the club NEEDS a fit and motivated Todd in the squad. Obviously that wasn't the case. Perhaps now it can be.
  18. To appoint anyone with no knowledge of the EPL would be a massive risk and we don't have time to take risks. Can't see it personally but its football and logic doesn't always come in to it.
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